Greatest Lesbian Movies

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# The List It features pretty much the most significant (doesn't mean 'the best' or 'favourite') movies about love between women, something more than just a lesbian kiss for hetero-men-audience. Constantly updated with new films. The ones I've seen I'll be moving to the top with a short review and rating from me. This is for you, girls. Handpicked.

I'm open to suggestions. So help me out and let me know if there's anything missing or out of place. Spread the word!

BTW, the order might be changing every now and then. Trying to keep watched and 'better' movies on the top. Recently added are at the end. Also try filtering the list with the options beside, useful thing.

# Self-awareness I have had my doubts for a long time already, but laughing at them and not wanting to admit it to myself i just shut them out.

Maybe it's gonna sound riddiculous, but it was not until I watched 'Imagine Me & You' that something stirred in me. I realized how serious this was. I started re-thinking my past, my feelings for people around me, and thinking about possible future.

My doubts about my feelings started to grow bigger and bigger, especially when I was exploring the topic through the cinema, by timidly watching les movies. Terrified with how I liked it and how it made me feel, the way I thought it shouldn't and was out of place, I just kept watching, searching for more and starting to explore the real worlds. Things became clear to me. And here I am, with this list. Suffering for not being out of the closet yet. But happy to share this with you.

At least I can now admit it to myself - i'm gay. And it's nothing wrong with that, but why does it feels otherwise?

enjoy All my best, Straightless

i might not reply immediately, especially now, but eventually I'll get back to every single letter. Promise.


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1. Imagine Me & You (2005)

R | 90 min | Comedy, Drama, Romance

49 Metascore

A newlywed bride becomes infatuated with another woman, who questions her sexual orientation, promoting a stir among the bride's family and friends.

Director: Ol Parker | Stars: Piper Perabo, Lena Headey, Matthew Goode, Celia Imrie

Votes: 26,809 | Gross: $0.67M

charming, funny, british romantic comedy. With a great soundtrack (discovered a great band—Camera Obscura!). Not to mention gorgeous people

My first watched movie from this list, I could say it helped me to realize some things. Big sentiment, that's why it's #1. [8/10 ♥]

2. The L Word (2004–2009)

TV-MA | 50 min | Drama, Romance

Follows the lives and loves of a small, close-knit group of lesbians living in Los Angeles as well as the friends and family members that either support or loathe them.

Stars: Jennifer Beals, Leisha Hailey, Laurel Holloman, Mia Kirshner

Votes: 21,810

no matter what, the must-see of this category. Hell of an entertainment, guilty-pleasure kind of thing. [9/10 ♥]

3. Carol (2015)

R | 118 min | Drama, Romance

95 Metascore

An aspiring photographer develops an intimate relationship with an older woman in 1950s New York.

Director: Todd Haynes | Stars: Cate Blanchett, Rooney Mara, Sarah Paulson, Kyle Chandler

Votes: 95,627 | Gross: $12.71M

i haven't yet seen the movie, but it's no denying that it has already become one of the most important les-film canon.

4. Naissance des pieuvres (2007)

85 min | Drama, Romance

65 Metascore

After meeting at a local pool over their summer break, a love triangle forms between three adolescent girls, which proves difficult to sustain as they each desire the love of another.

Director: Céline Sciamma | Stars: Pauline Acquart, Louise Blachère, Adèle Haenel, Warren Jacquin

Votes: 7,805 | Gross: $0.08M

Coming-of-age in a very french way. Beautiful, melancholic and thoughtfull. It moved me deeply [10/10 ♥]

5. Gia (1998 TV Movie)

R | 120 min | Biography, Drama, Romance

The story of the life of Gia Carangi, a top fashion model from the late 1970s, from her meteoric rise to the forefront of the modeling industry, to her untimely death.

Director: Michael Cristofer | Stars: Angelina Jolie, Faye Dunaway, Elizabeth Mitchell, Mercedes Ruehl

Votes: 36,820

Besides that I can't take my eyes of Angelina and Elizabeth, I must also praise the movie as a whole. This, reminds the other movie where Jolie starred, 'Girls, Interrupted'. Kinda tragic.

It's about success, failures, trust, love, lust. It's beautiful depiction of life of a gorgeous woman, a model, who happens to be a human being. And I love that. [8/10]

6. The Hours (2002)

PG-13 | 110 min | Drama, Romance

80 Metascore

The story of how the novel "Mrs. Dalloway" affects three generations of women, all of whom, in one way or another, have had to deal with suicide in their lives.

