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James Marsden (I) (Actor, X-Men (2000))
James Marsden (III) (Writer, Penny (2012))
James Marsden (II) (Camera Department, Elephant Palm Tree (2004))
James Marsden (VII) (Writer, Champions (2016))
James Marsden (V) (Writer, Velocity Ultra (2013))
James Marsden (VI) (Editor, Stomping Ground (2014))
James Marsters (Actor, Buffy the Vampire Slayer (1996))
James Marsh (I) (Director, The Theory of Everything (2014))
James Marshall (I) (Actor, A Few Good Men (1992))
James Marston (I) (Actor, Badger Girl (1984))
James Mars (Producer, Zombieapocalyptica (2018))
Les Marsden (Actor, The Nutt House (1989))
James Masden (Actor, Groeten uit Holland (2006))
James Marshall (III) (Producer, Smallville (2001))
James Marshall (XXXVI) (Producer, The American Dream Project (2015))
James Marsh (XVIII) (Editor, South 40 (2013))
James Marsh (XII) (Camera Department, Leaves (2009))
James Marsh (XIV) (Camera Department, Jane Doe (2011))
James Marsh (V) (Actor, Stir (1980))
James Marsh (XVII) (Actor, Amnesiac (2013))
James Marsh (XXV) (Animation Department, Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2018))
James Marsten (Stunts, Quality Indigo (2005))
James Marsh (XXIII) (Assistant Director, Melody (1971))
James Marsland (II) (Actor, The Mikado (1967))
James Marsh (IX) (Producer, Festival of Taste (2006))
James Marsh (VII) (Editorial Department, The Riddle of the Sands (1979))
James Marsh (XIII) (Actor, The Frontier Boys (2012))
James Marsh (XIX)
James Marsh (X) (Producer, Vision Beijing: Belief (2008))
James Marsh (VI) (Sound Department, Generic Thriller (2009))
James Marsh (XVI) (Camera Department, Wasteland (2012))
James Marsh (XXIV) (Animation Department, Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2018))
James Marsh (IV) (Director, Blond in Hollywood (2003))
James Marsano (Art Department, The Ningyo (2017))
James Marston (II) (Producer, Shadow Chasers (2017))
James Marsh (XXII) (Camera Department, Forget Me Not (2009))
James Marsh (XX) (Camera Department, North v South (2015))
James Marsland (I) (Actor, H.M.S. Pinafore (1973))
James Marsh (II) (Actor, The Brief Unknown (2010))
James Marsh (VIII) (Director, Great Performances (1971))
James Marsh (XXI) (Miscellaneous, Canine Freestyle with Patie and Sassy (2015))
James Marson (Editorial Department, Bible Mysteries (2003))
James Marsh (III) (Sound Department, Shipwrecked (1990))
James Marsh (XI) (Actor, Bye-Bye Bin Laden (2009))
James Marsh (XV) (Writer, LARPing (2011))
James Marshall Case (Producer, Late in the Season (in development))
Frances Marsden (I) (Actress, No Orchids for Miss Blandish (1948))
Frances Marsden (II) (Miscellaneous, Dinner at 11 (2014))
James Marshall (XXXVII) (Producer, One Ordinary Girl (2017))
James Desmarais (Director, Road Lawyers and Other Briefs (1990))
James Marshall (XV) (Actor, The Last Days of Edgar Harding (2011))
James Marshall (XXXI) (Director, 2Pac Feat. Wycked: Papa'z Song (1994))
James Marshall (XXII) (Actor, The Teeth Beneath (2005))
James Marshall (XXVIII) (Actor, Whitefire (2013))
James Marshall (XXXIX) (Cinematographer, Super Hunts (1995))
James Marshall (XXIII) (Actor, An Audience with the Devil (2011))
James Marshall (XXX) (Art Department, LaChance (2014))
James Marshall (V) (Editor, Wainwright Walks (2007))
James Marshall (XIII) (Actor, Revenge of the Stolen Stars (1986))
James Marshall (XXIV) (Actor, The Story of Tracy Beaker (2002))
James Marshall (XXVI)
James Marshall (II) (Writer, The Stupids (1996))
James Marshall (XVII) (Camera Department, Avonlea (1990))
James Marshall (XII) (Miscellaneous, Mock the Week (2005))
James Marshall (XXV) (Assistant Director, Garuda 7 )
James Marshall-Gunn (Actor, About a Boy (2002))
James Marshall (XIV) (Cinematographer, Colour Theory with Richard Bell (2013))
James Marshall (VI) (Camera Department, Final Reprisal (1988))
James Marshall (XI) (Actor, Abandoned (2013))
James Marshall (IX) (Transportation Department, Big Eyes (2014))
James Marshall (XXVII) (Miscellaneous, Home (2018))
Wes James Marsh (Visual Effects, Chromeskull: Laid to Rest 2 (2011))
Leo James Marshall (Art Director, Somewhere Between Now and Then (2016))
James Marszalkowski (Director, Anything for Love (2005))
James Marshall (XX) (Writer, A Piece of the Pie (2015))
James Marsicano (Assistant Director, CBS News Sunday Morning (1979))
James Marshall (XXI) (Actor, Today and Tomorrow: A New Recipe (2011))
James Marshall Jr. (Camera Department, Boomie (2015))
James Marshall (XXXVIII) (Cinematographer, Troubled Waters (1993))
James Marschner (Actor, Blood Siblings (2009))
James Marshall Brown (Actor, Claws (2017))
James Marshall (XIX)
James Marshall (IV) (Camera Department, American Born (1990))
James Marshello (Director, SKEE Live (2013))
James Marshall (XXXIII)
James Marshall (XXXII)
James Marshall (X) (Actor, Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood (2012))
James Marshall (XXIX) (Actor, Defiance (2015))
Kerry James Marshall (Self, ¡Atención obras! (2013))
Jesse James Marshall (Director, Cain Rose Up (2017))
James Marshall (VII) (Art Department, A Kiss Goodnight (1994))
James Marshall (VIII) (Actor, Spriggan (1998))
James Matthew Marshall (Actor, Chronicles of the Dead (2012))
James Marshall Reilly
Hamish James Marshall (Actor, Chasing Summer 2 (2011))
James Marshall Wolchok (Actor, Ghosts of Mississippi (1996))
James Marvin Fridenmaker

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