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Shawn Levy (I) (Producer, Arrival (2016))
Shawn Levy (V) (Writer, The Castle on Sunset (in development))
Shawn Levy (II) (Self, Film Geek (2005))
Shawn Levy (IV) (Actor, Welcome to Essex (2018))
Shawn Levy (VI) (Self, The Late Night Alternative (2016))
Shawn Levy (III) (Actor, Sandwich Girl )
Shawn Lee (I) (Actor, Da er long (2011))
Shawn Lee (III) (Soundtrack, The Break-Up (2006))
Shawn Le (Animation Department, My Super Ex-Girlfriend (2006))
Shawn Lecrone (Actor, Southwest (2013))
Shawn Lee (V) (Actor, Daryl and Hannah (2014))
Shawn Lee (VI) (Self, NFL Monday Night Football (1970))
Shawn Lee (XIX)
Shawn Lee (XVII) (Camera Department, The Assignment (2015))
Shawn Lee (XVI) (Director, The Foodie (2014))
Shawn Lee (XI) (Miscellaneous, Squared (2014))
Shawn Lee (X) (Composer, Jon Wuz Here (2010))
Shawn Leaf (Miscellaneous, Kinect Fun Labs: 5 Micro Lab Challenge (2012))
Shawn Lee (XIII) (Producer, No Greater Love (2015))
Shawn Lee (IV) (Actor, Sliding Home (1997))
Shawn Lee (XXI) (Editor, Cross (2017))
Shawn Lee (VII) (Actor, Revenge of the Bimbot Zombie Killers (2014))
Shawn Leer (Miscellaneous, WCCO Channel 4 News (1952))
Shawn Lee (XXII)
Shawn Lee (IX) (Cinematographer, K-Town (2009))
Shawn Lee (XV) (Animation Department, Ralph Breaks the Internet (2018))
Shawn Lein (Actor, Kill Giggles (2019))
Shawn Lee (XIV) (Visual Effects, Avengers: Infinity War (2018))
Shawn Lee (XVIII) (Cinematographer, Child's Play (2015))
Shawn Lee (VIII) (Producer, Pure Shock Value (2009))
Shawn Lear (Visual Effects, Ray Stevens Live! (1993))
Shawn Lee (XII) (Camera Department, Road Lawyers and Other Briefs (1990))
Shawn Lee (II) (Miscellaneous, Criminals (1997))
Shawn Lewis (III) (Producer, Black Devil Doll (2007))
Michael Shawn Lewis (Director, Splash and Bubbles (2016))
Shawn Lebert (Writer, Dave (2016))
Shawn LeNoble (Actor, Tigerland (2000))
Shawn Leonard (Actor, The Roosters: Series 1 (2013))
Tyshawn Lee (Self, Anderson Cooper 360° (2003))
Rashawn Lee
Shawn Lewis (VIII) (Actor, Trimmers (2014))
Shawn LeTang (Actor, Night (2006))
Shawn Leahy (Self, Discovering the Crazy Squirrel (2015))
Shawn Leyva (Producer, Joel-Peter Witkin: An Objective Eye (2013))
Jashawn Lee
Shawn Leach (Actor, Hola America (2014))
Shawn LeBlanc (I) (Sound Department, Fred (2006))
Shawn Lewis (V) (Actor, Missing Picture (2010))
Shawn Lennox (Miscellaneous, This Means War (2012))
Shawn Lewis (IX)
Shawn LeBlanc (II) (Music Department, The Lot (2009))
Shawn LeMone (Self, Score: A Film Music Documentary (2016))
Shawn Lewis (XIII) (Camera Department, Conundrum (2016))
Shawn Lee Holt
Shawn Lewis (VII) (Actor, The Night Before Christmas (2012))
Shawn Lewis (IV) (Visual Effects, Shrek 2 (2004))
Shawn Lerner
Shawn Letts (Composer, Nova (1974))
Shawn Lewis (XI)
Shawn Lewis (XII) (Actor, #LdnOnt (2012))
Shawn Lewis (VI) (Miscellaneous, Nine for IX (2013))
Shawn Lewis (II) (Production Designer, Whiskey School (2005))
Shawn Leary (Self, Off the Curb: The Heart of Hip-Hop (2000))
Lashawn Lee (Actress, C.E.O. (2014))
Shawn Lewis (X) (Camera Department, Into the Pan (2016))
Shawn Leggett (Actor, The Sopranos (1999))
Shawn Lewis (I) (Casting Department, Where Sleeping Dogs Lie (1991))
Shawn Lester (I) (Special Effects, On the Border (1998))
Shawn LeMarsh (Actor, The Search (2012))
Shawn Lester (II) (Self, Perfect Feet (2018))
Shawn Leffel (Camera Department, Holbrook (2011))
Shawn Lester (III) (Music Department, How Do I Know? (2017))
Shawn Levesque (Self, Bellator Fighting Championships (2009))
Shawn Leventhal
Shawn Lee Vitale (Actor, A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas (2011))
Shawn Ledbetter (Miscellaneous, Intruder (2008))
Shawn Leon Nowotnik (Producer, Found (2014))
Shawn Leon Thomas III (Actor, Chop Shop (2007))
Andrew-Shawn Levac-Spénard (Actor, Ante Mortem (2014))
Dawn Levy Vance
Shawn Leslie Wood (Actor, Little Red (2012))
M. Shawn Lewallen (Camera Department, Arthur Newman (2012))
Shawn Lewallen (Producer, Acito on the Mound (2015))
Shawn Lee Fratis (Composer, Toilet Gator (2017))
Shawn LeMonnier (Editorial Department, Phineas and Ferb (2007))
Shawn Lee Miller (Producer, Triangle (2011))
Treshawn Lewis (I) (Actor, Ishmael (2012))
Shawn Lee Jones (Camera Department, Benjamin (2007))
Treshawn Lewis (II)
Shawn Leonidas (Transportation Department, Sex and the City (1998))
Shawn Brownlee (Actor, She LOVEs Hip-Hop (2011))
Ryan Shawn Lewis (Actor, Midnight Sonder (2016))
Shawn Leighton (Actor, Nigger (2013))
Shawn Lee Wilson (Animation Department, Snow White and the Huntsman (2012))
Michael Shawn Lewallen (Camera Department, Deceiver (1997))
Shawn Leister-Frazier (Director, PreFlexia (2016))
Shawn Leary Considine
Tamara Levy (I) (Music Department, Aussie and Ted's Great Adventure (2009))

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