Director: Stephen Daldry | Stars: Meryl Streep, Nicole Kidman, Julianne Moore, Stephen Dillane

Votes: 114,349 | Gross: $41.68M

It's not a strictly lesbian-theme movie, but it's a captivating story about women. Especially when it concerns a life of a famous writer Virginia Woolf. Thouthful and great piece of work. [9/10]

7. Lip Service (2010–2012)

60 min | Drama

Lives, loves & lusts of Lipstick Lesbians in Scotland.

Stars: Fiona Button, Heather Peace, James Anthony Pearson, Natasha O'Keeffe

Votes: 3,591

hardcore and british version of the L Word. More drama, more down to earth and realistic (kind of). Rough. Love the main character. Looking forward to the next season. [7/10]

8. Loving Annabelle (2006)

Not Rated | 77 min | Drama, Romance

Annabelle is the wise-beyond-her-years newcomer to an exclusive Catholic girls school. Having been expelled from her first two schools she's bound to stir some trouble. Sparks fly between ... See full summary »

Director: Katherine Brooks | Stars: Erin Kelly, Diane Gaidry, Laura Breckenridge, Michelle Horn

Votes: 10,706 | Gross: $1.10M

could a teacher-student relationship be anything but good? [6/10 ♥]

9. Kiss Me (2011)

Not Rated | 105 min | Drama, Romance

A young woman engaged to be married finds herself in an affair with her soon-to-be stepmother's lesbian daughter.

Director: Alexandra-Therese Keining | Stars: Ruth Vega Fernandez, Liv Mjönes, Krister Henriksson, Lena Endre

Votes: 8,172

a.k.a 'Kyss Mig'. A swedish version of Imagine Me & You. Similar stories, same romanticism bit more physical. Also it has a nordic rougher touch to it that the british movie. [7/10 ♥]

10. I Can't Think Straight (2008)

PG-13 | 82 min | Drama, Romance

A young woman engaged to be married finds her life changed forever when she meets her best friend's girlfriend.

Director: Shamim Sarif | Stars: Lisa Ray, Sheetal Sheth, Antonia Frering, Dalip Tahil

Votes: 6,920 | Gross: $0.04M

"Just another British, Indian, Muslim,Arab, Christian lesbian romantic comedy". Kitsch, pretensious and predictable but still fun. Guilty pleasure for hopeless romantics. [6/10]

11. The World Unseen (2007)

PG-13 | 93 min | Drama, Romance

A drama centered on two women who engage in a dangerous relationship during South Africa's apartheid era.

Director: Shamim Sarif | Stars: Lisa Ray, Sheetal Sheth, Parvin Dabas, Nandana Sen

Votes: 3,369 | Gross: $0.02M

All the above things I wrote about 'I Can't Think Straight'' + delicate and gentle. Also very heart warming. Set in apartheid era, I have a soft spot for the historical background, it's makes everything more exciting. [7/10 ♥]

12. All Over Me (1997)

R | 86 min | Crime, Drama, Romance

Claude and Ellen are best friends who live in a not-so-nice area of New York. They're involved in the subculture of 90s youth, complete with drugs, live music, and homophobia. All is ... See full summary »

Director: Alex Sichel | Stars: Alison Folland, Tara Subkoff, Cole Hauser, Wilson Cruz

Votes: 2,966 | Gross: $0.15M

A decadent movie with a glint of hope. It's a classic coming-of-age type of movie from the 90s, with a distinct terrific punk/rock music (you know, decadent/stoned classic rock ballads). I loved it through and through. Watch it and listen to it.

I will never forget the 'dancing' scene, Patti Smith - Pissing In A River was playing and the whole moment was so cathartic, making it one of the most depressing song and movie-scene ever. Oh, and the early Leisha Hailer from The L Word! [7/10]

13. Lost and Delirious (2001)

R | 103 min | Drama, Romance

53 Metascore

A newcomer to a posh girls boarding school discovers that her two senior roommates are lovers.

Director: Léa Pool | Stars: Piper Perabo, Jessica Paré, Mischa Barton, Jackie Burroughs

Votes: 18,711 | Gross: $0.30M

Another coming-of-age, but this one is depressing. Romantics, stay away. But personally, loved it. [7/10 ♥ ]

14. The Four-Faced Liar (2010)

Not Rated | 87 min | Comedy, Drama, Romance

Two couples in their twenties, who are struggling to find substance and meaning in their lives and relationships, meet by happenstance in a New York City Irish tavern called The Four-Faced Liar.

