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Erin Richards (II) (Actress, Gotham (2014))
Denise Richards (I) (Actress, The World Is Not Enough (1999))
Kyle Richards (II) (Actress, Halloween (1978))
Irene Richard (I) (Actress, Sense and Sensibility (1981))
Dakota Blue Richards (Actress, The Golden Compass (2007))
Gene Richards (I) (Actor, Memphis Rising: Elvis Returns (2011))
Richard Donner (Director, Superman (1978))
Aimee Richardson (Actress, Game of Thrones (2011))
Jasmine Richard-Brooks (Actress, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (1999))
Renée Richards (Writer, Second Serve (1986))
Gene Richards (II) (Miscellaneous, Death by Invitation (1971))
Gene Richards (IV) (Sound Department, LA Galaxy (2018))
Gene Richards (III) (Sound Department, Steven Banks: Home Entertainment Center (1989))
Jake Richardson (I) (Actor, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back (2001))
Richard Greene (I) (Actor, The Little Princess (1939))
Eric Richard (I) (Actor, Dunkirk (2017))
Richard Marner (Actor, The Sum of All Fears (2002))
Maisie Richardson-Sellers (Actress, Star Wars: The Force Awakens (2015))
Jasmine Richards (Actress, Camp Rock (2008))
Pierre Richard (I) (Actor, Shekvarebuli kulinaris ataserti retsepti (1996))
Marque Richardson (Actor, Dear White People (2014))
Anne Richard (I) (Actress, Boulevard du Palais (1999))
Little Richard (Soundtrack, Predator (1987))
Richard Genelle (Actor, Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie (1997))
Richard Emery (I) (Actor, The Burglar (1957))
Simone Richards (Miscellaneous, Odd Man Out (1999))
Richard LaGravenese (Writer, Freedom Writers (2007))
Adrianne Richards (Actress, Friends with Better Lives (2014))
Marie Richardson (I) (Actress, Eyes Wide Shut (1999))
Richard Keene (I) (Actor, Murder Is My Business (1946))
Richard Owens (I) (Actor, Richard II (1978))
Richard Brener (I) (Producer, Rampage (2018))
Steve Richard Harris (Actor, Sex and the City (1998))
H. Richard Greene (Actor, Armageddon (1998))
Irene Richard (II) (Actress, I Want More, I Want Less (2018))
Eugene Richards (I) (Director, The Rain Will Follow (2016))
Richard Wagner (XV) (Actor, Corbin Nash (2018))
Raye Richards (Actress, The Samuel Project (2018))
Richard Cordery (Actor, About Time (2013))
Mike Richards (III) (Producer, The Price Is Right (1972))
Richard Zeppieri (Actor, Driven (2001))
Richard Wagner (I) (Soundtrack, Watchmen (2009))
Anne Richardson (V) (Actress, Person of Interest (2011))
Richard X. Slattery (Actor, The Gallant Men (1962))
Renée Richard (III) (Assistant Director, Les rendez-vous en forêt (1972))
Renée Richard (II) (Editor, Paméla (1981))
Renée Richard (I) (Actress, Vive la classe (1932))
Richard Benedict (I) (Actor, Ocean's 11 (1960))
Lisa Blake Richards (Actress, The Last Case of August T. Harrison (2015))
Zoe Richards (I) (Actress, Get Him to the Greek (2010))
Firmine Richard (Actress, 8 femmes (2002))
Pauline Richards (II) (Producer, Lilith 2 the Devil's Bible (in development))
Stacie Richards Dail (Actress, Cradle Swapping (2017))
Sandra Dee Richardson (Actress, Never Alone (2015))
Clare Richards (I) (Actress, The Stanley Baxter Show (1963))
Billie Mae Richards (Actress, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer (1964))
Eugene Richards (III) (Visual Effects, Hannah and the Hasbian (2011))
Eugene Richards (V) (Visual Effects, The December Shipment (2015))
Gene Richardson
Eugene Richardson (Self, A Defining Moment: Four Tuskegee Airmen and the Inauguration of Barack Obama (2011))
Eugene Richards (II) (Sound Department, Major League Rugby (2018))
Martine Richards (I) (Actress, Dancing on the Edge (2013))
Jamie Richards (VII) (Actor, Luther (2010))
