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1. Istoriya odnogo prestupleniya (1962)

20 min | Animation, Short

The man decides to kill the neighbors because they prevent him from sleeping.

Director: Fyodor Khitruk | Star: Zinoviy Gerdt

Votes: 242

2. Chelovek v ramke (1966)

10 min | Animation, Short

The way bureaucracy works is told by men in the frames.

Director: Fyodor Khitruk

Votes: 180

3. Moy zelenyy krokodil (1966)

9 min | Animation, Short

An ugly crocodile and a beautiful cow fall in love. Everybody else laughs at them.

Director: Vadim Kurchevskiy | Star: Lev Lyubetskiy

Votes: 187

4. Zhil-byl Kozyavin (1966)

9 min | Animation, Short

Kozyavin is ordered by his boss one day to find a man named Sidorov, and is pointed in a particular direction. The employee follows the indicated direction unswervingly to find him, encountering various obstacles along the way.

Director: Andrey Khrzhanovskiy | Star: Aleksandr Grave

Votes: 144

5. Gora dinozavrov (1967)

10 min | Animation, Short

Talking eggshell enslaves small dinosaurs because of bad weather.

Director: Rasa Strautmane | Stars: Lev Lyubetskiy, Viktor Rozhdestvenskiy, Klara Rumyanova, I. Smirnov

Votes: 91

6. Shpionskie strasti (1967)

21 min | Animation, Short

The story about trying to self-treatment toothache.

Director: Efim Gamburg

Votes: 172

7. Steklyannaya garmonika (1968)

19 min | Animation, Short

A musician playing a glass harmonica comes to a town governed by bureaucracy and corruption. Can the melodies he plays defeat the powers governing this seemingly indifferent group of people?

Director: Andrey Khrzhanovskiy

Votes: 261

8. Klubok (1968)

9 min | Animation, Short

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Director: Nikolay Serebryakov

Votes: 96

10. Film Film Film (1968)

20 min | Animation, Short, Comedy

Classic Soviet cartoon about the film industry.

Director: Fyodor Khitruk | Stars: Aleksey Polevoy, Georgiy Vitsin

Votes: 1,111

11. Seasons (1969)

9 min | Animation, Short, Romance

In the animated film with the remarkable music of Petr Tchaikovsky, there is a story about a young couple in love and their experiences at each time of the year. Blooming in spring, they ... See full summary »

Directors: Ivan Ivanov-Vano, Yuriy Norshteyn

Votes: 266

12. Balerina na korable (1969)

16 min | Animation, Short

A Graceful passenger charmes the seamen with a marvellous dance. And when the storm comes, she reaches coast in a jump-weed and helps the ship to throw an anchor and rescues it from destruction.

Director: Lev Atamanov

Votes: 136

13. Armoire (1970)

5 min | Animation, Short

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Director: Andrey Khrzhanovskiy

Votes: 89

14. Secha pri Kerzhentse (1971)

10 min | Animation, Short, War

The film is set to music by Rimsky-Korsakov and uses Russian frescoes and paintings from the 14th-16th centuries.

Directors: Ivan Ivanov-Vano, Yuriy Norshteyn

Votes: 409

15. Butterfly (1972)

10 min | Animation, Short

The film is devoted to the theme of careful attitude to the nature. It tells us how one of butterflies which are caught by the boy, grows till the huge sizes and the hunter appears in the ... See full summary »

Director: Andrey Khrzhanovskiy

Votes: 139

16. Ostrov (1973)

10 min | Animation, Short

A castaway is interrogated by Interpol, conquered by an imperialist ship, loses his lone palm tree to greedy loggers, is consoled by a missionary who promptly abandons him, is thoroughly examined by scientists, and harassed by journalists.

Director: Fyodor Khitruk | Star: Elena Chepoy

Votes: 342

17. Lisa i zayats (1973)

12 min | Animation, Short, Family

The tale about mad fox which scared all the inhabitants of the forest.

Director: Yuriy Norshteyn | Star: Viktor Khokhryakov

Votes: 438

18. Tsaplya i zhuravl (1975)

10 min | Animation, Short

Animated short about a love between a heron and a crane.

Director: Yuriy Norshteyn | Star: Innokentiy Smoktunovskiy

Votes: 551

19. Yozhik v tumane (1975)

11 min | Animation, Short

A little hedgehog, on the way to visit his friend the bear, gets lost in thick fog, where horses, dogs and even falling leaves take on a terrifying new aspect.

Director: Yuriy Norshteyn | Stars: Vyacheslav Nevinnyy, Mariya Vinogradova, Aleksey Batalov

Votes: 5,284

20. Crane's Feathers (1977)

10 min | Animation, Short

An old man who took in and nursed a wounded crane is visited by a young, beautifully dressed woman.