Director: Jacob Chase | Stars: Daniel Carlisle, Todd Kubrak, Emily Peck, Marja-Lewis Ryan

Votes: 2,358

les, british humour. Loved the soundtrack. Entertaining. [6/10]

15. The Incredibly True Adventure of Two Girls in Love (1995)

R | 94 min | Comedy, Drama, Romance

An adventurous love story between two young women of different social and economic backgrounds who find themselves going through all the typical struggles of a new romance.

Director: Maria Maggenti | Stars: Laurel Holloman, Nicole Ari Parker, Maggie Moore, Kate Stafford

Votes: 3,987 | Gross: $1.98M

so old and charming. Nice to see a teenage Laurel Holloman (from the L word) as a tomboy. [6/10]

16. Bloomington (2010)

Not Rated | 83 min | Drama

"Bloomington" is a coming-of-age drama about a former child actress attending college in search of independence and who ends up becoming romantically involved with a female professor.

Director: Fernanda Cardoso | Stars: Allison McAtee, Sarah Stouffer, Katherine Ann McGregor, Ray Zupp

Votes: 4,313

the poorer version of Loving Annabelle. Lame ending. But sexy. Especially the teacher, can't say the same thing about this little kiddo. She looks so much underage, makes me cringe.. Watch it if you're a sucker for a teach-student relationship stories and don't care about anything else. [5/10]

17. Fingersmith (2005)

Not Rated | 181 min | Crime, Drama, Romance

In Victorian England, Sue, a young thief, participates in a scam to defraud a rich heiress by becoming her maid. Things take an unexpected turn and Sue's plan goes horribly wrong.

Stars: Elaine Cassidy, Sally Hawkins, Imelda Staunton, Rupert Evans

Votes: 7,257

despite a physical continence, the innocence of the period had me from the start, making everything more powerful. Almost good as book. I like the period-pieces. [7/10]

18. Barash (2015)

Unrated | 84 min | Comedy, Drama, Romance

17 year old Naama Barash enjoys alcohol, drugs and hanging out with like-minded friends. Her activities are an escape from a home where her parents always fight, and a rebellious, ... See full summary »

Director: Michal Vinik | Stars: Sivan Noam Shimon, Hadas Jade Sakori, Dvir Benedek, Irit Pashtan

Votes: 641

19. Sangailes vasara (2015)

Not Rated | 90 min | Drama, Romance

63 Metascore

17 years old Sangaile is fascinated by stunt planes. She meets a girl her age at a summer aeronautical show. Sangaile allows Auste to discover her most intimate secret and in the process finds the only person that truly encourages her to fly.

Director: Alante Kavaite | Stars: Julija Steponaityte, Aiste Dirziute, Jurate Sodyte, Martynas Budraitis

Votes: 2,195 | Gross: $0.00M

20. Blue Is the Warmest Color (2013)

NC-17 | 180 min | Drama, Romance

88 Metascore

Adèle's life is changed when she meets Emma, a young woman with blue hair, who will allow her to discover desire and to assert herself as a woman and as an adult. In front of others, Adèle grows, seeks herself, loses herself, and ultimately finds herself through love and loss.

Director: Abdellatif Kechiche | Stars: Léa Seydoux, Adèle Exarchopoulos, Salim Kechiouche, Aurélien Recoing

Votes: 119,808 | Gross: $2.20M

So realistic it hurts. I feel like a voyeur peeking into someone's real life. There's nothing that we haven't seen before and yet it's so fascinating. [8/10]

21. Lovesong (2016)

Not Rated | 84 min | Drama, Romance

74 Metascore

The relationship between two friends deepens during an impromptu road trip.

Director: So Yong Kim | Stars: Riley Keough, Jena Malone, Jessie Ok Gray, Cary Joji Fukunaga

Votes: 2,968 | Gross: $0.01M

22. Appropriate Behavior (2014)

Not Rated | 86 min | Comedy, Drama, Romance

73 Metascore

Shirin is struggling to become an ideal Persian daughter, politically correct bisexual and hip young Brooklynite but fails miserably in her attempt at all identities. Being without a cliché to hold onto can be a lonely experience.

