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Ulli Philipp (Actress, Der Fall Wera Sassulitsch (1968))
Philip Pullman (Writer, The Golden Compass (2007))
Tori Philippi (Actress, Killing Khan (2016))
Ifoi Philipp (Actor, Pierrot Lunaire (2014))
Uschi Philipp (Set Decorator, Universum (1987))
Toni Philippi (Actress, Üb' immer Treu' und Redlichkeit (1927))
Sigi Philipp (Actor, Sally - heiß wie ein Vulkan (1973))
Philip O'Sullivan (Actor, Tristan + Isolde (2006))
Nikki Phillippi (Actress, Shoegazer Films: Shorts and Sketches (2011))
Sergei Philippenko (Actor, La Naissance de Narcisse (2018))
Lilli Philip (I) (Actress, Drakarna över Helsingfors (2001))
Lilli Philip (II) (Miscellaneous, Game Over (2005))
Philippe Jullien (Director, Le cyclope de la mer (1999))
Philip Phillipou (Actor, The Big I Am (2010))
Philippe Tullier (Actor, Humanité (1999))
Philip Pulliam Jr. (Actor, Epilogue (2012))
Philippe Houlliez (Actor, La belle et la belle (2018))
Philippe Tullio (Producer, Jaya (2015))
Philippe Roullier (Actor, Sonic Generations (2011))
Philippe Moullier (Self, Téléthon (1987))
Philippe Castelli (Actor, Bons baisers de Hong-Kong (1975))
Philip Phillipson (Animation Department, The Rocketeer (1991))
Philippe de Gaulle (Self, Reporters (1981))
Mari-Philippe Comeau (Costume Department, X-Men: Days of Future Past (2014))
Henri Philippe (Actor, Hidden Face (2014))
Patti Philippon (Self, P.T. Barnum The Lost Legend (2017))
Eleni Philippa (Actress, Kayikçi (1999))
Alexi Philippoussis (Actor, Jaywalkers )
Philippe Thiphaine (Composer, Une grande fille comme toi (2003))
Philippe Dorelli (Camera Department, Violette (2013))
Yendi Phillipps (Self, The 2010 Miss Universe Pageant (2010))
Levi Phillippe (Miscellaneous, Boz Scaggs: Greatest Hits Live (2004))
Patti Phillippi (Actress, Murder in the Music Hall (1946))
Philip Hart Cullom (Self, Pritzker Military Library Presents (2006))
Philippe Chevallier (I) (Actor, Ma femme... s'appelle Maurice (2002))
Phillip Hullquist (Editor, The Hitchhiking Movie (2009))
Philipp Sellier (Sound Department, Resident Evil (2002))
Philippe Falliex (Composer, Bienvenue chez nous (2012))
Philippe Louis Galliano (Producer, Reversion (in development))
Philip Holliday (Self, Strip the City (2012))
Philip Hollimon (Actor, Word, a Skateboard Film (2006))
Philippe Colligan (Camera Department, Daredevil (2015))
Philippe Schuller (Camera Department, Pourquoi personne me croit? (2013))
Philippe Traulle (Production Manager, Les amours perdues (2011))
Philippe Boulle (Art Department, Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War - Dark Crusade (2006))
Philipp Gogulla (Self, Spiel 7: das längste Finale der Del (2014))
Philippe Muller (I) (Producer, Die Spur der Troika: Macht ohne Kontrolle (2015))
Philipp Kullbach (Sound Department, Die Körper der Astronauten (2017))
Philippe Coulloud (Editor, L'amour des trois oranges (1989))
Philippe Muller (II) (Actor, C.R.A.Z.Y. (2005))
Philip Pullella (Self, Frontline (1983))
Philippe Betoulle (Actor, Epilogue d'une romance nocturne (2016))
Philip Pollitt (Actor, Armchair Thriller (1978))
Phillip Pulliam (Actor, Mirror Image: What Do You See in the Mirror (2003))
Philippe Collins
Philippe de Villiers (I) (Self, Dimanche soir (1994))
Philippe Ortolli (Actor, Quand le vent tisse les fleurs (2003))
Philippe Devilliers (Stunts, From Darkness to Light )
Philippe Fostinelli (Actor, Protea (2015))
Philipp Willi Jung (Camera Department, Roger Cicero: Männersachen live! (2007))
Philippe Tailliez (I) (Animation Department, Pigly (2003))
Phillip Philibosian (Actor, Beyond the Next Mountain (1987))
Philippe Lavilliers
Philippe Thiollier (Assistant Director, Come Undone (2000))
Philippe Collin (III) (Actor, Les trois couronnes du matelot (1983))
Philippe Bardelli (II) (Self, Zero Hour (2004))
Philippe Schillinger (Sound Department, Lac noir (2017))
Philippa Halling
Philippe Raffalli (Director, Coolori (2008))
Philippe Hillion (II) (Composer, En attendant (2015))
Philippe Ancellin (Production Designer, The Mysterious Island (1973))
Philippa Williamson (Miscellaneous, Mock the Week (2005))
