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Claudia Koll (Actress, All Ladies Do It (1992))
Claudia Kolland (Writer, Beautiful Girl (2015))
Claudia Kim (III) (Actress, Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015))
Claudia Karvan (Actress, Love My Way (2004))
Claudia Kolb (Self, World's Most Extreme Homes (2006))
Claudia Koch (I) (Costume Designer, Türkisch für Anfänger (2006))
Klaudia Koronel (Actress, Live Show (2000))
Claudia Katz (I) (Producer, Star Wars: Clone Wars (2003))
Claudia Koonz (Self, The Century (1999))
Claudia Koch (II) (Actress, Der Ärgermacher (2003))
Claudia Korte (Miscellaneous, Tatort (1970))
Claudia Kovács (Camera Department, Hellboy II: The Golden Army (2008))
Claudia Kock (Writer, Polizeiruf 110 (1971))
Claudia Kort
Claudia Kohen (Producer, Killing Grandpa (1993))
Claudia Kooij (Actress, Lieve Céline (2013))
Claudia Koch (III) (Make Up Department, Casting (2017))
Claudia Korf (Self, Hart aber fair (2001))
Claudia Kanne (VI) (Actress, Oude Liefde (2017))
Claudia Kelly (Actress, Koan (2015))
Claudia K. (II) (Self, Die Benzinbrüder-Show (2000))
Claudia Katz Minnick (Actress, The Black Dahlia (2006))
Claudia Koletzko (Costume Designer, Tatort (1970))
Claudia Kanne (IV) (Actress, T.I.M. (2014))
Claudia Kottal (Actress, Wir Staatskünstler (2011))
Claudia Kim (I) (Actress, Johnny Dangerously (1984))
Claudia Körber (Actress, Vergiss beim Sex die Liebe nicht - Der neue Schulmädchenreport 13. Teil (1980))
Claudia Jolly (Actor, On Chesil Beach (2017))
Claudia King (Actress, Yes, There Is an Afterlife, But It Is Only 6 Minutes Long (2010))
Claudia Koreck (Music Department, Die Geschichte vom Brandner Kaspar (2008))
Klaudia Koper (Make Up Department, Pretty Cynical Girls (2015))
Claudia Keener (Actress, Bryan Lanning: Idaho (2016))
Claudia Kossik (Transportation Department, The Martian (2015))
Claudia Krämer (Producer, Brot kost' Geld (2010))
Claudia Kuntz (Writer, Sturm der Liebe (2005))
Claudia Kunin (IV) (Director, Hidden In Plain Sight (2016))
Claudia Kempf (Assistant Director, Kurt Gerrons Karussell (1999))
Claudia Katz (III) (Costume Designer, Angst (1978))
Claudia Kidai (Actor, Timothy (2013))
Claudia Kiss (Actress, The Onion News Network (2011))
Claudia Kühn (I) (Actress, Knospen wollen explodieren (2005))
Claudia Kraus (I) (Actress, Drei Patienten (2010))
Claudia Kanne (V)
Claudia Knapp (Actress, Jenatsch (1987))
Claudia Kühnen (Actress, Totgesagte leben länger (2008))
Claudia Kaneb (Costume Department, Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade (2000))
Claudia Köhler (IV) (Self, Hundeleben (2015))
Claudia Kröpfl (Actress, Der Ötztalmann und seine Welt. Das Jahr bevor er schlief (2000))
Claudia Kunin (I) (Actor, Love $ Greed (1991))
Claudia König (II) (Art Department, So weit das Meer )
Claudia Kerik (Actress, La Biographie Inventée (2018))
Claudia Köhler (II) (Production Manager, Schule (2000))
Claudia Krüger (I) (Self, Das Jugendgericht (2001))
Claudia Kanne (II)
Claudia Kaye (Actress, Chronicles of a Love Unfound (2010))
Claudia Kern (I) (Actress, Hot T-Shirts (1980))
Claudia Kanne (III)
Claudia Kent (Cinematographer, Mephobia Kids (2017))
Claudia König (I) (Miscellaneous, Die Camper (1997))
Claudia Kawas (Self, 60 Minutes (1968))
Claudia Knab (Self, Settele im Heimatfieber (2016))
Claudia Kindl
Claudia Kühn (II) (Writer, Luzis zett (2007))
Claudia Klein (I) (Costume Designer, Doppelsterne (2003))
Claudia Krebs (II) (Costume Designer, Alpenglühn im Dirndlrock (1974))
Claudia Kalt (Thanks, Carvina (2015))
Claudia Köhler (III) (Actress, Der Alte (1977))
Claudia Kunin (III)
Claudia Kada (Costume Designer, Sidekick (2005))
Claudia Knorr (Visual Effects, Looper (2012))
