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Independence Day: Resurgence (2016)
aka "Independence Day 2"
Independence Day (1996)
Independence Day 3 (in development)
Independence Day (1983)
Independence Daysaster (2013)
Independence Day (1976)
Independence (1999)
Yläkerran Tuula (2013)
Independence (II) (2007)
Independence for a Day (2003)
African Independence (2013)
Crude Independence (2009)
Istiklal madalyasi (1948)
Patricia's Independence (2018)
Independenta Romaniei (1912)
The Man from Independence (1974)
Istiklal harbi (1954)
Independence Avenue (in development)
Doglibjeon-ya (1948)
Milchemet HaShichrur (2005)
Vermont Energy Independence Day (2013)
Browncoats: Independence War (2015)
Fato - Ya istiklal ya ölüm (1949)
Voitka - metsän veljet (2004)
The Road to Independence (2007)
Namibia: Independence Now! (1985)
Father of Independence: DS Nidhasa Piya (2018)
Lights, Camera, Independence (2015)
Wrestling with Independence (2018)
Independence Hall Adventures (2009)
Independence and the Azad Hind Fauj (in development)
Dazhe ne dumay! Ten nezavisimosti (2004)
Rise: From Independence to Immortality (2019)
Independence: Around the Film 'Kedma', a Film by Amos Gitai (2002)
We Can Shine: From Institutions to Independence (2010)
Dokribhyeobhwiwa cheongnyeon Lee Seung-man (1959)
The Curators Volume 1: A Story of Independence (2014)
Rich and Scary: Independent Soap Movie Experience (2003)
El despertar de Ameroibérica II - De Bolívar a Chávez, hacia la segunda independencia (2009)
Magnetic Highway: The Rise, Fall, and Resurgence of the Independent Video Store (2017)
National Sacrifice Zone: Colorado and the Cost of Energy Independence (2007)
Magnetic Highway - Exit 2: More of the Rise, Fall, and Resurgence of the Independent (2018)
Gwangbok 20nyeongwa baekbeom Kim Ku (1973)

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