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Sara West (I) (Actress, Peter Allen: Not the Boy Next Door (2015))
Sara West (III) (Actress, Mamma Mia! (2008))
Sara West (II) (Actress, Elsie (2015))
Sara Westendorf (Sound Department, Hollow (2020))
Sara Westlake (Art Department, The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones (2013))
Sara Weston (I) (Additional Crew, Legend (1985))
Sara Westmoreland-Cavenaugh (Script and Continuity Department, Soliloquy (2001))
Sara West (IV) (Additional Crew, Helden van Hier: Corona (2020))
Tara Westwood (Actress, The Grudge (2020))
Chandra West (Actress, White Noise (2005))
Sara Wells (III) (Actress, Leverage: Redemption (2021))
Maura West (Actress, As the World Turns (1956))
Barbara West (VII) (Writer, Floating Embers (in development))
Barbara West (I) (Actress, The Babadook (2014))
Vera West (Costume Designer, Shadow of a Doubt (1943))
Sara Weston (II) (Self, John Taylor: The Modern Prophet (2002))
Tara Westover (Self, The Ellen DeGeneres Show (2003))
Tiara West (Producer, Dear Amber (2017))
Debora Weston (Actress, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (2005))
Tara West (IV) (Actress, Selling Mega Mansion (2017))
Mara West (II)
Tara West (II) (Producer, Dancing with the Stars (2005))
Tara West (V) (Writer, The Good Christian Women's Writing Group (2018))
Clara West (Actor, Sweet Tooth (2014))
Tara West (III) (Additional Crew, BrainSurge (2009))
TiaraWest (Actress, For My Man (2015))
Tara West (I) (Additional Crew, Making 'Loverboy' (2006))
Cara West (II) (Actress, Hello, Are You There? (2019))
Kara West (II) (Actress, Maggots and Men (2009))
Lara West (II) (Sound Department, Raw, Meaty, with a Dollop of Cream (2018))
Cara West (I) (Actress, Dare (2010))
Kara West (I) (Additional Crew, In the Blink (2015))
Tara West (VI)
Kyra Weston (Actress, Diamonds! (2020))
Kendra Westwood (Actress, Debris (2021))
Sondra West (I) (Actress, Pentathlon (1994))
Sara Wessel (Actress, Demon Summer (2003))
Sara Weschler (Additional Crew, Op-Docs (2011))
Sara Wesslin (Additional Crew, Villen keittiö 30 minuutissa (2016))
Sara Wessmann (Writer, Ka-Ching (2015))
Laura West (III) (Actress, Ponterosa (2001))
Lara Wester (Actress, Lighting for Film and Television (2010))
Tamara West (II) (Location Management, Let's Talk About Sex (1998))
Barbara Westra (Art Department, Superstition (2001))
Kara Westlake (Stunts, Air Bud: Spikes Back (2003))
Clara Westman (Self, Tone Bengtssons litteraturhistoria (1966))
Barbara West (III) (Self, On the Case with Paula Zahn (2009))
Barbara West (IV)
Barbara West (II) (Art Department, Six Feet Under (2001))
Barbara West (VIII) (Director, Turkey Teacher (2018))
Cieara West (Actress, Unheeded (2016))
Barbara Wester (Actress, War Play (2012))
Barbara West (IX) (Producer, America by Julia Vinograd (2018))
Samara Weston (Actress, 2025: The Long Hot Winter (2019))
Barbara Weston (Self, The Dennis Wholey Show (1968))
Sara Weinshenk (Actress, Half Full)
Elora West (Producer, Eco-Terrorist: The Battle for Our Planet (2019))
Laura West (VI) (Self, Yolo UK (2015))
Laura West (VII) (Script and Continuity Department, Letters to Ashleigh (2014))
Laura West (VIII)
Sandra West (II) (Actor, Talking Machines (2017))
Laura West (I) (Actress, Through the Toils (1919))
Dora West (Actress, El Secreto de Toño Palomino (2008))
Eira West (Music Department, Rumpole of the Bailey (1978))
