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Ned Beatty (Actor, Network (1976))
David Beatty (V) (Actor, The Wasteland (2017))
Christine D. Beatty (Producer, Valerie (2017))
David Beatty (I) (Editor, Around the World in 80 Days (1989))
Tad Beatty (Actor, Canned (2007))
David Beatty (III) (Producer, Johnny Test (2005))
Ted Beattie (Actor, Street Justice (1987))
Gerard Beatty (Actor, Remember My Isa (2013))
Cord Beatty (Producer, Legion of 5 (in development))
David Beatty (VI) (Producer, How Does It Feel? (1976))
David Beatty (VII) (Actor, Ghosts Don't Exist (2010))
David Beatty (II)
David Beatty (IV) (Director, The Rain (2001))
David Beatty (VIII) (Actor, Hotel P (2014))
Harold Beatty (Composer, Christina Aguilera: Ain't No Other Man (2006))
Charles D. Beatty (Actor, Cowboy's Christmas (2002))
Richard Beatty (III) (Camera Department, Powerhouse (1982))
Richard Beatty (IV) (Actor, Insomniac (2015))
Richard Beatty (I) (Actor, Sammy-Gate (2016))
Richard Beatty (II)
Richard Beatty (V) (Production Manager, Mygrations (2016))
Leonard Beatty (Actor, Fools, Females and Fun (1974))
Thomas Beatty (I) (Director, The Big Ask (2013))

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