Director: Ideya Garanina

Votes: 75

21. Poligon (1977)

10 min | Animation, Short, Sci-Fi

A military scientist creates a mind-reading weapon for his generals on a remote island. After the demonstration, the generals are pleased. Little do they realize, both the weapon, and the creator of the weapon have a mind of their own.

Director: Anatoliy Petrov

Votes: 239

22. Kontakt (1978)

10 min | Animation, Short, Comedy

A man walking on the fields encounters a shapeshifting alien visitor from outer space.

Director: Vladimir Tarasov

Votes: 328

23. Skazka skazok (1979)

29 min | Animation, Short

Distant, well-worn memories of childhood are inhabited by a little gray wolf. Through astonishing imagery, the memory of all of Russia is depicted.

Director: Yuriy Norshteyn | Star: Aleksandr Kalyagin

Votes: 2,709

24. Okhota (1979)

10 min | Animation, Short

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Director: Eduard Nazarov

Votes: 82

25. Last Hunt (1982)

10 min | Animation, Short

Hunting dog with pleasure went with the owner on hunting until he saw on the lake a beautiful blue bird. She so gracefully swam and had fun on the water that the dog literally fell in love ... See full summary »

Director: Valentin Karavaev | Star: Aleksey Ptitsyn

Votes: 56

26. Once Upon a Time there Lived a Dog (1982)

10 min | Animation, Short, Comedy

An old dog and an old wolf help each other in times of need, by pretending to be enemies.

Director: Eduard Nazarov | Stars: Georgiy Burkov, Armen Dzhigarkhanyan, Eduard Nazarov

Votes: 2,285

27. Travels of an Ant (1983)

10 min | Animation, Short, Comedy

The story about a injured ant who travel by a hitch-hiking.

Director: Eduard Nazarov | Star: Eduard Nazarov

Votes: 428

28. Lev i byk (1984)

10 min | Animation, Short

The Lion was the king of beasts, the Jackal was his "right hand". But one day a Bull came into the Lion's territory, having lost his master. The Jackal tried to set the Lion on the Bull as ... See full summary »

Director: Fyodor Khitruk

Votes: 107

29. Volk i telyonok (1984)

10 min | Animation, Short

The story about a frustrated abductor who has decided to adopt a kidnapped baby.

Director: Mikhail Kamenetskiy | Stars: Olga Gromova, Vsevolod Larionov, Oleg Tabakov, Vladimir Vinokur

Votes: 429

30. Cabaret (1981)

20 min | Animation, Short

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Director: Ideya Garanina

Votes: 48

33. Pro Sidorova Vovu (1985)

10 min | Animation, Short, Comedy

The boy Vova Sidorov is the only child in a large family. From the very childhood, a whole crowd of relatives took care of him, and they performed any of his whims. It all began in the ... See full summary »

Director: Eduard Nazarov | Star: Sergey Yurskiy

Votes: 175

34. Dver (1986)

11 min | Animation, Short

The residents of a building have found novel ways to enter and exit as their front door is broken. However, once the door is repaired they continue to avoid the door.

Director: Nina Shorina | Stars: Anatoliy Barantsev, Boris Novikov, Muza Krepkogorskaya, Ekaterina Gromova

Votes: 62

35. Boy Is a Boy (1986)

10 min | Animation, Short

While in the country on a trip with his mother, a young boy winds up playing with some of the local wildlife, and he soon turns into a rabbit himself. In fact, he has the ability to turn ... See full summary »

Director: Natalya Golovanova | Stars: Liya Akhedzhakova, Vsevolod Larionov, Lyudmila Shaposhnikova, Svetlana Stepchenko

Votes: 23

37. Martynko (1987)

10 min | Animation, Short, Comedy

The story about young deserter who found a magic cards and fell in love with a horned princess .

Director: Eduard Nazarov | Stars: Leonid Kuravlyov, Nelli Kornienko, Nina Ruslanova, Eduard Nazarov

Votes: 269

38. Big Underground Ball (1987)

21 min | Animation, Short

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Director: Stanislav Sokolov

Votes: 20

39. Cat and Clown (1988)

10 min | Animation, Short

A clown adopts a talking stray cat who is also a shapeshifter. The cat assists the clown on stage, where he loves the public's ovations.

Director: Natalya Golovanova

Votes: 38

40. Dream (1988)

11 min | Animation, Short

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Director: Nina Shorina

Votes: 36

42. Alter Ego (1989)

10 min | Animation, Short

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Director: Nina Shorina

Votes: 25

43. Croak x Croak (1990)

10 min | Animation, Short

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Director: Elena Fyodorova

Votes: 19

44. Kot i Ko. (1990)

9 min | Animation, Short

The story is about a few alcoholic rats who organize a funeral of the non drinker cat.

Director: Aleksandr Guriev

Votes: 32