Debra West (Actress, Nanyehi (2018))
Petra West (Producer, 90 Day: The Single Life (2021))
Laura West (X) (Writer, Home and Away (1988))
Sandra West (I) (Additional Crew, Above the Rim (1994))
Laura West (V) (Actress, Daylight Saving Time (2009))
Nora West (Actor, Pitch Black Milk (2011))
Laura West (IX) (Actress, The Overlook (2015))
Laura West (IV) (Actress, Some Mournful Bird (2004))
Laura West (II)
Sara Weiner (II) (Actress, Dora the Explorer (2000))
Sarah A. West (I) (Art Department, Who's Got Jokes? (2006))
Sarah A. West (II) (Actress, Daily Bread (2017))
Sara Welch (Actress, Steve Jobs (2015))
Wera Westholm (Actress, My Wife's First Lover (2006))
Tara Wescott (Actress, Respect (2021))
Sara Welsh (Actress, Alfred the Doll (2019))
Sara Webb (II)
Sara Wehr (Self, Wheel of Fortune (1983))
Sara Weed (Actor, Brides of Jesus - Inside Me (2021))
Sara Wenn (Actress, Te Dire Adieu (2018))
Sara Webb (I) (Director, Miracle (2010))
Sara Webb (III) (Actress, Three Lefts Make a Right (2018))
Sara Webb (IV)
Sara Weitz (Producer, Deserted (2014))
Sara Wendt (Costume Designer, Self-Criticism of a Bourgeois Dog (2017))
Sara Weeks (Location Management, Brown's Requiem (1998))
Sara Wells (II) (Art Department, X2: X-Men United (2003))
Sara Weber (II) (Self, Ringlstetter (2016))
Sara Wells (I)
Sara Weber (I) (Actress, Grown Men on Tricycles (2015))
Sara Weymouth (Actress, Love in a Cold Climate (2001))
Anna Adara West (Writer, Asylum (in development))
Laura Weston (I) (Actress, December Boys (2007))
Sara Wessendorf (Actress, Holly Would (2008))
Tara Wesley (Actress, Nothin' 2 Lose (2000))
Barbara Wesley (Actress, Adam-12 (1968))
Lara Wessels (Actress, The Sound of Music: The Musical (2016))
Lara Wessel (Actress, My Apocalyptic Thanksgiving (2018))
Kara Wesley (Self, Central Tonight (2006))
Barbara Wesel (Self, Rundschau-Magazin (1991))
Laura Westram (Make-Up Department, Death to Prom (2014))
Cassandra West (I) (Additional Crew, Hell's Heart (2015))
Aurora West (Art Department, Strangers with Candy (1999))
Sierra West (Production Manager, String Theory (2010))
Alexandra West (II) (Self, Beyond Blood (2018))
Sandra Weston (II) (Director, Really Gladys? (2016))
Sandra Weston (I) (Actress, 50 Kisses (2014))
Cassandra West (II) (Self, The Activists: War, Peace, and Politics in the Streets (2017))
Kira Westwick (Self, MasterChef Australia (2009))
Nora Westman
Laura Westman (I) (Actress, The Bright Side (2011))
Da'Vidra West (Actress, Love N Success (2015))
Laura Weston (II) (Costume Designer, Viewer Discretion Advised (1998))
Gera Wester (Self, Expanding Your Search & Stopping for Directions (2020))
Laura Wester (Art Department, Free Meal (2020))
Kendra West
Petra Westen (Second Unit Director or Assistant Director, WEAPONiZED (2016))
Kiera Wester (Actress, War Play (2012))
Sondra West (II) (Location Management, The Trials of Rosie O'Neill (1990))
Alexandra West (I) (Art Department, The Hunger Games: Catching Fire (2013))
Kendra Wester (Additional Crew, The Exotic Time Machine (1998))
Deidra Weston (Actor, Deconstruct Hale (2011))
Laura Westman (II)
Vera Westfelt (Costume and Wardrobe Department, Lamm (2021))
Tindra Wester (Self, BingoLotto (1989))
Brother Awest (Actor, Lovedolls Superstar (1986))
Kyra Westman (Sound Department, Ad Astra (2019))
Sarah Dawes (I) (Actress, Flunk: The Exchange (2021))
Shakara Weston (I) (Actress, Diary of a Badman (2016))
