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Felicia Day (I) (Producer, The Guild (2007))
Felicia Day (II) (Actress, I Want to Play Games Too (2015))
Felicia Davis (Producer, Mixed (2014))
Felicia D. Henderson (Producer, The Punisher (2017))
Felicia Diny (Camera Department, Showstopper (2012))
Felicia David (Actress, Ellen Degeneres: Can I Have Your Attention Please? (2014))
Felicia Dames (Location Management, The New World (2005))
Felicia Dee (Actress, A Polished Soul )
Elicia Daly (Actress, Cold Shoulder (2010))
Felicia Dailey (Miscellaneous, Wigger (2010))
Felicia Diaz (I) (Producer, Hail Mary (2011))
Felicia Dukes (Actor, 12 Months (2014))
Felicia Duran (II) (Actress, The Ticket (2015))
Felicia Diaz (III) (Miscellaneous, According to Her (2016))
Felicia Duran (I) (Actress, Love Me Twice (1996))
Felicia Diaz (II) (Actor, The Little Clown (2014))
Felicia Dikun
Felicia Deel (Actress, Species II (1998))
Giada Felici (Actress, Il fiore (2002))
Alicia Daigre (Miscellaneous, House Party (1990))
Alicia Daivs
Alicia Dayan (Producer, Psiconautas (2015))
Alicia Daily (Actress, Getting Out (2007))
Alicia Daiss (Make Up Department, I Can Only Imagine (2018))
Elicia David (Miscellaneous, Isis (1994))
Elicia Davies (Self, Beauty & the Beast: The Ugly Face of Prejudice (2011))
Ada Feliciano (Actress, I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant (2008))
Felicia Adams (II) (Self, Laulu (1986))
Felicia Adams (I) (Soundtrack, Baby Boy (2001))
Felicia Daniels (Miscellaneous, The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon (2014))
Felicia Davidson (Self, The Ultimate Song (2002))
Felicia Danisor (Actress, Death Do Us Part (2010))
Felicia Daffara (Location Management, Taking Capellera (2012))
Felicia Dalton (Producer, Puppy Dreams (2013))
Felicia Daniel (Location Management, Paper Towns (2015))
Felicia Dillon (I) (Actress, Rise of the Zombies (2012))
Felicia Delahoya (Actress, Rebirth (2016))
Felicia de Silver (Actress, Malachi IX (2012))
Felicia DeRosa (I) (Self, The Ataxian (2015))
Felicia De Souza (Costume Designer, This Is My Year (2018))
Felicia Dumitrescu (Actress, Pitici si tatici (2003))
Felicia DePasquale (Self, Thinking Through the Drink (2010))
Felicia Dechristian (Make Up Department, My Son, My Son, What Have Ye Done (2009))
Felicia Drenova (Actress, Detectives (1928))
Felicia Dimopoulos (Actress, The Grievance Group (2014))
Felicia Dupuch (Actress, 6 Balloons (2018))
Felicia DeLappe
Felicia De Silver (Actress, Malachi IX (2012))
Felicia Delgatto (Animation Department, Hallows' Eve (2012))
Felicia Dillon (IV)
Felicia D. Moore (Editorial Department, The Punisher (2004))
Felicia DeSouza (Costume Department, This Is My Year (2018))
Felicia Dennis (Actress, Pariah (2011))
Felicia Denham (Miscellaneous, Bruises (2017))
Felicia Donkor (Producer, Mind Tricks (2010))
Felicia Douglas (Casting Director, Show Stoppers (2008))
Felicia DeLibero (Actress, One Kill (2009))
Felicia Dibbell (Actress, Stephanie Daley (2006))
Felicia Dougherty (Miscellaneous, Elton John & Leon Russell Live from the Beacon Theatre (2010))
Felicia de Blanken (Editor, Amio (2015))
Felicia Del Prete (Actress, Ma che bella sorpresa (2015))
Felicia Dumitrievici (Actress, Padurea îndragostitilor (1946))
Felicia DeRosa (II) (Thanks, Felicia DeRosa: Transcendent (2017))
Felicia Dickerson (Miscellaneous, The Yellow Sign (2001))
Maria del C. Feliciano (Producer, Enganche (2015))
Felicia D. Hearn (Producer, Damn Near (2016))
Klara Amanda Felicia Døving (Actress, Houdinis hund (2003))
Elicia Daniels (Actress, Low Miles (2017))
Adam Feliciano (II) (Camera Department, Smosh (2005))
Adam Feliciano (I) (Art Department, Rise: Blood Hunter (2007))
Feliciano León Fresnada Martínez (Producer, The Cosmonaut (2013))
Oda Felicia Bardal Sigstad Abdelmaguid (Self, Adjø Montebello (2017))

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