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Jesse Collins (I) (Actor, The Santa Clause (1994))
Jesse Collins (II) (Producer, The New Edition Story (2017))
Jesse Collin (Actor, Fargo (2014))
aka "Jesse Collins"
Jesse Collins (VII) (Editorial Department, Safe But Not Forgotten (2012))
Jesse Collins (V) (Director, Southlands 155 (2009))
Jesse Collins (VIII)
Jesse Collins (XI)
Jesse Collins (IV) (Actor, The Haunting of Bruce Collins (in development))
Jessica Collins (I) (Actress, Catch Me If You Can (2002))
Jesse Collins (VI) (Sound Department, A Better Life (2013))
Jesse Collins (X) (Miscellaneous, The 58th Annual Grammy Awards (2016))
Jesse Collins (IX) (Cinematographer, The Return (2009))
Jessica Collins (II) (Actress, Person of Interest (2011))
Jesse Collver (I) (Producer, Stained (2010))
Jesse Collier (II)
Jesse Collier (I) (Camera Department, The Incredible Hulk (2008))
Jesse Collier (IV)
Jesse Collier (III)
Jesse Collins Lawson (Miscellaneous, Catatonia of the Fairies (2016))
Louise Collins (I) (Actress, The Third Man (1959))
Jessi Collins (Actress, Spider-Man 3 (2007))
Jesse Collett (Producer, Boom is Life (2014))
Jesse Collver (II) (Director, The Quest for the Lost Paintings of Siberia (2017))
Jesse Colin (Actor, Cold Blood (2008))
Rose Collins (I) (Actress, Goodman (2017))
Louise Collins (V) (Casting Department, The Forest of Hands and Teeth )
Jesse Scollin (Actor, A Brotherhood Reforged (2012))
Elise Collins (Actress, Two Kinds of Women (1922))
Elyse Collins (Actress, Behind the Movement (2018))
Jose Collins (Actress, Nobody's Child (1919))
Chase Collins (II) (Self, The Bob Braun Show (1967))
Rose Collins (III)
Chase Collins (I) (Costume Department, Small Town Hero (2010))
Rose Collins (II) (Miscellaneous, The King of Fighters (2010))
Jess Collins (I) (Actor, In Between (1955))
Jess Collins (II) (Actress, Fat (2013))
Anjanisse Collins (Production Manager, Peur Bleue )
Jesse Colin Young (Soundtrack, True Lies (1994))
Louise Collins (II) (Actress, Home (2004))
Jessie Collins (I) (Self, Xposé (2007))
Jessie Collins (III) (Camera Department, The Billabong (2010))
Jessie Collins (II) (Music Department, Rin Tin Tin: K-9 Cop (1988))
Jessi E. Collins (Actress, Kid Friendly (2017))
Demi Jessica Collins (Producer, The Sound of Silence (2018))
Maia-Rose Collins (Actress, Art Is Dead (2018))
Jo Anna Rose Collins (Actress, The Safe Side: Internet Safety (2006))
Rocquese Collins (Miscellaneous, Super 35 (2012))
Louise Collins (IV) (Actress, Six Degrees (2009))
Denise Collins (III) (Actor, The Dying Game (2012))
JoAnna Rose Collins (Actress, Ascension (2004))
Therese Collins (I) (Actor, Stop/Eject (2014))
James Rose Collins (Actor, The Binding (2016))
Louise Collins (III) (Miscellaneous, Ihaka: Blunt Instrument (2001))
Denise Collins (V)
Anya Rose Collins (Actress, Party Talk (2015))
Janise Collins
Therese Collins (II) (Actress, The Enchanted Rose (2015))
Louise Colliney (Actress, Les deux baisers (1924))
Patrese Collins (Assistant Director, Finding Cooper's Heaven (2008))
Annelise Collins (Casting Director, Diplomatic Immunity (1991))
Denise Collins (I) (Location Management, Smokin' Aces (2006))
Codi-Rose Collins (Actress, United (2005))
Denise Collins (II) (Actress, Bit Part Players (2008))
Denise Collins (IV)
Jessica Nicole Collins
Jessica Collins (VIII) (Actress, Goodnight, Gloria (2015))
Jessica Collins (V) (Actress, Serial Intentions (2001))
Jessica Collins (IV) (Actress, Serial Intentions (2001))
Jessica Collins (XIV) (Self, Camp Woodward (2008))
Jessica Collins (XI) (Sound Department, Darth Apprentice (2004))
Jessica Collins (X) (Actress, My Private Swiss Diary (2012))
Jessica Collins (IX) (Director, When You Leave the Earth (2012))
Jessica Collins (XV) (Actress, Incontrol (2017))
Jessica Collins (XIII) (Self, American Made Movie (2013))
Jessica Collins (VII) (Camera Department, Behind the Bulb: The Triumph and Tragedy of Less Kessler (2009))
Jessica Collins (VI) (Editor, Behind the Bulb: The Triumph and Tragedy of Less Kessler (2009))
Jessica Collins (XII) (Actress, Quiet (2016))
Jessica Collins (III) (Actress, Round the Twist (1989))
Bessie Anne Collins (Actress, Sable (1987))
Jesse Coleman-Martinez (Actor, The Black Balloon (2013))
Sophie Louise Collinson (Actress, May to December (1989))
Courtney Rose Collins (Actress, Necessary Roughness (2011))
Jesslyn C. Collinsworth (Actress, Malibu Barbie (2018))
Brian Essince Collins (Miscellaneous, Ghostride the Whip (2008))

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