Director: Desiree Akhavan | Stars: Desiree Akhavan, Rebecca Henderson, Halley Feiffer, Ryan Fitzsimmons

Votes: 3,340

light comedy about life and being. You need to follow the director, Desiree Akhavan (it's her directorial debut and she's starring here, too), I expect great things from her. [8/10 ♥]

23. Orange Is the New Black (2013– )

TV-MA | 59 min | Comedy, Crime, Drama

Convicted of a decade old crime of transporting drug money to an ex-girlfriend, normally law-abiding Piper Chapman is sentenced to a year and a half behind bars to face the reality of how life-changing prison can really be.

Stars: Taylor Schilling, Danielle Brooks, Taryn Manning, Emma Myles

Votes: 247,433

I have watched all 13 episodes in one sitting, that took me about more than 10hours. And I have to say that I didn't expect it to be THAT good. It's funny in a witty kind of way, the characters are incredibly interesting, funny and so unstable. You can see the whole spectrum of our pathological society. It's unbiased and objective towards the world *beep* up things. And it's feels so true.

I'm a TOTAL fan. Must watch! [10/10]

24. Concussion (2013)

R | 96 min | Drama

56 Metascore

After a blow to the head, Abby decides she can't do it anymore. Her life just can't be only about the house, the kids and the wife. She needs more: she needs to be Eleanor.

Director: Stacie Passon | Stars: Robin Weigert, Maggie Siff, Johnathan Tchaikovsky, Ben Shenkman

Votes: 3,685 | Gross: $0.04M

Although there are mostly bad reviews I kind of liked it. Not exactly sure for what, but...yeah. [5/10 ♥]

25. La belle saison (2015)

Not Rated | 105 min | Drama, Romance

72 Metascore

There was little chance, in the year 1971, that Carole, a Paris Spanish teacher and feminist militant, would ever meet Delphine, the daughter of a couple of Limousin farmers. But they did ... See full summary »

Director: Catherine Corsini | Stars: Cécile de France, Izïa Higelin, Noémie Lvovsky, Jean-Henri Compère

Votes: 2,904 | Gross: $0.04M

26. Ah-ga-ssi (2016)

Not Rated | 144 min | Drama, Romance, Thriller

84 Metascore

A woman is hired as a handmaiden to a Japanese heiress, but secretly she is involved in a plot to defraud her.

Director: Chan-wook Park | Stars: Min-hee Kim, Jung-woo Ha, Jin-Woong Cho, So-Ri Moon

Votes: 70,526 | Gross: $2.01M

27. Tipping the Velvet (2002)

177 min | Drama, Romance

Set in the 1890's, tells the lesbian love affair between male impersonator music hall star Kitty Butler and Nan Astley.

Stars: Rachael Stirling, Keeley Hawes, Anna Chancellor, Jodhi May

Votes: 6,848

Not as good as the book, and rather poor acting and weird scenes. Disappointing, especially if you read it before. But still, it's a classic and can understand why. I like the british innocence. [5/10 ♥]

28. Saving Face (2004)

R | 91 min | Comedy, Drama, Romance

65 Metascore

A Chinese-American lesbian and her traditionalist mother are reluctant to go public with secret loves that clash against cultural expectations.

Director: Alice Wu | Stars: Joan Chen, Michelle Krusiec, Lynn Chen, Jin Wang

Votes: 8,885 | Gross: $1.19M

love the (funny) cultural aspect, especially because I'm an Asian living in Europe, so I get all of that asian dynamics very well. But happy ending is just so unrealistic in this world...which makes this movie a just a fairytale. [6/10 ♥]

29. Room in Rome (2010)

Not Rated | 107 min | Drama, Romance

A hotel room in the center of Rome serves as the setting for two young and recently acquainted women to have a physical adventure that touches their very souls.

Director: Julio Medem | Stars: Elena Anaya, Natasha Yarovenko, Enrico Lo Verso, Najwa Nimri

Votes: 19,674

quite intense. You won't be complaining about either lack of nudity and chemistry. It's arousing, it's touching, it's holds your breath, it's beautiful. The history and dialogues don't make sense at all, it's just an eye-candy movie. [5/10]

30. Below Her Mouth (2016)

Not Rated | 94 min | Drama, Romance

42 Metascore

An unexpected affair quickly escalates into a heart-stopping reality for two women whose passionate connection changes their lives forever.