Lee Richards (IV) (Actress, Big Deal (1984))
Nathalie Richard (I) (Actress, Never Let Me Go (2010))
Luke Richards (IV) (Music Department, Jason Bourne (2016))
Shane Richardson (III) (Self, RuPaul's Drag Race (2009))
Richard Barner (Miscellaneous, Replicas (2018))
Richard Warner (I) (Actor, Mary, Queen of Scots (1971))
Richard Turner (XXXI) (Self, Dealt (2017))
Richard Heene (Writer, Box Time: Playhouse (2003))
Lee Richardson (I) (Actor, Network (1976))
Richard Benson (III) (Actor, L'inceneritore (1982))
Richard Genée (Writer, Die Fledermaus (1931))
Jackie Richardson (I) (Actress, Extreme Measures (1996))
Richard Tanner (I) (Actor, The Addams Family (1991))
Eric Richard Lasko (Assistant Director, Dunkirk (2017))
Gene Richau (Actor, Committed (2014))
Alexandre Richardot (Producer, Rare )
Emma Jane Richards (Location Management, Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit (2014))
Lynne Richardson (I) (Producer, Nature (1982))
Diane Richards (III) (Actress, Truck Stop Women (1974))
Joe Richards (I) (Actor, The Eric Andre Show (2012))
Cherissa Richards (Actress, Heater (1999))
Le Richardson (Camera Department, Dark Skies (2013))
Richard Goteri (Actor, Killerman )
Richard Wener (Self, Incarcerating US (2016))
Brooke Richards (Self, Howard Stern (1994))
Wayne Richard (III)
Shane Richard (V) (Art Department, The Guest List (2015))
Wayne Richard (I) (Actor, Pasta (2010))
Shane Richard (I) (Art Department, I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry (2007))
Anne Richards (Actress, Love and Hate: The Story of Colin and Joanne Thatcher (1989))
June Richards (II) (Actress, Inside/Outside the Beltway (1992))
Aline Richard (Miscellaneous, Lost and Delirious (2001))
Anne Richard (II) (Music Department, Les filles du régiment (1978))
Diane Richard (II) (Actress, Seven Little Deaths (2013))
Prune Richard (Actress, Le miroir (2010))
Line Richard (Producer, À la guerre comme à la guerre (2010))
Dane Richards
June Richards (III) (Self, Stoneland (2016))
Céline Richard
Shane Richard (II) (Producer, Eric & Wendy (2015))
Anne Richard (III) (Director, Le doc du dimanche (2008))
Duane Richard (Producer, Kylo Ren: In the Shadows (2017))
Wayne Richard (II) (Actor, Gamunui yeonggwang 5: Gamunui Gwihan (2012))
Diane Richard (I) (Cinematographer, Une lettre au père (2007))
Jane Richards (Self, Inside Australia (1967))
Shane Richard (IV)
Solène Richard (Costume Designer, Marilyn In You (2017))
Irène Richard (Director, Salut les homards (1988))
Richard Neri
Catherine Richardson (I) (Actress, Picket Fences (1992))
Cate Richardson (Actress, The Age of Adaline (2015))
Richard Autner (Actor, Rex (2017))
Simone Richard (Actress, Sexy Boys (2001))
Danielle Richards (II) (Assistant Director, The Widow (2019))
Deke Richards (II) (Producer, Tax Shelter Terrors (2017))
Michelle Richards (I) (Actress, Numb (2003))
Caroline Richards (I) (Miscellaneous, Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow (2004))
Abbie Richards (I) (Actress, Reincarnation (2017))
Richard Lowenstein (I) (Director, He Died with a Felafel in His Hand (2001))
Richard Degener (Self, Olympia 2. Teil - Fest der Schönheit (1938))
Richard Wagener (Actor, El túnel de los huesos (2011))
Richard Mergener (I) (Producer, Dare Not Walk Alone (2006))
Richard Hugener (Actor, A Matter of Time (2012))
Richard Mergener (II)
Richardson Chery (Actor, Touch (2012))
Jérôme Richard (Actor, La Grande Bouffe (1973))
Marlene Richardson (Director, San Antonio Remembered: HemisFair (1998))
Claire Richards (II) (Actress, Steps: Summer of Love (2000))
Denise Richardson (I) (Actress, Shortcut to Happiness (2003))
Kyle Richards (I) (Sound Department, Sinners and Saints (2010))
