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Michelle Ferre (Actress, Jackie Chan's Who Am I? (1998))
Michelle Ferreri (Producer, E.M.P. 333 Days (2018))
Michelle Ferreira (IV) (Actress, Playing with Fire (1986))
Michelle Ferreira (II) (Actress, Disgruntled (2013))
Michelle Ferretti (Sound Department, The Drive (2016))
Michelle Ferrell
Michelle Ferrari (I) (Writer, American Experience (1988))
Michelle Ferreira (I) (Producer, The Real Housewives of Orange County (2006))
Michelle Ferrer (III) (Actress, Agnosia (2016))
Michelle Ferren
Michelle Ferrer (II) (Self, The X Factor (2004))
Michelle Ferreira (III) (Actor, Faceless (2016))
Michelle Federer (Actress, Kinsey (2004))
Michelle Ferguson (I) (Actress, Arrow (2012))
Michelle Ferrara (I) (Actress, Buffy the Vampire Slayer (1996))
Michelle Fernandez (XI) (Actress, Midnight (2017))
Michele Ferrell (Make Up Department, The Hush (2009))
Michelle Ferrari (VIII) (Editorial Department, Milton's Secret (2016))
Michelle Ferrara (II) (Actress, The Look (2003))
Michelle Ferrara (III) (Actress, Multiplex (2005))
Michelle Ferraro (Producer, Who Will Stand (2008))
Michelle Ferrari (IV)
Michelle Ferri (Self, The Daily Show (1996))
Michelle Feng (Costume Department, Paranormal Whacktivity (2013))
Michelle Fenn (Editor, FabLab (2016))
Michelle Feda (Actress, Je te survivrai (2014))
Michelle Ferullo (Miscellaneous, Bride Wars (2009))
Michelle Feynman (I) (Actress, Infinity (1996))
Michele Ferreri
Michele Ferrero (Sound Department, Il ciocco è relativo (1980))
Michele Ferretto (Producer, Asini & Scienziati (2012))
Michele Ferrone (Visual Effects, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2004))
Rachelle Ferreira (I) (Camera Department, Une vie tranquille (2016))
Rachelle Ferrell (Music Department, Culture Shock (2000))
Rachelle Ferreira (II) (Camera Department, Noctuary 2 AM Mystery (2015))
Michelle Fernandez (X) (Producer, High Class Poverty Comedy Tour (2014))
Michelle Fernandez (I) (Actress, Eddie (1996))
Michelle Jeanpierre (Stunts, The Cabin in the Woods (2012))
Michelle Ferency (Miscellaneous, American Inventor (2006))
Michelle Ferguson (II) (Writer, Modified (2017))
Michelle Fernandez (VIII)
Michelle Feregrino (Actress, Robo Games (2018))
Michelle Fernandez (VI) (Actor, Fratello (2013))
Michelle Fernandez (IX)
Michelle Feraud (Visual Effects, The Last Starfighter (1984))
Michelle Fernando (Actress, Barang (2006))
Michelle Fernandez (VII)
Michelle Fernandez (IV)
Michelle Fernandez (III) (Actress, Spot Check (2011))
Michelle Fernandes (Art Department, Two Soldiers (2003))
Michelle Fernandez (II) (Art Department, Kristi 18 (2009))
Michelle Ferguson (III) (Actor, El Maletín (2015))
Michelle Fernandez (V) (Make Up Department, The Daily Mix (2012))
Michelle Ferney (Actress, T'as pas deja vu ça quelque part, toi? (1976))
Nichelle Ferribee (Self, Homicide Hunter: Lt. Joe Kenda (2011))
Michelle Feher (Actress, Kill and Kill Again (1981))
Michelle Feliciano (Actress, The Waiting (2018))
Michelle Felix (Actress, The Bazura Project (2006))
Michele Ferrari (I) (Self, The Armstrong Lie (2013))
Michel Ferre (Actor, Les dossiers de Jérôme Randax (1965))
Michelle Felice Hartley (Producer, Don't Hold Back (2013))
Michael E. Ferrell (Art Department, Highway to Hell (1991))
Michele Ferrandino
Michele Ferraiolo (Art Director, The Blur of Insanity (1999))
Michele Ferris (II) (Producer, Dos Kilos (2008))
Michele Ferrari (II) (Director, Cento vetrine (2001))
Michele Ferris (I) (Director, The Legitimate Child (2013))
Michele Ferrarese (Producer, L'alchimia del gusto (2008))
Michel Taillefer (I) (Actor, Louis 19, le roi des ondes (1994))
Michel Taillefer (II) (Camera Department, The Words (2012))
Michelle Feuer (Producer, 48 Hours (1988))
Meichelle Ferguson
Richelle Fertig (Actress, Cinema Sketch (2015))
Rachel Michelle Fernandes (Producer, Hellaware (2013))
Michelle Fedder (Producer, Jung Land (2008))
Michelle Fenton (Actress, Coronation Street (1960))
Michelle Fellner (Editorial Department, Kyle XY (2006))
Michelle Felten (Actress, Midnight Caller (1988))
Michel LeFebvre (I) (Actor, Night Heat (1985))
Michelle Feinberg (Editor, Living Well (2015))
Michelle Fennema (Production Designer, Monica (2006))
Michelle Fedelander
Michelle Fetky (Producer, Merry Christmas, Eve (2011))
Michelle Felicetta (Self, When Animals Strike (2009))
