Shows I cant seem to find anywhere

by bacboris | created - 09 Jun 2011 | updated - 4 months ago | Public

Id love any clues where I could find a complete copy of any of these shows. Thanks!

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1. Good Guys Bad Guys (1997–1998)

50 min | Crime, Drama, Mystery

Elvis Maginnis was born into a criminal family but decided to join the police service. Having left the police he now owns a dry cleaning business essentially run by Stella. The another ... See full summary »

Stars: Marcus Graham, Alison Whyte, Travis McMahon, Carter Doyle

Votes: 106

2. Lone Star (2010)

60 min | Drama

A FOX series that was cancelled after the second episode that involves a con man who lives a double life. He's married to two different women in two different Texas towns.

Stars: James Wolk, Adrianne Palicki, Eloise Mumford, David Keith

Votes: 810

3. Waterfront (2006– )


Corruption and scandal surround the dealings of a wildly charismatic and ethically challenged mayor of Providence, R.I.

Stars: Bruce MacVittie, Joe Pantoliano, William Baldwin, Mary Stuart Masterson

Votes: 45

4. Matrix (1993– )

60 min | Action, Drama, Fantasy

Steven Matrix is one of the underworld's foremost hitmen until his luck runs out, and someone puts a contract out on him. Shot in the forehead by a .22 pistol, Matrix "dies" and finds ... See full summary »

Stars: Nick Mancuso, Phillip Jarrett, Carrie-Anne Moss, John Vernon

Votes: 115

5. Pointman (1995– )


Connie Harper is living the good life as the owner of Spanish Pete's, a beach resort. Occasionally his services as bodyguard are called upon by people who have nowhere else to turn.

Stars: Jack Scalia, Ren Trella, Sandra Thigpen, Jaime Cardriche

Votes: 121

6. Naked Josh (2004–2006)


A young, single anthropology professor at a Montreal university teaches his students about the social and sexual behavior of other cultures while struggling to understand the rapidly changing rules of the local dating scene.

Stars: David Julian Hirsh, Sarah Smyth, Patricia McKenzie, Andrew Tarbet

Votes: 162

7. Street Justice (1991–1993)

44 min | Action, Adventure

Adam Beaudreaux was a soldier in Vietnam, when he got wounded. He was fortunate that a young boy named Grady Jameson, whose parents were missionaries, found him and got him to help. Years ... See full summary »

Stars: Carl Weathers, Bryan Genesse, Charlene Fernetz, Marcus Chong

Votes: 137

8. My Life and Times (1991– )

30 min | Drama, History, Sci-Fi

Ben Miller was an elderly man living in a nursing home in the year 2035, who frequently reminisced about his past life in this critically acclaimed series. Each episode was set in a ... See full summary »

Stars: Tom Irwin, Megan Mullally, Helen Hunt, Matt McGrath

Votes: 35

9. The Strip (1999–2000)

60 min | Action

Las Vegas PD Detectives Elvis Ford and Jesse Weir resigned from the force when their lieutenant wouldn't back them up on a bogus slot machine bust involving undercover FBI. They are ... See full summary »

Stars: Sean Patrick Flanery, Guy Torry, Joe Viterelli, Gye Di Capua

Votes: 77

10. Young Lions (2002)

Drama, Crime

Australian police show about two male and two female detective senior constables who solve crimes and deal with personal issues.

Stars: Alex Dimitriades, Alexandra Davies, Tom Long, Anna Lise Phillips

Votes: 56

11. Private Eye (1987–1988)

60 min | Crime, Drama

This is a detective series set in 1950's Hollywood. Jack Cleary is a (virtuous) cop and his virtue cost him his badge--he tried to expose corruption within his department, and the cops he ... See full summary »

Stars: Michael Woods, William Sadler, Josh Brolin, Lisa Jane Persky

Votes: 70

12. Under Cover (1991– )

60 min | Drama, Thriller

Short lived (six weeks) show about a husband-and-wife team of spies working for the National Intelligence Agency. The stories revolved around Dylan and Kate and their personal lives in ... See full summary »

Stars: Joher Coleman, Nick Faltas, Linda Purl, Adam Ageli

Votes: 24

13. Enemies (2006– )


Two best friends grow up into two different worlds -- one becomes a cop, while the other becomes a criminal.

Stars: Jason Abustan, Nicole Buehrer, Bryan Cohen, Jason Dolley

Votes: 33

14. Still Life (2003– )


Jake Morgan is murdered on his first day as a cop. A year later, we return to his family and discover how each family member is reacting and recovering from their loss, with Jake as our ... See full summary »

Stars: Jensen Ackles, Morena Baccarin, David Keith, Susanna Thompson

Votes: 90

15. Rex Is Not Your Lawyer (2010– )

60 min | Drama

Rex Alexander is a top Chicago lawyer who becomes so crippled by anxiety that he takes to coaching his clients into representing themselves.