Director: April Mullen | Stars: Erika Linder, Natalie Krill, Sebastian Pigott, Mayko Nguyen

Votes: 6,611

31. Ich will dich (2014 TV Movie)

87 min | Drama, Romance

Marie is a successful designer and has a loving husband and two children. But fate offers more. When she meets the fiancée of their friend Dom, the two women fall for each other. This comes... See full summary »

Director: Rainer Kaufmann | Stars: Jordan Elliot Dwyer, Linda Gegusch, Aljosha Horvat, Marc Hosemann

Votes: 305

32. Elena Undone (2010)

Not Rated | 111 min | Drama, Romance

Fate brings two diversely different women together, and sets them on a collision course that will shatter their preconceived notions about love, life and the power of one's soul.

Director: Nicole Conn | Stars: Necar Zadegan, Thunderbird Dinwiddie, Gary Weeks, Sam Harris

Votes: 4,582

A standard lesbian movie. Straight one falls in love with gay one. You know what's next. Resistance and then submission, captain obvious. Nothing really special i guess. [5/10]

33. Cracks (I) (2009)

R | 104 min | Drama, Thriller

54 Metascore

A look at the lives and relationships among girls at an elite boarding school.

Director: Jordan Scott | Stars: Eva Green, Juno Temple, María Valverde, Imogen Poots

Votes: 17,685 | Gross: $0.02M

Disturbing but great. About the teacher-student relationship, although it's not that clear as it sounds. Psychogical drama. Can't forget the look of Eva Green with a cigarrete and a beret on head. *swoon*. But I don't think it's that significant in your lesbian-movie-library. [9/10]

34. Liz in September (2014)

Not Rated | 100 min | Drama, Romance

This story follows Eva, a traveler who experiences some car trouble and ends up spending some time with a group of women in a hotel outside of town. These women gladly accept Eva into their... See full summary »

Director: Fina Torres | Stars: Patricia Velasquez, Eloisa Maturen, Mimi Lazo, Elba Escobar

Votes: 924

35. Gray Matters (I) (2006)

PG-13 | 96 min | Comedy, Romance

31 Metascore

They finish each other's sentences, dance like Fred and Ginger, and share the same downtown loft--the perfect couple? Not exactly. Gray and Sam, are a sister and brother so compatible and inseparable that people actually assume they are dating. Mortified, they both agree they must branch out and start searching for love. He'll look for a guy for her and she'll look for a gal for him.

Director: Sue Kramer | Stars: Heather Graham, Tom Cavanagh, Bridget Moynahan, Molly Shannon

Votes: 6,481 | Gross: $0.06M

it's silly, but it's okay. [5/10]

36. Boys Don't Cry (1999)

R | 118 min | Biography, Crime, Drama

86 Metascore

Female-born Teena Brandon adopts his male identity of Brandon Teena and attempts to find himself and love in Nebraska.

Director: Kimberly Peirce | Stars: Hilary Swank, Chloë Sevigny, Peter Sarsgaard, Brendan Sexton III

Votes: 85,612 | Gross: $11.53M

Terrific Hillary Swank and Chloe Sevigny in the outstanding true story of transgender guy Brandon a.k.a. Teena. I know it's not a lesbian movie in any way, but I consider this a very important part of lesbian cinematography nonetheless. [9/10]

37. Mulholland Dr. (2001)

R | 147 min | Drama, Mystery, Thriller

83 Metascore

After a car wreck on the winding Mulholland Drive renders a woman amnesiac, she and a perky Hollywood-hopeful search for clues and answers across Los Angeles in a twisting venture beyond dreams and reality.

Director: David Lynch | Stars: Naomi Watts, Laura Harring, Justin Theroux, Jeanne Bates

Votes: 283,461 | Gross: $7.22M

The usual Lynch's weirdness and psychedelics. Not actually the lesbian-centered theme but this one is another one of some importance in women-centered-cinematography.

38. When Night Is Falling (1995)

R | 94 min | Drama, Romance

An uptight and conservative woman, working on tenure as a literacy professor at a large urban university, finds herself strangely attracted to a free-spirited, liberal woman who works at a local carnival that comes to town.

Director: Patricia Rozema | Stars: Pascale Bussières, Rachael Crawford, Henry Czerny, David Fox

Votes: 6,046 | Gross: $1.19M

this time is Christianity is the problem. You propably already know what will win. Great sensuality and passion development. [6/10]

39. Desert Hearts (1985)

R | 91 min | Drama, Romance

A woman on the precipice of divorce becomes drawn to a ranchowner's daughter.