Charlene Richards (II) (Actress, War of the Worlds (1988))
Richard Jefferies (II) (Writer, Living Hell (2008))
Caroline Richards (III) (Editor, The Parkinsons: A Long Way to Nowhere (2016))
Richard Avery (I) (Actor, The Bagpipe Maker's Baby (2016))
Mélodie Richard (Actress, Les fantômes d'Ismaël (2017))
Elise Richards (Actress, Trick or Treat (1986))
Marine Richard (III) (Casting Department, Le brio (2017))
Debbie Richardson (IV) (Actress, Speaking in Tongues (2015))
Richard Gent (Actor, Casualty (1986))
Brianne Richard (I) (Miscellaneous, An Affirmative Act (2010))
Genevive Richards (Actress, Irish Whiskey (1997))
Genevieve Richards (Actress, Yosemite (2015))
Andre Richards (I) (Actor, Filth City (2015))
Richard Zeringue (Actor, Colombiana (2011))
Eugene Richardson III (Self, Resurrecting Moton Field: The Birthplace of the Tuskegee Airmen (2009))
Dale Richard Howard (Actor, Are You Sleeping (2019))
Mike Richardson (I) (Producer, The Mask (1994))
Richard Winer (Director, The Devil's Triangle (1973))
Peri Richards (Costume Department, Black Panther (2018))
Eric Hardy (II) (Actor, Marie et les naufragés (2016))
Eric Hardy (III) (Actor, Situationships (2016))
Eric Hardy (I) (Actor, Libera me (1993))
C.E. Richard (Writer, In the Mind of the Maker (2016))
Anne Richardson (I) (Location Management, Enemy (2013))
Irene Richards (IV) (Self, Ripley's Believe It or Not! (1999))
Rene-Richard Cyr (Actor, Heritage Minutes (1991))
Charlene Richards (IV) (Sound Department, Ruby Cairo (1992))
Helene Richards
Ilene Richardson
Charlene Richard (Cinematographer, MR. SANDERSON (2014))
Sharlene Richards (Casting Director, Le Pagine del Destino )
Irene Richardson (I) (Actress, Gutter Girls (1963))
Arlene Richards (III) (Producer, The Rose Maker (2013))
Irene Richards (I) (Actress, Money Means Nothing (1932))
Sharlene Richardson (Make Up Department, Painful Truth (2016))
Irene Richardson (III) (Art Director, Dark Lights )
Glen E. Richardson (Camera Department, Li'l Abner (1959))
Alene Richards (Miscellaneous, Ernest Goes to Splash Mountain (1989))
Irene Richards (III) (Actress, Bertie and Elizabeth (2002))
Charlene Richards (III)
Darlene Richardson (Miscellaneous, Straight Boys (2006))
Irene Richards (II) (Miscellaneous, Tail Lights Fade (1999))
Arlene Richards (I) (Actress, Mrs. Stone's Thing (1970))
Marlene Richards (Self, The Ernie Sigley Show (1974))
Raelene Richards (Actress, The Professional Idiot (2012))
Arlene Richards (II) (Miscellaneous, The Life and Times of Hank Greenberg (1998))
Valerie Richards (III) (Actress, Winter's Bone (2010))
Pauline Richards (I) (Stunts, Gladiator (2000))
Madeleine Richards (Actress, Into the Grey )
Richard Kerner (Producer, Longshot (in development))
Steve Richards (I) (Producer, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (2005))
Eric Richards (I) (Actor, The Campbells (1986))
Roy E. Richards (Actor, Close Encounters of the Third Kind (1977))
Claire Richards (IV) (Actress, The Last Day on Earth (2017))
Richard Greener (Writer, Bones (2005))
Nate Richards (II)
Kelly Grace Richardson (Actress, To The Beat! (2018))
Richard Fegen (Writer, Woof! (1989))
Dave Richardson (VII) (Camera Department, Punch-Drunk Love (2002))
Dwayne Richard (Producer, The Perfect Fraudman (2012))
Richard Stevenson (XVII) (Camera Department, Tomb Raider (2018))
Janie Richardson Sloan (Actress, Fatal Attraction (2013))
Mace Richards (Actor, The Last Faust )
Claire Richardson (IV) (Actress, The Birth of Boxing (2017))
Debbie Richards (Actress, Flowers for the Dead (2013))
Richard Garner (V) (Actor, Christmas Everlasting (2018))
Richard Overy (II) (Writer, Russia's War: Blood Upon the Snow (1998))

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