Things You Don't Know About Deadpool

by IMDb-Editors | last updated - 10 Feb 2016

Herein Deadpool reveals handfuls of details about his origin, particular set of skills, devotion to Bea Arthur, and much more.

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Proud Canadian. Loves the metric system.


An expert with Katana swords, DVRs, and Roombas.

Backpack contains: X-Men toothbrush, candy necklace (never know when you’ll need a sugar pick-me-up that doubles as a classy accessory), extra pair of brown pants (you know, for accidents), framed photo of Bea Arthur, some juice boxes (gotta stay hydrated) ... aaaannd a hand grenade (because why not let a dangerous explosive jiggle around all day).


Can regenerate body parts. Any body parts. ;-)


Can curse in seven languages.

T.J. Miller in Deadpool (2016)

Best friend = Weasel.

Hugh Jackman in The Wolverine (2013)

Has a man crush on Wolverine. Wait ... don't include that.

Ryan Reynolds and Leslie Uggams in Deadpool (2016)

Found his roommate on Craigslist. Her name is Blind Al. She has an odor.

Shops at Ikea.

George Michael, Andrew Ridgeley, and Wham!

Favorite pop group: Wham!

Favorite food: Chimichanga. (And doesn't like pickles.)

Bea Arthur in Maude (1972)

Has a Pinterest page. It includes photos of Bea Arthur.

Hello Kitty

Follows Hello Kitty on Twitter. Don’t bad mouth the Kitty.

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