The 10 Best Iranian comedians

by mahdi-mzh | created - 18 May 2011 | updated - 22 May 2011 | Public

This list contains the 10 best Iranian comedians, worked/working in Iran, after Islamic Republic.

1. Mehran Modiri

Director | Saat Panj é asr

Mehran Modiri is considered to be the leading artist in social satire in Iran. His various series which have been broadcast through IRIB have set records in terms of viewership (an estimated 85% viewership when he is on air), as well as make him a popular personality among masses. In 2008 Modiri ...

2. Hamid Lolayi

Actor | Merajiha

Hamid Lolayi is an actor, known for Merajiha (2014), Maman Behrooz Mano Zad (2010) and Kaleske (2014).

3. Mohammed Reza Hedayati

Actor | Khaltoor

Mohammed Reza Hedayati is an actor, known for Khaltoor (2017), Ghahveye Talkh (2010) and Shabhaye Barareh (2005).

4. Reza Shafi' Jam

Actor | Ertefae Past

Reza Shafi' Jam is an actor, known for Low Heights (2002), Shabhaye Barareh (2005) and Zane Badali (2005).

5. Ali Sadeghi

Actor | Vorood-e-Aghayan Mamnoo

Ali Sadeghi is an actor, known for Vorood-e-Aghayan Mamnoo (2011), Khaltoor (2017) and First Move (2007).

6. Ali Reza Khamseh

Actor | Bist

Ali Reza Khamseh is an actor and writer, known for Bist (2009), Boo-ye khosh-e zendegi (1994) and Apartment No.13 (1990).

7. Javad Razavian

Actor | Be Rohe Pedaram

Javad Razavian is an actor and director, known for Be Rohe Pedaram (2009), Deportees 2 (2009) and Sharlatan (2005).

8. Reza Attaran

Actor | I Feel Sleepy

Reza Attaran was born in Mashhad, Khorasan, I.R.Iran. He is an Iranian actor, singer, writer and director. He has appeared in both films and television shows. Attaran won the Best Actor award at the 2008 Gol Aga Comedy Film Festival. He made his big introduction in 1995 when he was cast in Saate ...

9. Akbar Abdi

Actor | I Feel Sleepy

Akbar Abdi was born in 1958 in Teheran, Iran. He is an actor, known for I Feel Sleepy (2012), Scandal (2013) and Dreamy (2013).

10. Amir Jafari

Actor | Ghaedeye tasadof

Amir Jafari is an actor, known for Ghaedeye tasadof (2013), Postchi se bar dar nemizanad (2009) and Keyfar (2010).