Director: Donna Deitch | Stars: Helen Shaver, Patricia Charbonneau, Audra Lindley, Andra Akers

Votes: 4,146 | Gross: $2.49M

it must've been a pretty revolutionary production in the '80s. A straight, disciplined teacher and a adventurous cowgirl who likes girls. Denial, struggle, acceptance. Nice history development and visible passion. I like that. [7/10]

40. My Summer of Love (2004)

R | 86 min | Drama, Romance, Thriller

82 Metascore

In the Yorkshire countryside, working-class tomboy Mona meets the exotic, pampered Tamsin. Over the summer season, the two young women discover they have much to teach one another, and much to explore together.

Director: Pawel Pawlikowski | Stars: Natalie Press, Emily Blunt, Paddy Considine, Dean Andrews

Votes: 18,114 | Gross: $0.99M

the movie reminds one of these nostalgic and delirious french movies with some drama, about people, friendship, family and disappointments. It's actually about growing up, girl's affections here are something natural, as a part of puberty. Great pictures [8/10 ♥]

41. Transparent (2014– )

TV-MA | 30 min | Comedy, Drama

An L.A. family with serious boundary issues have their past and future unravel when a dramatic admission causes everyone's secrets to spill out.

Stars: Jeffrey Tambor, Amy Landecker, Gaby Hoffmann, Jay Duplass

Votes: 19,413

It's one of the greatest current show, alongside with Orange is The New Black. It's really funny, witty, true with great written characters. About all the hard edges of all kinds of relationships with all kinds of people. [9/10 ♥]

42. The Kids Are All Right (2010)

R | 106 min | Comedy, Drama, Romance

86 Metascore

Two children conceived by artificial insemination bring their biological father into their non-traditional family life.

Director: Lisa Cholodenko | Stars: Annette Bening, Julianne Moore, Mark Ruffalo, Mia Wasikowska

Votes: 119,279 | Gross: $20.81M

rather disappointed after all this hyped stuff going on around the movie. It's more of a boring family drama than a lesbian one. But worth seeing nontheless, because the great Julian Moore. [5/10]

43. Nina's Heavenly Delights (2006)

PG-13 | 94 min | Comedy

44 Metascore

A feisty young woman returns to Glasgow to run her deceased father's curry house.

Director: Pratibha Parmar | Stars: Laura Fraser, Shelley Conn, Art Malik, Ronny Jhutti

Votes: 1,964 | Gross: $0.01M

romantic movie with a pinch of bollywood. Happy and sappy one of course. Pretty faces etc. A standard one. [5/10]

44. Combats de femme (1997– )
Episode: Un amour de femme (2001)

89 min

A lonely wife secretly starts an affair with a female dance teacher, at the distress of her husband.

Director: Sylvie Verheyde | Stars: Hélène Fillières, Raffaëla Anderson, Anthony Delon, Jeannick Gravelines

Votes: 590

straight married woman with a kid meets sexy lesbian. Quite sensual low budget lesbian french flick. [6/10]

45. Jenny's Wedding (2015)

PG-13 | 94 min | Comedy, Drama, Romance

33 Metascore

Jenny Farrell has led an openly gay life - except with her conventional family. When she finally decides to start a family and marry the woman they thought was just her roommate, the small,... See full summary »

Director: Mary Agnes Donoghue | Stars: Katherine Heigl, Tom Wilkinson, Linda Emond, Grace Gummer

Votes: 9,111 | Gross: $0.00M

46. Sugar Rush (I) (2005–2006)

24 min | Drama, Romance

15-year-old Kim has just moved to Brighton and developed an earth-shattering, hormone-surging crush on her new best friend, Sugar.

Stars: Olivia Hallinan, Lenora Crichlow, Richard Lumsden, Sara Stewart

Votes: 3,657

all too sugar and stuff. About coming of age for teens. Watchable if you're in your teens.

47. South of Nowhere (2005–2008)

Drama, Romance

A family moves from Ohio to Los Angeles, where they find themselves unprepared for the city's fast pace, and the overcrowded public school that their three teenagers will attend.

Stars: Gabrielle Christian, Mandy Musgrave, Matt Cohen, Maeve Quinlan

Votes: 4,587

coming of age littles tv series combined with coming out. it's ok.

48. An Unexpected Love (2003 TV Movie)

TV-14 | 90 min | Drama