Stars: David Tennant, Deena Trudy, Dave Ballantine, David Winston Barge

Votes: 63

16. McClain's Law (1981–1982)

60 min | Crime, Drama

Jim McClain was a cop and after being injured and deemed unfit for duty he was retired and for the past fifteen years was working on a fishing boat. One day he and his partner sell their ... See full summary »

Stars: James Arness, Marshall Colt, George DiCenzo, Carl Franklin

Votes: 52

19. Almost Grown (1988–1989)

60 min | Drama

In some ways, Norman and Suzie are a very typical American couple. After meeting in high school, dating all through school and college, getting married and having two children, they decided... See full summary »

Stars: Tim Daly, Eve Gordon, Rita Taggart, Michael Alldredge

Votes: 44

20. Urban Angel (1991–1993)

60 min | Adventure, Crime, Drama

Ex-con Victor Torres is hired by Francine Primeau, the editor of The Montreal Tribune, to be their source for crime stories, since he can use his connections within the city's criminal underworld to get scoops as well as the truth.

Stars: Louis Ferreira, Vittorio Rossi, Arthur Grosser, Dorothée Berryman

Votes: 39

21. Rockville CA (2009– )


Follows a group of 20-somethings as they deal with running a bar and running their lives.

Stars: Alexandra Chando, Andrew J. West, Bonnie Burroughs, Matt Cohen

Votes: 30

22. Ed Stone Is Dead (2002– )

30 min | Comedy, Drama

Death, also known as Nigel, erroneously kills Ed Stone 56 years too early. He's ordered to bring the deceased back to life but there are changes. Ed no longer ages but also has lost many ... See full summary »

Stars: Daniel Brocklebank, Richard Blackwood, Claudie Blakley, Craig Parkinson

Votes: 25

23. Viva Laughlin (2007– )

60 min | Comedy, Drama, Musical

Small-time casino owner, Ripley Holden, dreams of opening up a snazzy resort on the Laughlin Strip. Based on the BBC murder-mystery-musical series, "Blackpool."

Stars: Sebastian Tillinger, Carter Jenkins, Jenny Mollen, Lloyd Owen

Votes: 513

26. Leaving L.A. (1997– )

60 min | Drama

The Los Angeles coroner's office is full of outlandish types including head doctor Neil Bernstein who cooks amongst the corpses. Prankster Claudia, psychic Martha, and flaky photog Dudley are fellow employees.

Stars: Christopher Meloni, Melina Kanakaredes, Lorraine Toussaint, Billie Worley

Votes: 33

27. That Was Then (2002– )

60 min | Drama

It talks about what was then.

Stars: James Bulliard, Tyler Labine, Kiele Sanchez, Brad Raider

Votes: 44

28. Knightwatch (1988–1989)

60 min | Drama, Crime

A group of youths come together to form the Knights, a team of vigilantes who fight for justice.

Stars: Benjamin Bratt, Calvin Levels, Don Franklin, Paris Vaughan

Votes: 38

29. T and T (1988–1991)

30 min | Drama, Crime

T.S. Turner is a former boxer who is accussed of a murder he didn't commit. All was lost but, thanks to public defender Amanda Taler, he was proven innocent. Now he works as private eye and... See full summary »

Stars: Mr. T, David Nerman, Alexandra Amini, Ken James

Votes: 199

31. Lady Blue (1985–1986)

60 min | Drama

Katy Mahoney patrols the grittier streets of Chicago, dispatching the seamier elements before reporting to her boss Terry McNichol. Katy's intensity about her job interfered with her social life.

Stars: Jamie Rose, Danny Aiello, Robert Kurcz, Dennis Kelly

Votes: 197

32. Aaron's Way (1988– )

60 min | Drama, Family

Aaron Miller finds out his oldest son Noah was killed in a surfing accident in California. Noah was living there at a winery with his girlfriend Susannah Lo Verde who is pregnant. Aaron ... See full summary »

Stars: Erin Chase, Scott Curtis, Chris Gartin, Pierrino Mascarino

Votes: 46

34. Against the Grain (1993–1994)

60 min | Drama, Family

Insurance salesman Ed Clemons has just taken on the task of coaching the slumping high school football team of the small, but football-crazy town of Sumpter, Texas. He is given just one ... See full summary »

Stars: John Terry, Donna Bullock, Ben Affleck, Vanessa Evigan

Votes: 39

35. Jack and Mike (1986–1987)

60 min | Comedy, Drama

The stories revolve around Jackie, a newspaper columnist for a Chicago newspaper, and Mike, a restaurant owner, live a fast paced life and their careers often interfere in their plans. ... See full summary »

