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1. Beyond Gay: The Politics of Pride (2009)

PG-13 | 87 min | Documentary, Biography, History

Before the 30th anniversary, Vancouver's Gay Pride Parade director examines relevance of Pride celebrations internationally. He travels to places where Pride is steeped in protest to ... See full summary »

Director: Bob Christie | Star: Ken Coolen

Votes: 126

2. The Celluloid Closet (1995)

R | 102 min | Documentary, History

A documentary surveying the various Hollywood screen depictions of homosexuals and the attitudes behind them throughout the history of North American film.

Directors: Rob Epstein, Jeffrey Friedman | Stars: Lily Tomlin, Tony Curtis, Susie Bright, Arthur Laurents

Votes: 6,274 | Gross: $1.51M

3. The Times of Harvey Milk (1984)

Not Rated | 90 min | Documentary, Biography, History

A documentary of the successful career and assassination of San Francisco's first elected gay city supervisor.

Director: Rob Epstein | Stars: Harvey Fierstein, Harvey Milk, Anne Kronenberg, Tory Hartmann

Votes: 5,743 | Gross: $0.01M

4. Tying the Knot (2004)

Unrated | 81 min | Documentary, History, Romance

65 Metascore

A look at the debate over same sex marriage in the USA. The reasons behind it are illustrated with real life couples that have run afoul of current laws despite varying levels of planning. ... See full summary »

Director: Jim de Sève | Stars: Bob Barr, Mary Bonauto, Brian Brown, Martin Bubbly

Votes: 285 | Gross: $0.04M

5. Outrage (I) (2009)

R | 90 min | Documentary

64 Metascore

An indictment of closeted politicians who lobby for anti-gay legislation in the U.S.

Director: Kirby Dick | Stars: Barney Frank, Tammy Baldwin, Wayne Barrett, Elizabeth Birch

Votes: 1,609 | Gross: $0.04M

7. Call Me Kuchu (2012)

Not Rated | 87 min | Documentary, Drama

80 Metascore

In Uganda, a new bill threatens to make homosexuality punishable by death. David Kato - Uganda's first openly gay man - and his fellow activists work against the clock to defeat the ... See full summary »

Directors: Katherine Fairfax Wright, Malika Zouhali-Worrall | Stars: David Bahati, David Kato, Gilles Muhame, Naome Ruzindana

Votes: 760 | Gross: $0.01M

8. Emergency Exit (2012)

Not Rated | 62 min | Documentary

Argentina may lead South America in terms of progressive social politics, but the gap between cultural values and recently accorded rights to gays, lesbians and transsexuals is palpable and... See full summary »

Director: Mathieu Orcel

11. Les Invisibles (2012)

115 min | Documentary, Romance

Several elderly homosexual men and women speak frankly about their pioneering lives, their fearless decision to live openly in France at a time when society rejected them.

Director: Sébastien Lifshitz | Stars: Bernard, Catherine, Christian, Thérèse Clerc

Votes: 481

13. Woubi Cheri (1998)

Not Rated | 62 min | Documentary

This documentary shows a few days in the life of various members of Abdijan, Ivory Coast's gay and transgendered community. We get to meet a variety of woubis, yossis, etc. The hero/heroine... See full summary »

Directors: Laurent Bocahut, Philip Brooks | Stars: Avelido, Barbara, Bibiche, Jean-Jacques

Votes: 20

14. For the Bible Tells Me So (2007)

Unrated | 95 min | Documentary, Romance

73 Metascore

An exploration of the intersection between religion and homosexuality in the U.S. and how the religious right has used its interpretation of the Bible to stigmatize the gay community.

Director: Daniel G. Karslake | Stars: Imogene Robinson, Victor Robinson, Gene Robinson, Isabella 'Boo' McDaniel

Votes: 4,350 | Gross: $0.31M

15. Black White + Gray: A Portrait of Sam Wagstaff and Robert Mapplethorpe (2007)

Not Rated | 77 min | Documentary, Biography, Romance

A documentary on the relationship between curator Sam Wagstaff, photographer Robert Mapplethorpe, and musician/poet Patti Smith.