Philip Pindilli (Composer, Just a Day (2002))
Philippe Thuillier (Producer, Mardi cinéma (2016))
Philipp Ellinghaus (Miscellaneous, The Key (2013))
Philippe Allier (Actor, Cerné par le diable (2018))
Philippe Collin (I) (Director, Les derniers jours d'Emmanuel Kant (1996))
Philippe Brunelli (Music Department, Les mains de Roxana (2012))
Philippe Mallier (Composer, Dobermann (1997))
Philippe Tailliez (II) (Miscellaneous, Mars et Neptune (1957))
Philippe Pilliod (Producer, Mathias Kneissl (1971))
Philippe Millieret (Actor, Fearless (2006))
Philippe Ollivier (Composer, En boîte (2010))
Philippe Alliot (Stunts, Taxi (1998))
Philippe Leonelli (Self, Vivement dimanche (1998))
Philippe Sollier (Actor, L'antidote (2005))
Philippe Chevallier (II) (Soundtrack, Stoker (2013))
Philippa Williams (Actress, The Bill (1984))
Philippe de Villiers (II) (Camera Department, Hellfest (2011))
Philippe Borelli (Camera Department, Joséphine, ange gardien (1997))
Philippe Collin (II) (Actor, Jeux d'artifices (1987))
Philippe Caillibot (Sound Department, Villa Beausoleil (1991))
Philippe Gallichet (Miscellaneous, Ladder 49 (2004))
Philipp Bellinger (Composer, A tes amours (2007))
Philippe Villin (Self, Mots croisés (1997))
Jean-Philippe Collin (Miscellaneous, The Day After Tomorrow (2004))
Philippe Bardelli (I) (Stunts, Renaissance (2006))
Philippo Calandrelli (Transportation Department, Roger Waters: The Wall (2014))
Philippe Gastellier (Actor, Souvenirs des années tragiques (1978))
Philippe Challier (Production Manager, The Bachelor (2002))
Philippe Grollier (Camera Department, L'effraie (2005))
Philippe Grellier (Animation Department, Dracula 3: The Path of the Dragon (2008))
Philippe le Mouellic (Actor, Samouraïs (2002))
Philippe Chevallier (III) (Editor, La très chère indépendance du Haut Karabagh Part I+Part 2 (2007))
Philippe Villier (Actor, La revanche de la planète interdite (1984))
Philipp Danguillier (Actor, SOKO Leipzig (2001))
Philippe Boutillier (Art Department, 8 femmes (2002))
Philippa Challis
Philipp Dollinger (Visual Effects, Salami Aleikum (2009))
Philippe Villiers (Actor, 13 Tzameti (2005))
Philippe Hillion (I) (Animation Department, Astérix et le coup du menhir (1989))
Philippe Collignon (Actor, L'Hôtel du Libre-Echange (2015))
Jo William Philipp (Writer, In the Heat of the Night (1988))
Philippe Dillies (Actor, Les dossiers secrets de l'inspecteur Lavardin (1988))
Philippe Sellier (Producer, Modus Operandi (2008))
Philippe Collin (IV) (Self, La Maison de la radio (2013))
Philippe Revelli (Actor, Son of God (2010))
Philippa Hilliard (Producer, King Jeff (2009))
Philippe L. Galliano
Philippe Bettinelli (Self, Hier, aujourd'hui, demain (2016))
Philippe Farinelli (Self, Des racines & des ailes (1997))
Philippe Mollins (Director, La vie en cinq actes (2006))
Henri Philippe Garcia (Actor, Qui a tué Bambi? (2003))
Jean-Philippe Belliard (Camera Department, In Time (2011))
Philip Sullivan (IV)
Philip Sullivan (I) (Producer, Haak Vrystaat (1976))
Philip Sullivan (II) (Self, America's Next Top Model (2003))
Philip Sullivan (III) (Camera Department, Te Ata (2016))
Iouri Philippe Paille (Director, Mika: Make You Happy (2012))
Philippe Veauvilliers (Actor, Je t'aime moi non plus (1976))
Florianphilipp Gaull (Writer, Souvenirs (2009))
Jean Philippe Martelli (Actor, Der Felsen (2002))
Philippa Sellick-Taylor (Special Effects, Frankenweenie (2012))
Philippe-Jean Quillien (Director, L'aventure d'Alexandre Le Grand (1996))
Jean-Philippe Pellieux (Camera Department, Les 3 vies du chevalier (2014))
Philippe Collin-Olivier (Writer, Extrême limite (1994))
Jean-Philippe Cancellier (Visual Effects, Seul à seul (2012))
Philippe Barbey-Lallia (Music Department, La tendresse (2013))
Philippe Chauvellier
Michael Filip Phillips
Philippine Chevallier (Actor, Chasse gardée (2007))
Jean-Philippe Raffaelli (Production Manager, L'occupant (2008))
Philippine Raude Toulliou (Actress, 17 filles (2011))
Apollinaire Louis-Philippe Dogue (Actor, Une femme de ménage (2002))
Philippe Tem Have Dallinga (Actor, Paradise now - Journal d'une femme en crise (2004))
Philippe Freiherr von Schorlemer-Puricelli