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David Fincher (Director, Se7en (1995))
David Finchet (Miscellaneous, Mr. Thunderbird: The Gerry Anderson Story (2000))
David Finch (II) (Director, Longshots (1994))
David Finch (I) (Actor, Chaplin (1992))
David Finch (XII) (Art Department, Mallrats (1995))
David Fincham (Animation Department, La leggenda del Titanic (1999))
David Finch (XVI) (Producer, Brighton Beach Patrol (2010))
David Finch (XVIII) (Actor, The Sunset Six (2013))
David Finch (III) (Miscellaneous, Tin Cup (1996))
David Finch (XXIII) (Producer, Beyond the Tryline (2016))
David Finch (VIII) (Self, SexTV (1998))
David Finch (X) (Miscellaneous, Hitler in Colour (2005))
David Finch (IV) (Camera Department, CBS: On the Air (1978))
David Finch (XIII) (Miscellaneous, Police Stop! 2 (1994))
David Finch (XXII)
David Finch (XXV) (Assistant Director, Boundaries (2018))
David Finch (IX) (Actor, Goliath (2008))
David Finch (VII) (Camera Department, The Devil's Chair (2007))
David Finch (V) (Editorial Department, L'alcova (1985))
David Finch (XVII) (Director, 300 Yards )
David Finch (XIX) (Camera Department, A Man of the Ways (2014))
David Finch (XV) (Special Effects, Hell for Leather (1998))
David Finch (XX)
David Finch (XI) (Sound Department, Weird Sex and Snowshoes: A Trek Through the Canadian Cinematic Psyche (2004))
David Finch (XXI) (Self, Creative Continuity (2013))
David Finch (VI) (Actor, The Journal (2004))
David Finch (XXIV) (Producer, Drawing Blank (2012))
David Fischer (V) (Miscellaneous, Spider-Man (2002))
David Finck (I) (Music Department, Night Shooter (2014))
David Finck (II) (Miscellaneous, Kurnaz - Fünf Jahre Leben (2013))
David Finck (III) (Music Department, The Rogue (2019))
David Finckel (Music Department, Bent (1997))
David Fischer (I) (Art Director, Roxanne (1987))
David Fischer (XXVIII) (Actor, Spiral (2005))
David Fischer (XXI) (Self, I Sold My Soul to Satan (2010))
David Fischer (XVII) (Self, Inside the Mind of Google (2009))
David Fischer (XXII) (Actor, Streit um Drei (1998))
David Fischer (X) (Music Department, Ben Hora (2011))
David Fischer (XXVII)
David Fischer (VI) (Actor, Revelations (2005))
David Fischer (II) (Actor, The Fall of Blackhawk (1912))
David Fischer (VII) (Self, The Match Off (2010))
David Fischer (XVI) (Actor, The We and the I (2012))
David Fischer (IV) (Miscellaneous, Law & Order: Justice Is Served (2004))
David Fischer (VIII) (Writer, De Grote Gemene Deler (2010))
David Fischer (IX)
David Fischer (XI) (Self, Love Broker (2012))
David Fischer (XXVI) (Self, Chcete me? (2005))
David Fischer (XIII) (Producer, A Guy Called Michael Egan (in development))
David Fischer (XII)
David Fischer (XVIII) (Actor, Rand the Movie (2017))
David Fischer (XIX) (Actor, Treasure (2018))
David Fischer (XX) (Actor, #WhoKilledHeather (2017))
David Fischer (III) (Self, Derailroaded (2005))
David Finch Hedengren (Actor, Tolerance (2006))
David Tincher (Self, Pillsbury Kitchen Renovation (2017))
Mitchell David Fink (Thanks, The Louise Log (2007))
David Goldfinch (I) (Actor, Harold (2007))
David Goldfinch (II) (Sound Department, The Pine (2016))
Luca David Fischer (Camera Department, SOKO Leipzig (2001))
David Fickenscher (Self, Forensic Files (1996))