Director: James Crump | Stars: Pierre Apraxine, Dick Cavett, Dominick Dunne, Raymond Foye

Votes: 248

16. Small Town Gay Bar (2006)

Not Rated | 76 min | Documentary

The story of community in the Deep South that is forced to deal with the struggles of ignorance, hypocrisy and oppression.

Director: Malcolm Ingram | Stars: Jim Bishop, Terry Capps, Jackie Cox, Bill Curtis

Votes: 1,098

17. Habana muda (2011)

61 min | Documentary

Documentary Director E. Brach spent 3 years in Havana filming Chino, a deaf-mute who works on a farm. Together Chino and his deaf-mute friends and wife go over the pros and cons of him ... See full summary »

Director: Eric Brach | Star: Martha Claudia Moreno

Votes: 15

19. Bear Nation (2010)

Not Rated | 82 min | Documentary, Romance

Malcolm Ingram introduces us to gay men who dig big dudes who are stockier and hairier than the airbrushed ideal served by up lifestyle magazines and underwear ads.

Director: Malcolm Ingram | Stars: Douglas Langway, Kevin Smith

Votes: 183

21. Lost in the Crowd (2010)

75 min

Umm... Suzi was obviously a terrible listener. Because atleast HALF of the story of myself was created in an incredibly unreal and fake way.

Director: Susi Graf | Stars: Kimy Hartman, Jazmine Perez, Alex Rios, Adrian Tolberg

Votes: 16

22. Edie & Thea: A Very Long Engagement (2009)

Not Rated | 61 min | Documentary, Drama, Romance

After 42 years, feisty and delightful lesbian couple Edie and Thea are finally getting married. From the early '60s to the present day, the tireless community activists persevere through ... See full summary »

Directors: Susan Muska, Gréta Olafsdóttir | Stars: Thea Spyer, Edie Windsor

Votes: 375

23. The Aggressives (2005)

Not Rated | 75 min | Documentary

65 Metascore

A pioneering documentary filmed in NYC from 1997-2004 follows a group of "Aggressives," or "AG's" - masculine presenting and/or identifying - queer POC who were assigned female at birth.

Director: Daniel Peddle | Stars: Marquise Balenciaga, Kisha Batista, Octavio Sanders, Trevon Haynes

Votes: 187

24. Training Rules (2009 Video)

Not Rated | 62 min | Documentary, Drama, News

Examines how women's collegiate sports, caught in a web of homophobic practices, collude in the destruction of the lives and dreams of many of its most talented athletes.

Directors: Dee Mosbacher, Fawn Yacker | Stars: Cindy Davies, Lisa Faloon, Christine Gulas, Corinne Gulas

Votes: 84

25. Butch Mystique (2003)

TV-14 | 35 min | Documentary, Short

Nine African American butch lesbians talk about various aspects of the butch lifestyle and their own personal lives.

Director: Debra A. Wilson | Stars: Chris Baldwin, Skyler Cooper, Elyse Duckett, Matu Feliciano

Votes: 18

26. Audre Lorde: The Berlin Years 1984-1992 (2012)

81 min | Documentary, Biography

Audre Lorde, the highly influential, award-winning African-American lesbian poet came to live in West-Berlin in the 80s and early '90s. She was the mentor and catalyst who helped ignite the... See full summary »

Director: Dagmar Schultz | Star: Audre Lorde

Votes: 47

28. Orchids: My Intersex Adventure (2010)

56 min | Documentary

Documentary filmmaker, Phoebe Hart, comes clean on a journey of self-discovery around her hidden intersex condition.

Director: Phoebe Hart | Stars: Phoebe Hart, Bonnie Hart, James Davidson, Dennis Hart

Votes: 118

30. God Loves Uganda (2013)

TV-14 | 83 min | Documentary

77 Metascore

An account of the American Evangelicals' attempts to indoctrinate their Christian Right beliefs in Uganda.

Director: Roger Ross Williams

Votes: 1,165 | Gross: $0.05M

31. The Out List (2013)

TV-MA | 60 min | Documentary

A documentary about being among the LGBT community in modern society, told through interviews with LGBT celebrities and community leaders.

