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Lorne Greene (Actor, Bonanza (1959))
Lorne Green (Actor, Alvin and the Chipmunks (2007))
Lorne Greenberg (Producer, Discarded (in development))
Maxine Greene (Actress, They Shoot Horses, Don't They? (1969))
Rene Green (Actress, Sunlight for the Wild (2012))
Jene Green (Self, Hawaii Life (2013))
Gene Green (Self, Hot Grease (2017))
Lorne Greenwood (Actor, Terminal Virus (1995))
Susan E. Greene (Actress, Alien Outlaw (1985))
Nicole Ilene Greensher (Actress, War Dogs (2016))
LaVerne Green (II)
LaVerne Green (I)
Jaclynne Greene (Actress, You Are There (1953))
Irene Green (I) (Actress, Tiga Talk! (2008))
Darlene Greene (II) (Self, Unsung (2008))
Symone Greene (Self, CNN NewsCenter (2012))
Steven E. Green (Thanks, Gory Graduation (2019))
Layne Greene (II) (Sound Department, Newton's Grace )
Elaine Greene (Miscellaneous, A Fistful of Lead (2018))
Shayne Greene (Composer, The Moon Under Glass (2010))
Jane Greene (Miscellaneous, The Golden Girls (1985))
Jon E. Greene (Actor, Die Hard (1988))
June Greene (Actress, 2 to Tangle (2013))
Tylene Green (Miscellaneous, Digging to China (1997))
Tylene Greene (Make Up Department, The Cutoff (1998))
Wayne Greene (I)
Eugene Greene (Actor, The Diviners (1993))
Irene Green (II) (Self, Beat! Beat! Beat! (1966))
Tyrone Greene (Actor, Lucky (2000))
Gailene Green (Costume Designer, Super (2012))
Eugene Green (I) (Actor, A Woman in Love (1968))
Shane Greene (Actor, Women of the Revolution (2011))
Daphne Greene (Art Department, The Downside of Bliss (2019))
Darlene Green (II) (Actor, Isolation (2017))
Diane Greene (Producer, Red Steagall Presents Cowboy: The Legend, the Legacy (2001))
Wayne Greene (II) (Actor, Blood Suckers from Outer Space (1984))
Anne Greene (IV)
Darlene Greene (I) (Actress, The Gospel Truth (2019))
Leone Greene
Eugene Green (II) (Self, Fantastic Forum (2007))
Layne Greene (I) (Actor, Summerhood (2008))
Dwayne Greene (Make Up Department, MO Girls: The Making of... All-Star Heroines (2006))
Darlene Green (I) (Actress, The Swingos Celebrity Inn (2015))
Kane Greene (Thanks, Buying Alaska (2012))
Anne Greene (III) (Actor, The Delivery (1998))
Anne Greene (I) (Actress, Great Performances (1971))
Archie Osborne-Green (Actor, The Days We Lost (2017))
Laverne Greene (Casting Department, Nightscape (2012))
Lorraine Greene
Christine Greene Roe (Miscellaneous, Terminator Salvation (2009))
Justine Greene (Actress, Psycho Chicks Anonymous (2010))
Verne Greenlee (Actor, Street Hassle (2010))
Lorraine Green (Actress, Junior Magazine (1955))
Lorraine Greenwood (Make Up Department, Jumper (2008))
Lorraine Greening (Self, Piers Morgan's Life Stories (2009))
The Greenhornes (Soundtrack, The Green Hornet (2011))
Catherine Greene (III) (Art Department, Mr. Robot (2015))
Ousmane Greene (Actor, Borderline (2003))
Romaine Greene (Make Up Department, Executive Decision (1996))
Arlene Greenberg (Producer, Vitals (2017))
Diane Greenstein (Miscellaneous, Sexo con Amor (2003))
Adrienne Greensides (Make Up Department, Little Boy Blues (1999))
Diane Greenseid (Art Department, Frog and Toad Are Friends (1985))
Payge Greene-Galvan (Actor, My Sunset Girl (2016))
Lynne Greenshields (Miscellaneous, Sahara (2005))
Catherine Greene (II) (Art Director, First Disco (2018))
Jeaniene Green (Actress, Meet Me in a Happy Place (2019))
Heather Arlene Greene (Miscellaneous, Happy Hour (2003))
Jasmine Greene (II) (Make Up Department, Noise (2016))
Katherine Greene (IV) (Miscellaneous, The Real Housewives of New York City (2008))
Janine Greenslade (Miscellaneous, Hercules and the Amazon Women (1994))
Caroline Greene (Actress, Lord of the Dance (1997))
Rosaline Greene (Self, Moments of Charm (1939))
Katharine Greene (Make Up Department, Hard Tide (2015))
Catherine Greene (I) (Art Department, The Snow Walker (2003))
Jane Greenstein (Miscellaneous, General Hospital (1963))
Angeline Greene (Make Up Department, Eastern College (2008))
Shane Greenstein (Miscellaneous, Steve Jobs (2015))
Francine Greene
Cheyenne Greene (Actress, Estella's Revenge (2018))
Edlina Rene Green (Actress, African President )
Jasmine Greene (I) (Sound Department, Cancer Boy (2012))
Charlene Green (Actor, Kung Pow Charlie (2014))
Vivienne Greene (Visual Effects, Who Framed Roger Rabbit (1988))
Anne Greenstien (Miscellaneous, Windsor Protocol (1997))
Katherine Greene (III) (Self, Live from Lincoln Center (1976))
Jermaine Greene (Actor, The Edison Death Machine (2006))
Marlene Greenfield (Producer, Tumbling (2011))
Lisa Anne Greene (Miscellaneous, Steven Banks: Home Entertainment Center (1989))
Thomas Eugene Green (Visual Effects, Broken City (2013))
Ilene Greenberg (Casting Department, Cornerboys (1996))
Johanne Greene (Production Designer, Lenny (2016))
Katherine Greene (II) (Actress, Unforgiven Sins (2006))
Dianne Greenshaw (Producer, Spiritland (2017))
Janine Greener (Miscellaneous, Loch Ness (1996))
Kevin Eugene Green (Actor, Step Up (2006))
Alvarene Green Peace (Self, Mulerider Memories (2009))
Josephine Greensill (Self, Australian Story (1996))
Gene Greenwood (Camera Department, Out of the Ruins (2010))
Katherine Greene (I) (Writer, The Wonderful World of Disney (1995))
Elaine Greene-Jones (Self, Influence (2013))
Gene Greenlees (Writer, 'n Shrink (2009))
Keyshane Greene (Self, Crime & Punishment (2002))
Catrine Greener (Actress, Rhiannon: Sommerballade von der armen Louise (2018))
Jo Anne Greenstein (Costume Department, Shattered City: The Halifax Explosion (2003))
Cornelius Greene (Self, ESPN SportsCentury (1999))
Paulo R. Negreiros Faria (Actor, Xeque-Mate (1976))
Nancy Deale (Actress, Shadows (1958))

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