Michelle Fellows (II) (Make Up Department, Stage Mums (2014))
Michelle Fennel (Camera Department, HD-Trainings Tutorial Collection: Kamera (2008))
Michelle Feldman (Miscellaneous, Frontline (1983))
Michelle Felip (Self, Àrtic (2013))
Michelle Fellows (I) (Producer, Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide (2004))
Michelle Fendelander
Michel Lefebvre (Actor, Maman est chez le coiffeur (2008))
Michelle Fetterly (Actress, Nail-Biter (2017))
Michelle Feynman (II) (Camera Department, Posesion (1993))
Michelle Feldhaus (Actor, Miracle Maker (2015))
Michelle Febriani (Composer, Schatten Schelm (2016))
Michelle Fedornak (Art Department, Today? (2016))
Michelle Feuerlicht (Producer, History Detectives (2003))
Michelle Fenner
Michelle Feeney
Michelle Fedorovich (Make Up Department, Love, Dad (2010))
Michele Bellefeuille (Actress, Truth or Dare?: A Critical Madness (1986))
Michelle Feely (Production Manager, Out of Innocence (2016))
Michel LeFebvre (II) (Animation Department, The Story of Christmas (1994))
Michelle Federlein (Self, There's Something Wrong with Aunt Diane (2011))
Michelle Felky (Actress, Obvious Child (2014))
Michelle Fennessy (Assistant Director, Knocking on Death's Door (1999))
Michelle Feichtinger (Make Up Department, El último duelo (1997))
Michelle Feingold (Camera Department, I Am Successful (2010))
Michelle Feneberg (Actress, WFA: While Falling Apart (2018))
Michelle Feaster (Special Effects, Post Mortem, America 2021 (2013))
Michelle Müntefering (Self, Stuckrad Late Night (2010))
Michelle Farrell (Writer, Franky's Heaven (2004))
Michelle Farrelly (Producer, Long Lost (2018))
Michelle Forrest
Gloria Michelle Fernández (Miscellaneous, Runner Runner (2013))
Michelle Ferber Nelson (Music Department, Kharma Bums (2015))
Michelle Basterrechea (Editorial Department, Miss Congeniality 2: Armed & Fabulous (2005))
Michelle Fierro (I) (Actress, Sometimes Sorrow Looks Like Elaine (2004))
Michelle Fierro (II) (Actress, The Electric Urn (1998))
Michelle Schaefer (III) (Actress, Tusamehe (2005))
Michelle Schaefer (II) (Make Up Department, Fork (2011))
Michele Ferruccio Tuozzo (Writer, Credo in un solo padre (2019))
Michelle Perret (Actress, Hotel Erotica (2002))
Michelle Herrera (II)
Michelle Herrera (I) (Miscellaneous, Date My Ex: Jo & Slade (2008))
Michelle Sterrett (Music Department, Such Subtleties (2010))
Michelle Dusserre (Self, Los Angeles 1984: Games of the XXIII Olympiad (1984))
Michelle Guerrero (II) (Actress, Paranoid Flux (2017))
Michelle Guerrero (I) (Actress, Pitiful Creatures (2015))
Michelle Merrells
Michelle Materre (II) (Producer, Black Women in Medicine (2016))
Michelle R. Rennels (Actress, Whiskey Slide (2009))
Michel Leterierre (Camera Department, Catching a Lion (2014))
Michelle Materre (I) (Producer, Black Women in Medicine (2016))
Michelle Überreste (Self, Under the Gunn (2014))
Michelle Featherstone (II) (Soundtrack, Bridge to Terabithia (2007))
Michelle LaFerr (Make Up Department, Stupid Teenagers Must Die! (2006))
Michelle Fernandez Echebarre (Location Management, Art in the Twenty-First Century (2001))
Michele Ferris-Dobles (Director, Ghosts of Johnston County (2013))
Louis-Michel Taillefer (Actor, The Hunger (1997))
Jean-Michel Taillefer (Producer, Le vent de la Toussaint (1991))
Michelle Featherstone (III) (Actress, Sweet Pea (2005))
Michelle Featherstone (I) (Writer, A Dog Story (2001))
Paloma Michelle Herrera (Actress, No Sleep Til 40 (2017))
Michelle Mary Schaefer (Actress, The Sobbing Stone (2005))
Pierre-Michel Laffergue (Self, Événement (2005))
Michelle Herrera-Meadows (Actor, Bloody Money (2015))
Pierre-Michel Le Breton (Actor, Cadavre exquis première édition (2006))
Michelle Nor Guerrero (Visual Effects, Mulawin vs Ravena (2017))
Michelle Serret-Cursio (Self, The Voice (2012))
Deanna Michelle Herrera (Actor, The Reunion (2012))
Michelle Saint Pierre (Actress, Synesthesia (2017))
Michelle Joy Guerrero (Miscellaneous, Maalaala mo kaya (1991))
Michelle Osborn Herren (Self, Homicide Hunter: Lt. Joe Kenda (2011))
Pierre-Michel Le Conte (Music Department, The Adultress (1953))
Michelle Giguerre-Tomei (Miscellaneous, The Runner (2013))
Michelle Gutierrez-Martina (Miscellaneous, Battle of the Sexes (2017))
Ashley Michelle Garza Herrera (Assistant Director, If you meet the wolf (2018))
Michelle Herrera-Mulligan (Producer, Habla y Vota (2016))