Director: Timothy Greenfield-Sanders | Stars: Dustin Lance Black, R. Clarke Cooper, Wade Davis, Ellen DeGeneres

Votes: 619

32. A Jihad for Love (2007)

Unrated | 81 min | Documentary

55 Metascore

A documentary on gay, lesbian, and transgender Muslims across the Muslim and Western worlds.

Director: Parvez Sharma | Stars: Muhsin Hendricks, A.K. Hoosen, Mazen, Abdellah Taia

Votes: 641 | Gross: $0.11M

33. Gay Positive (2014)

Not Rated | 51 min | Documentary

Gay Positive is the story of one man trying to bring to attention the outdated ban on gay men donating blood in the United States of America. This documentary is meant to inform and educate... See full summary »

Director: A.J. Mattioli | Stars: Rutanya Alda, Blanche Baker, Jim Colucci, Laverne Cox

Votes: 14

34. Two Spirits (2009)

R | 65 min | Documentary

Filmmaker Lydia Nibley explores the cultural context behind a tragic and senseless murder. Fred Martinez was a Navajo youth slain at the age of 16 by a man who bragged to his friends that ... See full summary »

Director: Lydia Nibley

Votes: 83

35. Gen Silent (2011)

TV-PG | 70 min | Documentary, Biography, History

LGBT people who fought the earliest battles for equality now face so much fear about discrimination, or worse, in health care/long-term care that they hide their past lives, are afraid to ... See full summary »

Director: Stu Maddux | Star: Lois Johnson

Votes: 58

36. Noor (I) (2012)

78 min | Drama

Noor wants to be a man. He doesn't belong anymore to the Khusras, Pakistan's transgender community. And he is definitely done with the love story he had with one of them, that had ... See full summary »

Directors: Guillaume Giovanetti, Çagla Zencirci | Stars: Uzma Ali, Baba Hussain, Noor, Gunga Sain

Votes: 73

37. Gendernauts: A Journey Through Shifting Identities (1999)

Not Rated | 87 min | Documentary

Monika Treut explores the worlds and thoughts of several trans-gendered individuals. As with Treuts first film, Jungfrauenmaschine, Gendernauts, enters a minority sector of San Fransisco ... See full summary »

Director: Monika Treut | Stars: Susan Stryker, Texas Tomboy, Annie Sprinkle, Jordi Jones

Votes: 147 | Gross: $0.01M

38. Pick Up the Mic (2006)

95 min | Documentary

An explosive documentary on the world of queer hip-hop. Featuring searing public performances and intimate interviews with the community's most significant players, the film captures an ... See full summary »

Director: Alex Hinton | Stars: Aggracyst, Deadlee, Dutchboy, Soce the Elemental Wizard

Votes: 77

39. Purple Skies (2014)

Not Rated | 66 min | Documentary, Family, History

Heartrending stories of LBT people victimized and subjugated by the law, the family and society, as well as hopeful stories of youngsters who have come out of the closet bravely.

Director: Sridhar Rangayan | Stars: Sonal Giani, Anand Grover, Prashansa Gurung, Raj Kanaujiya

Votes: 15

40. Screaming Queens: The Riot at Compton's Cafeteria (2005)

57 min | Documentary

Documentary about transgender women and drag queens who fought police harassment at Compton's Cafeteria in San Francisco's Tenderloin in 1966, three years before the famous riot at Stonewall Inn bar in NYC.

Directors: Victor Silverman, Susan Stryker | Stars: Ray Baxter, Elliot Blackstone, Aleshia Brevard, Felicia Elizondo

Votes: 156

42. FHAR (1971)

26 min | Documentary, Short

First meetings and manifestation of the FHAR (Front Homosexuel d'Action Révolutionnaire).

Director: Carole Roussopoulos

Votes: 28

43. In My Shoes: Stories of Youth with LGBT Parents (2005)

31 min | Documentary, Short

In a time when LGBT families are debated and attacked in the media, courts and Congress, from school houses to state houses across the country, five young people give you a chance to walk ... See full summary »

Director: Jen Gilomen

Votes: 11

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