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War Dogs (2016)
War Dogs (1942)
Il quinto giorno (1994)
aka "War Dogs - In mörderischer Mission"
War Dogs of the Pacific (2009)
The Dogs of War (1980)
Reservoir Dogs (1992)
Wardogs (in development)
Car Dogs (2016)
Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story (2004)
War Dog (1987)
Hotel for Dogs (2009)
La guerre des tuques (1984)
Underdogs (2013)
Underdogs (2013)
Da tou bing shang zhan chang: Za pai jun (1991)
aka "The War Dogs"
War Dog (I) (in development)
War Dog: A Soldier's Best Friend (2017)
War of Dogs (2012)
The Underdogs (2017)
StarDog and TurboCat (2019)
Four Dogs (2013)
War Dog (IV) (in development)
Underdogs (2019)
Underdogs Rising (2018)
Dogs of War (in development)
Beware of Dogs (2014)
Underdogs (2007)
River Dogs
Ninja Dog: Universal War (2018)
Underdogs (2006)
Underdogs (2009)
War Don Don (2010)
Superpower Dogs (2019)
Charged: The Eduardo Garcia Story (2017)
UnderDogs (2011)
Shelter Dogs (2003)
Junkyard Dogs (2015)
The Dogs of War or That's What Friends Are For (2017)
Daniel and the Superdogs (2004)
Soccer Dog: European Cup (2004)
Four Dogs Playing Poker (2000)
Imperial Nova II: The Dogs of War (in development)
Behaving Badly (2014)
Underdogs (in development)
Dogs of the 9th Ward (2016)
Underdoges (2016)
Beit Shean: Seret Milhamah (1996)
John G. Avildsen: King of the Underdogs (2017)
Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days (2012)
Killer Dogs (2001)
Debal: Uncrowned Underdogs
Trainyard Dogs: Part I (2018)
Junkyard Dogs (2004)
Enterrez nos chiens (2010)
A Spell to Ward Off the Darkness (2013)
Beware of the Dogs (2012)
Underdogs: Born to Lose (2009)
Dear Coward on the Moon (2017)
Personal Gold: An Underdog Story (2015)
Eduardo Galeano Vagamundo (2018)
Lives of the Monster Dogs (in development)
Padashe sokoot (2007)
Dirty Water Dogs (in development)
Pan Twardowski (1936)
The Reward of the Faithless (1917)
Sit Stay Ride: The Story of America's Sidecar Dogs (2014)
Dzieje mistrza Twardowskiego (1996)
Es war doch Liebe? (1995)
Pan Twardowski (1921)
The Forward Observer (in development)
A Reward of Faith (1929)
The Reward of Patience (1916)
Accalia: Steward of Syriacus (in development)
Untitled Westminster Dog Show (in development)
The Famous Warner Bros. Dog Star (1928)
9/11 Fear in Silence: The Forgotten Underdogs (2006)
Crowned: Inside the 2017 Westminster Dog Show (2017)
Guardiões do Ser: Como os cães podem mudar o mundo
Edogawa Rampo gekijo: Oshie to tabisuru otoko (1994)
Elements of Style: Live at WonderDog Sounds (2017)
Underdogs: The Story of Noah's Hope Animal Rescue (2015)
The Love of Liberty... A Liberian Civil War Documentary (2005)
O Último Cão de Guerra (1979)

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