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1. Gun (2005 Video Game)

M | Action, Western

Gun takes gamers to the untamed West of the late-1800s where greed, lust and murder are rampant.

Stars: Thomas Jane, Lance Henriksen, Brad Dourif, Ron Perlman

Votes: 1,762

2. Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (2002 Video Game)

Adventure, Fantasy

Video game version of book II from author J.K. Rowling's famous Harry Potter series sees the young wizard solving the riddle of the Chamber of Secrets.

Stars: Stephen Fry, Tom Attenborough, Ben Avis, Jane Avis

Votes: 2,385

3. Need for Speed: Undercover (2008 Video Game)

Action, Crime

Need for Speed: Undercover sends players racing through speedways, dodging cops, and chasing rivals as they go deep undercover to take down an international crime syndicate.

Director: Joseph A. Hodges | Stars: Maggie Q, Christina Milian, Lawrence B. Adisa, Joshua Alba

Votes: 1,705

4. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (2004 Video Game)

E | Fantasy, Adventure

In this video game adaptation of J.K.Rowling's third instalment of the hit book series, we follow Harry, Ron and Hermione in their adventures, but can they survive?

Stars: Stephen Fry, Stephen Abingdon, Tom Attenborough, George Banks

Votes: 1,079

5. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (2001 Video Game)

E | Action, Adventure, Fantasy

Video game adaptation of the first Harry Potter novel from J.K. Rowling's popular boy-wizard series.

Stars: Gregg Chillin, David Coker, Allan Corduner, Chris Crosby

Votes: 880

6. Half-Life (1998 Video Game)

M | Action, Sci-Fi, Thriller

You play a scientist who must make his way through a ruined underground scientific complex infested with danger.

Director: Randy Pitchford | Stars: Kathy Levin, Lani Minella, Brice Armstrong, Harry S. Robins

Votes: 7,132

7. GoldenEye 007 (1997 Video Game)

T | Action, Adventure, Thriller

James Bond must track down agent-turned-terrorist Alec Trevelyan to stop the launch of a powerful satellite. Play the game that set the stage for the First-person shooter genre on the console.

Director: Martin Hollis | Stars: Kevin Bayliss, Ken Lobb

Votes: 4,339

8. Return to Castle Wolfenstein (2001 Video Game)

M | Action, Adventure, Drama

1945, The Nazis are planning to resurrect Heinrich I, after being imprisoned. It is up to B.J Blazkowicz, an O.S.A soldier, to foil the operation.

Directors: Brandon James, Drew Markham | Stars: James Alcroft, Steve Blum, Cam Clarke, Jonathan David Cook

Votes: 1,703

9. Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror (2006 Video Game)


The Syphon Filter fiasco is finally over, and Gary Stoneman's assassination of Mara and Elsa ends the conspiracy for good, but the IPCA must solve a new case when paramilitary squads ... See full synopsis »

Stars: B.J. Ward, James Arnold Taylor, Kim Mai Guest, Paula Tiso

Votes: 119

10. Gran Turismo 2 (1999 Video Game)

E | Family, Sport

Gran Turismo 2 features more than 600 cars, 27 tracks, hundreds of challenges, from arcade to simulation, street to rally racing, race against time in Time Trial, or your own Ghost Car in rally mode.

Votes: 560

11. Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 (2010 Video Game)


Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 is an football video game in the Pro Evolution Soccer series developed and published by Konami. It features, for the first time in the series, UEFA Super Cup and CONMEBOL's Copa Libertadores.

