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Jamie Foxx (Actor, Ray (2004))
Jamie Fox (I) (Actress, Employee of the Month (2004))
Jamie Foreman (Actor, Layer Cake (2004))
Jamie Fox (X)
Jamie Fox (II) (Casting Director, Monster's Face (in development))
Jamie Foss (Actress, NYPD Blue (1993))
Jamie Fox (XII) (Actor, Surf II (1984))
Jamie Fox (III) (Costume Department, Vamped Out (2010))
Jamie Fox (VIII)
Jamie Fox (XI) (Actress, Timebreakers und die rätselhaften Grabzeichen (2018))
Jamie Fox (IX) (Assistant Director, The Dawn of Aquarius (2013))
Jamie Fox (VII) (Self, Piers Morgan Tonight (2011))
Jamie Fox (VI) (Self, Democracy Now! (2001))
Jamie Fox (V) (Music Department, Chuck Jones: Memories of Childhood (2009))
Jimmie Foxx (Self, The Ed Sullivan Show (1948))
Jamie Forster (I) (Actor, Perry Mason (1957))
Jamie Ford (I) (Make Up Department, Odd Thomas (2013))
Jamie Fowlds (Assistant Director, Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves (1991))
Jamie Foster (I) (Actor, First Born (1988))
Jamie Forsyth (I) (Music Department, Bones (2005))
Jamie Foy (III) (Self, King of the Road (2016))
Jamie Forst
Jamie Forks (Art Department, Phantasm II (1988))
Jamie Foy (II) (Self, Camp Woodward (2008))
Jamie Ford (II) (Actress, Finding Acadia (2012))
Jamie Ford (VIII)
Jamie Ford (IV) (Writer, Bullying Revealed (2013))
Jamie Ford (III) (Camera Department, The Drew Pearson Show (2012))
Jamie Forth (Camera Department, The American Dream Today (2016))
Jamie Ford (VI) (Actor, Early Mourning Dream (2011))
Jamie Ford (VII)
Jamie Ford (V) (Actor, The ID Project Revisited (1998))
Jamie Fonti (Composer, You Can't Stop the Murders (2003))
Jamie Foster (V) (Assistant Director, Wedding Day Winners (2018))
Jamie Forehand (Actor, Sex and the City (1998))
Jamie Foote (Stunts, Arthur & Merlin (2015))
Michael Jamie Fox (Actor, Equilibria (2014))
Jamie Foster (VI) (Make Up Department, Krampus: The Christmas Devil (2013))
Jamie Foley (I) (Set Decorator, The Silencers (1996))
Jamie Foord (II) (Editor, Refugee (2016))
Jamie Foster (II) (Actor, Naked Pursuits (2010))
Jamie Forbes (III) (Actor, Before & After (2017))
Jamie Forsman (Editor, Mortal Artists (2018))
Jamie Forrest (VI) (Actor, Mad Bastards (2010))
Jamie Forbes (I) (Editorial Department, Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom (2002))
Jamie Forrest (VIII) (Producer, Deadly Ground (2015))
Jamie Forbes (IV) (Actress, Run (2017))
Jamie Foster (VIII) (Actor, Tom's Day Out (2014))
Jamie Foster (III) (Actor, Alien Arrival (2016))
Jamie Folsom (I) (Animation Department, A Miss Mallard Mystery (2000))
Jamie Fowler (I) (Miscellaneous, Legacy (2015))
Jamie Forrest (I) (Actor, Complex (2016))
Jamie Folsom (II) (Miscellaneous, Arthur (1996))
Jamie Forest
Jamie Forsythe (Miscellaneous, Spirit of Giving: Christmas Wish Breakfast (2016))
Jamie Forsyth (II) (Actor, The Comic Strip Presents... (1982))
Jamie Forrest (IV) (Assistant Director, Pairings (2012))
Jamie Foley (III)
Jamie Foley (IV) (Miscellaneous, Green House (2018))
Jamie Foord (I) (Editorial Department, Overdrive (2017))
Jamie Foskin (Actor, Out of Milk (2008))
Jamie Foehner (Producer, Cherry Crush (2007))
Jamie Fowler (II)
Jamie Forster (II) (Actor, Willie Jones: Runs in Our Blood (2018))
Jamie Forrest (VII) (Actor, Snow Angel (2014))
Jamie Forslund (Producer, The Nurse (2018))
Jamie Foord (III) (Editor, The Horrors 'I Can See Through You' (2011))
Jamie Fogel
Jamie Foulds (Composer, The Secret World of Og (2006))
Jamie Forman (Actress, A-Game (2002))
Jamie Forester (Sound Department, Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope (1977))
Jamie Foster (IV) (Miscellaneous, Say Yes (2005))
Jamie Foulkes
Jamie Foley (II) (Make Up Department, High Maintenance (2009))
Jamie Foster (VII) (Self, BBC Super League Show (1999))
Jamie Forder (Transportation Department, I Hired a Contract Killer (1990))
Jamie Foard (Actress, Westminster Wife Show (2009))
Jamie Fohrman (Actress, Driving Me Crazy (2000))
Jamie Forshaw
Jamie Forrest (II) (Actress, The WiseGuys (2009))
Jamie Forrest (III)
Jamie Forrest (V) (Actor, (Un)Expected (2014))
Jamie Fortenberry (Editorial Department, The Host (2013))
Jamie Foster Brown (Actress, Think Like a Man (2012))
Jamie Fortunato (Actor, Recrudesce (2011))
Jamie Foundoulis (Camera Department, Rico's Ride (2017))
Deme Jamie Fourtounis (Make Up Department, Below the Line with George Peroulas (2009))

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