Sara Welling (Actress, The Violin Player (2018))
Sara Werner (II) (Director, The Things They Left Behind (2017))
Kiara Westphal (Actress, HG's the Cobra)
Cara Westmoreland (Costume Designer, Skumaskot (2016))
Barbara Westermayer (Self, Tanz das Leben (2021))
Clara Westbrook (Actor, Monochrome (2016))
Barbara Westphal (Second Unit Director or Assistant Director, Columbus 64 (1966))
Barbara Western (II) (Self, The Nightmare Neighbour Next Door (2014))
Shakara Weston (II)
Barbara Westerland (Costume and Wardrobe Department, Hello, Dolly! (1969))
Tamara Westler
Tamara Westfall (Additional Crew, Svengoolie (1995))
Clara Westberg (Production Manager, Bear in the Big Blue House LIVE! - Surprise Party (2002))
Clara Westhoff (Actress, Hager (2020))
Tiara Westlake (Actress, Clown of the Dead (2015))
Clara Westerberg (Director, Drömmen om att vara ensam hemma (2015))
Sara Wehrli (Self, Der Club (1985))
Sara Webster (I) (Additional Crew, Limitless (2011))
Sara Weinstein (V)
Sara Weinstein (III) (Producer, NightLights (2014))
Sara Werner (III) (Actress, Ghost Squad (2015))
Sara Weitlauf (Casting Department, Riding in Cars with Boys (2001))
Sara Wenger (Art Department, Just Foot Massages (2019))
Sara Werthein (Self, Gracias por venir, gracias por estar (2012))
Sara Weinstein (VI) (Self, Bringing Back the Wild: Coal Oil Point Reserve (2015))
Sara Weichel
Sara Weindorf (Actress, 100: Student Film)
Sara Webster (II)
Sara Weinberg (Costume Designer, ism (2019))
Sara Weaver (IV)
Sara Wendhack (Self, Nachtcafé (1987))
Sara Weingart (Art Department, I Am the Keeper (2014))
Sara Webber (Camera and Electrical Department, The Cellar Door (2017))
Sara Werner (I) (Actress, The White Stuff (2015))
Tasara Weis (Editorial Department, Echte Wiener 2 - Baby, Ich bring' dich ganz gross raus (2011))
Sara Weinstein (I) (Actress, Robot Boy (2003))
Sara Weaver (II) (Self, Crime Watch Daily (2015))
Sara Weintrob (Actor, Surviving Evidence (2012))
Sara Wedlund (Self, BingoLotto (1989))
Sara Wegener (Art Department, To Survive (2014))
Sara Wetmore (Actress, Ethan Miller (2009))
Sara Weiskamp (Actress, The Spirits: A Christmas Story (2013))
Sara Weinbaum (Editorial Department, Vanished (2006))
Sara Welland (Art Department, Heroine's Quest: The Herald of Ragnarok (2013))
Sara Weaver (I) (Actress, The Skeptic (2009))
Sara Weibel (Actress, Daymaker (2007))
Sara Weiner (I) (Costume and Wardrobe Department, The Magician of Lublin (1979))
Sara Weinstein (II)
Sara Weinstein (IV) (Actress, Party's Over (2013))
Sara Wedell (Producer, Domestic Protocol (2015))
Sara Werner (IV) (Director, Cathy In Real Life Season 2 - The ComebACK! (2019))
Sara Weaver (V) (Additional Crew, American Experience (1987))
Sara Weaver (III) (Self, Later with Jason Suel (2014))
Sarah West (XVIII) (Actress, Most Guys Are Losers)
Sarah West (II) (Additional Crew, Brave New Worlds: The Science Fiction Phenomenon (1993))
Sarah West (IX) (Self, Breakfast (2000))
Sarah West (XV)
Sarah West (I) (Self, Dancing with the Stars (2004))
Sarah West (XI) (Actress, Non-Renewed)
Sarah West (V) (Additional Crew, No 73 (1982))
Sarah West (XIII)
Sarah West (XVI)
Sarah West (VI) (Actress, The Mother Tree (2004))
Sarah West (VIII) (Actress, Daily Bread (2017))
Sarah West (XIV) (Actress, 7Seeds (2019))
Sarah West (XIX) (Producer, In the Balance: Ballet for a Lost Year (2021))
Sarah West (XVII)

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