Stars: Jim Beglin, Jon Champion, Scott Dorfman, Masahiro Fukuda

Votes: 491

12. Medal of Honor: Airborne (2007 Video Game)

T | Action, Adventure, Thriller

Step into the boots of Boyd Travers, Private First Class of the 82nd Airborne Division and engage in battles throughout Europe. From rocky beginnings in Sicily to war- winning triumphs in ... See full summary »

Stars: Brian Bloom, Alberto Brosio, Danny Cooksey, Antonio Del Prete

Votes: 917

13. Alone in the Dark: The New Nightmare (2001 Video Game)

M | Action, Horror

Edward Carnby and Aline Cedrac are about to face their worst nightmare. Out to avenge the murder of their friend, Carnby and Aline arrive on Shadow Island and discover that it is caught in ... See full summary »

Director: Antoine Villette | Stars: David Gasman, Sharon Mann, Jerry Di Giacomo, Christian Erickson

Votes: 188

15. Fatal Frame II: Crimson Butterfly (2003 Video Game)

M | Action, Horror, Mystery

Twin sisters try to escape a haunted village with the help of the Camera Obscura, a camera with the power to see the impossible.

Director: Makoto Shibata | Stars: Akemi Kanda, Ayako Kawasumi, Leigh-Allyn Baker, Michael Bell

Votes: 359

16. Plants vs. Zombies (2009 Video Game)

E10+ | Action, Comedy, Family

In a quiet suburb, a home owner aided by a botanical arsenal must defend their house against the invading undead.

Star: Orion Acaba

Votes: 805

17. Mario Kart 64 (1996 Video Game)

K-A | Action, Family, Fantasy

Nintendo's finest from the Mushroom Kingdom gather to race for first place in a multi-player mayhem classic for the Nintendo 64.

Director: Hideki Konno | Stars: Asako Kozuki, Tomoko Maruno, Charles Martinet, Julien Bardakoff

Votes: 1,945

18. Sonic the Hedgehog (I) (1991 Video Game)

K-A | Action, Adventure, Family

A blue hedgehog with supersonic speed must rescue animals from being turned into robots by a mad scientist.

Votes: 1,783

20. Fatal Frame (2001 Video Game)

T | Action, Horror, Mystery

Armed with a camera capable of fighting ghosts, a teenage girl searches a haunted house in search of her brother.

Director: Makoto Shibata | Stars: Rumiko Varnes, Dominic Allen, Bianca Allen, Lenne Hardt

Votes: 414

21. Need for Speed: ProStreet (2007 Video Game)


Former street racer Ryan Cooper enters a challenge day and ends up receiving invites to elite organizations of the 'four Kings'. ProStreet includes more than 40 cars and 4 different game modes: Drag, Grip, Speed and Drift.

Director: Elin Anderson | Stars: Jarod DeAnda, Krystal Forscutt, John Hindhaugh, Sayoko Ohashi

Votes: 797

22. Syphon Filter: The Omega Strain (2004 Video Game)

M | Action, Adventure, Thriller

Gabe Logan is now in charge of the Agency and it's about time too. The Syphon Filter virus is radiply spreading all over the world, and Gabe must hire new recruits to eliminate the ... See full summary »

Stars: James Arnold Taylor, Kim Mai Guest, Shannon Tilton, Khary Payton

Votes: 78

23. Fatal Frame III: The Tormented (2005 Video Game)

M | Action, Horror, Mystery

A professional photographer, still mourning the death of her fiancé, finds herself pulled into a mysterious "dream manor" whenever she falls asleep.

Director: Makoto Shibata | Stars: Kimberly Brooks, Kim Mai Guest, Josh Keaton, JD Cullum

Votes: 207

24. Toy Story Racer (2001 Video Game)

E | Action, Family, Fantasy

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Stars: Tim Allen, Earl Boen, Pat Fraley, Jim Hanks

Votes: 59

25. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III: The Manhattan Project (1991 Video Game)

Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi

Feeling they have finally gotten rid of Shredder, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles take a relaxing vacation in Key West, Florida. One day while watching April O'Neil's news broadcast, ... See full summary »

Votes: 202

27. Tetris (1984 Video Game)

E | Action, Family

Differently shaped forms fall down into a 2D container. The forms, which can be moved and rotated, must be sorted in "on-the-fly".