Stars: Shelley Hack, Tom Mason, Tricia O'Neil, Holly Fulger

Votes: 33

36. George & Leo (1997–1998)

30 min | Comedy

George Stoody is a mild-mannered bookstore owner who encounters a hoodlum/magician named Leo Wagonman, the estranged father of his new daughter-in-law Casey. Leo, on the run from a mob ... See full summary »

Stars: Bob Newhart, Judd Hirsch, Jason Bateman, Darryl Theirse

Votes: 110

38. Trivia (2011–2012)

Not Rated | Comedy

The show focuses on the captain of a pub quiz team - a man who knows it all but has learnt nothing. Trivia explores the relationships between the four team members and their thirty ... See full summary »

Stars: David Pearse, Keith McErlean, Janet Moran, Aoibhinn McGinnity

Votes: 103

39. The Last Chapter (2002– )

Action, Thriller

This show is about an outlaw biker group, The Triple Sixers. Characterized as one of the largest outlaw biker gangs in the world, The Triple Sixers dominate Canada. Their unrivaled presence... See full summary »

Stars: Michael Ironside, Roy Dupuis, Michel Forget, Frank Schorpion

Votes: 216

40. Hardball (1994– )

30 min | Comedy, Sport

The Pioneers is a baseball team that struggles to stay out of last place, annoying crusty owner Mitzi . Happy is the team manager which includes new pitcher Dave, egotistical Frank, and Arnold, the debonair 2nd baseman.

Stars: Bruce Greenwood, Mike Starr, Alexandra Wentworth, Dann Florek

Votes: 42

41. Dragon Boys (2007– )

178 min | Crime, Drama

Various people, including an organized crime detective, a high school student, and a forced prostitute, are drawn into a feud between asian triads in Vancouver, Canada.

Stars: Darryl Quon, Christina Ma, Lawrence Chou, Jean Yoon

Votes: 163

42. The Dunera Boys (1985)

200 min | Drama, War

At the start of WWII the British Government decided to arrest all Germans in the UK no matter how long they had been here. Among those arrested were many Jewish refugees and many who were ... See full summary »

Stars: Joseph Spano, Bob Hoskins, Joseph Fürst, Mary-Anne Fahey

Votes: 120

43. Eden (2011– )


Centers on a young hotel worker who, with the help of his escaped con artist cousin Eddie, gets a job as the concierge at an elite NYC hotel. Together they manage to provide the hotel guests with whatever they desire, at whatever the cost.

Stars: Happy Anderson, Joey Auzenne, Luis Ayala, David Alan Basche

Votes: 103

44. The Parallax Theory (2015– )

Adventure, Drama, Sci-Fi

The six-part drama follows Jonathan, a young physicist, who alone holds the knowledge of an imminent cataclysmic meteor strike. As he tirelessly warns the world of impending doom, he is ... See full summary »

Stars: Vincent Cyr, Lindsay Musil, Melissa Saint-Amand, David Jensen

Votes: 59

45. Hillary (2016)

Adventure, Biography, Drama

The biography of Sir Edmund Hillary, who, as a boy, was raised in a strict family, but eventually has to rebel against his stern father's backward ideals, to follow his own convictions. He wants to climb mountains.

Stars: Andrew Munro, Dean O'Gorman, Amy Usherwood, Kelson Henderson

Votes: 115

46. Shelley (1979–1983)

30 min | Comedy

James Shelley, an educated, sardonic, permanently unemployed "professional freelance layabout," has many battles with authority, the tax-man, his landlady and his girlfriend Fran.

Stars: Hywel Bennett, Belinda Sinclair, Josephine Tewson, Garfield Morgan

Votes: 148

47. Wildside (1985)

60 min | Western

Five weapons specialists/cowboys fight crime in the town of Wildside, CA.

Stars: William Smith, J. Eddie Peck, Howard E. Rollins Jr., John D'Aquino

Votes: 50

48. Ned Blessing: The Story of My Life and Times (1993– )

95 min | Action, Adventure, Romance

This intriguing tale, where the "good-guy" isn't always good, begins in the Spartan cell of a small town jail. Old Ned Blessing, having lived a long and tumultuous life awaits a rendezvous ... See full summary »

Stars: Brad Johnson, Luis Avalos, Brenda Bakke, Rob Campbell

Votes: 56

49. Wild Card (2011– )

Comedy, Drama

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas... but only if you have a good lawyer. In this witty procedural about people behaving badly, two very different lawyers handle the type of problems that... See full summary »

Stars: Jennifer Finnigan, Ben Lawson, Edi Gathegi, Julie White

Votes: 250

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