Director: Alexey Pazhitnov

Votes: 2,305

28. Scooby-Doo! Mystery Mayhem (2004 Video Game)

Action, Adventure

After finding a mysterious "Tomb of Doom" in a library, a book with the ability to capture supernatural creatures, Ghost-hunters: Scooby, Shaggy and the gang set out to uncover a scientific corporation bent on brain washing the populace.

Stars: Scott Innes, Frank Welker, Grey DeLisle, Mindy Cohn

Votes: 57

29. ObsCure (2004 Video Game)

M | Action, Adventure, Drama

A group of classmates try to find their missing friend in a high school with a dark sordid past.

Stars: Scott Haze, Tara Platt, Sam Riegel, Stephanie Sheh

Votes: 252

30. Scooby-Doo! Unmasked (2005 Video Game)

Action, Adventure, Comedy

A game where Scooby Doo and friends go on an adventure in a haunted house. They meet many friends along the way giving Scooby gadgets to solve puzzles. You uncover bad guys by solving clues found in the haunted house.

Directors: Nathalie Jasmin, Nathalie Mathieu | Stars: Scott Innes, Frank Welker, Grey DeLisle, Mindy Cohn

Votes: 43

31. Pro Evolution Soccer 3 (2003 Video Game)

Pro Evolution Soccer 3 is a football video game developed and produced by Konami.

Votes: 141

32. Adventure Island (1986 Video Game)

Action, Adventure

Master Higgins ventures to Adventure Island in the South Pacific after hearing that the Evil Witch Doctor kidnapped Princess Tina.

Votes: 70

33. Duck Hunt (1984 Video Game)

Action, Comedy, Family

Use your NES Zapper and shoot the ducks (or clay plates).

Votes: 1,145

34. ObsCure II (2007 Video Game)

M | Action, Adventure, Drama

Two years ago, at Leafmore High, a group of young teenagers were trapped inside their school and hunted by monsters created through biological experiments by the school's maniac principal, ... See full summary »

Stars: Buster Cox, Ayme Sanchez, E. Reneé Thomas, Larry Bailey

Votes: 94

35. Donkey Kong (1986 Video Game)

Unrated | Action

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Votes: 40

36. Silent Hill: Shattered Memories (2009 Video Game)

M | Adventure, Horror, Mystery

After a car crash in Silent Hill, Harry Mason wakes up to find his daughter Cheryls disappearance. In search for her in the town, he starts to find more than he was looking for.

Directors: Yoshi Aoyagi, Keith Arem, Jay Boor, Brandon Laurino, James D. Mortellaro, Michael Rajna, Mark Simmons | Stars: Laura Bailey, JB Blanc, Mari Devon, Kate Higgins

Votes: 616

37. Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories (2006 Video Game)

M | Action, Comedy, Crime

A young man who's kicked out of the army precedes to rise through the ranks of multiple gangs in the glamourous and dangerous Vice City in the mid 1980's.

Stars: Dorian Missick, Philip Michael Thomas, Lynda Ashe, Felix Solis

Votes: 3,673

38. Call of Duty: World at War (2008 Video Game)

M | Action, Adventure, Horror

An epic story of an American marine and a Soviet soldier in WWII.

Director: Margaret Tang | Stars: Gary Oldman, Kiefer Sutherland, Craig Houston, Chris Fries

Votes: 8,647

39. WWE SmackDown vs. RAW 2010 (2009 Video Game)

T | Action, Sport

The Road to Wrestlemania is back and better than ever with more characters to choose from, including your own superstar. Royal Rumble is now better and more realistic than ever as it is presented in an all new mini game format.

Director: Justin Leeper | Stars: Ken Anderson, Hassan Assad, Steve Austin, Barbie Blank

Votes: 314

40. Driv3r (2004 Video Game)

M | Action, Crime, Thriller

Miami detectives Tanner and Tobias Jones must go across their hometown, Nice, and Istanbul to stop car thieves from shipping 40 of the world's most expensive cars to a mysterious ... See full summary »

Director: Maurice Suckling | Stars: Jake Canuso, Stephane Cornicard, Demetri Goritsas, Michael Madsen

Votes: 697

41. Manhunt (2003 Video Game)

M | Action, Crime, Drama

Death-row inmate James Earl Cash awakens from his "execution" to discover that prison officials were bribed to fake his death and deliver him into the clutches of a snuff film ring that wants to use him as its newest star.

Stars: Sean R. Lynch, John Doman, Lenny Venito, Gregory Salata

Votes: 1,651

42. Evil Dead: A Fistful of Boomstick (2003 Video Game)

M | Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy

Ash battles his way through Dearborn town, fighting Deadites.

Director: Chris Mullender | Stars: Bruce Campbell, Philece Sampler, Bill Farmer, Wally Wingert

Votes: 363

43. WWE SmackDown vs. RAW 2007 (2006 Video Game)


Don't just watch it, live it.. with the 2007 WWE roster

Directors: Keith Arem, David Merritt II | Stars: Amy Dumas, Melina Perez, Aaron Aguilera, Kurt Angle

Votes: 496

44. Call of Duty 3 (2006 Video Game)

T | Action, Adventure, War

The single player is modeled after the Normandy breakout, where the British, Canadian, Polish, US, and French forces pushed into the village of Chambois, France. Unlike most other games in ... See full summary »

Director: Keith Arem | Stars: Nick Chinlund, John Mese, Chris Tardio, Ben Diskin

Votes: 2,793

45. WWE SmackDown vs. RAW 2011 (2010 Video Game)

T | Action, Sport

A 2011 video game that features all WWE wrestlers.

Director: Justin Leeper | Stars: Aaron Aguilera, Hassan Assad, Dave Bautista, Brie Bella

Votes: 350

46. Mortal Kombat II (1993 Video Game)

M | Action

When emperor Shao Kahn invokes a Mortal Kombat tournament rematch, Raiden gathers his Earthrealm warriors and takes them into Outworld.

Stars: Richard Divizio, Ho-Sung Pak, Carlos Pesina, Daniel Pesina

Votes: 1,822

47. WWE SmackDown vs. RAW 2008 (2007 Video Game)

T | Short, Action

Wrestle with the 2008 roster.

Stars: Joshua David Brown, Ken Anderson, Steve Austin, Scott Barrows

Votes: 470

48. WWE SmackDown! vs. RAW 2006 (2005 Video Game)


You fight in matches with the roster from 2006.It includes a career mode and a "Create-a-character".

Directors: Keith Arem, David Merritt II | Stars: Kurt Angle, Steve Austin, Doug Basham, Dave Bautista

Votes: 379

49. Medal of Honor: Rising Sun (2003 Video Game)

T | Action, Adventure, History

When the Japanese declare war on the United States of America with the attack on Pearl Harbour, Corporal Joseph D. "Joe" Griffin fights through the Pacific whilst on a mission to rescue his captured brother.

Stars: Dale Dye, Nick Jameson, Yuri Lowenthal, Mako

Votes: 791

50. Medal of Honor (1999 Video Game)

T | Action, Adventure, History

Take the role of Lieutenant Jimmy Patterson, a former C-47 Skytrain pilot in the Air Transport Command during World War II.

Stars: William Morgan Sheppard, Charles de Vries, Kai Wulff, George Salden

Votes: 1,361

51. Medal of Honor: Frontline (2002 Video Game)

T | Action, Adventure, Drama

Take on the role of Lieutenant James Patterson. You are the Allied force's most reliable military special agent. From storming the front lines of Normandy Beach as an infantryman to becoming an elite intel officer.

Stars: Andreas Beckett, Antoinette Boers, Steve Bulen, Neil Dickson

Votes: 1,160

52. Killzone (2004 Video Game)