Claudia Klose (Producer, Uncharted: Eye of Indra (Fan Film) (2013))
Claudia Kühn (III) (Miscellaneous, Lexx (1997))
Claudia Keyes (Location Management, Writer's Blocks (2015))
Claudia Keech (Producer, Shadow Lodge (in development))
Claudia Kur (Actress, Stallion (1987))
Claudia Kwan (Producer, The Vancouver Recipe (2011))
Claudia Kunin (II) (Director, The Spectre of Memory (2014))
Claudia Krebs (I) (Writer, Lapislazuli - Im Auge des Bären (2006))
Claudia Kuhne (Actress, Chikas vampyras (2009))
Claudia Kist (Producer, The Hunt for Osama bin Laden (2002))
Claudia Köhler (I) (Writer, Hinter Gittern - Der Frauenknast (1997))
Claudia Kern (III) (Art Department, Kanzleramt Pforte D (2010))
Claudia Kato (Producer, Dra. Darci (2018))
Claudia Klein (II) (Actress, Tödliche Freundschaften (2009))
Claudia Kron (Actress, Stadtklinik (1993))
Claudia Odiaka (Editorial Department, Adventureland (2009))
Claudia Kilby (Art Department, Once & For All (2009))
Claudia Kern (II) (Writer, Lost Horizon (2010))
Claudia Kade (Self, Thadeusz und die Beobachter (2013))
Claudia Kment (Actress, Zwei Väter einer Tochter (2003))
Claudia Kühr (Animation Department, Katharina & Witt, Fiction & Reality (1997))
Claudia Klook (Editor, Im Namen des Gesetzes (1994))
Claudia Kraus (III) (Self, Living History: US Re-enactments in Deutschland (2015))
Claudia Kühlke (Costume Designer, Pura vida Ibiza (2004))
Claudia Krüger (II) (Producer, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: La Flûte enchantée/The Magic Flute (2013))
Claudia Kevin (Actor, The Bench (2014))
Claudia Kraus (II) (Production Manager, Die Germanen (2007))
Claudia Kühn (IV) (Miscellaneous, Knospen wollen explodieren (2005))
Claudia Köppen (Actress, Der Staatsanwalt hat das Wort (1965))
Claudia Kälin (Make Up Department, Scrabble (2014))
Claudia Kareem (Actress, Bang (1995))
Claudia Kwet (Director, Kurier Romy 2011 (2011))
Claudia Kirby (Camera Department, The Abyss (1989))
Claudia Kim (II)
Claudia Karma (Actress, International Film Acting Workshops by Bruno Pischiutta )
Claudia Kalb (Self, CBS This Morning (1992))
Claudia Kanne (I)
Claudia Klomp (Actress, Need (2014))
Claudia Kaleem (Soundtrack, Embrace of the Vampire (1995))
Claudia Kornaros (Make Up Department, Shelter (1999))
Claudia Kowalski (II) (Make Up Department, The Last Hope (2017))
Claudia Kopacka (Actress, New York November (2011))
Claudia Kohlmann (Actress, Wolfman Solutions (2015))
Claudia Konerding (Camera Department, Das Vermächtnis der Cherusker (2005))
Claudia Koropecki (Actress, The Man Who Wanted to Live Forever (1970))
Claudia Kooijenga (Make Up Department, Ruby (2018))
Claudia Kopetzky (Assistant Director, Klingendes Österreich (1986))
Claudia Kotter (Self, Entscheidend ist die Entscheidung (2015))
Claudia Koestler
Claudia Koster (Actress, Old Future: Storm of Stardust )
Claudia Koogan (Writer, My Big, Big Friend (2011))
Claudia Koehler (Actress, Das Studio (2013))
Claudia Kowalski (I) (Producer, The Better Angels (2014))
Maria Claudia Kozma (Actress, Entre Espelhos e Sombras (2007))
Claudia Kohde-Kilsch (Self, Das perfekte Promi-Dinner (2005))
Claudia Zanolli-Stiles (Actress, Y2K (2017))
Claudia Ollis (Self, Split Decisions )
Claudia Goll (Self, Österreich-Bild (1975))
Claudia Woll (Actress, Catering (2005))
Claudia Holl (Actress, Hure (1997))
Claudia Troll (Actress, Deadline (2009))
Claudia Kastellanos (Actress, Paparazzi Eye in the Dark (2011))
Claudia Colling (Actress, Tracy Beaker Returns (2010))
Claudia Knoßalla (Actress, MDR aktuell (1992))
Claudia Kleinert (Actress, Sophie (2015))
Klaudia Kovacs (I) (Producer, Torn from the Flag: A Film by Klaudia Kovacs (2007))
Claudia Collao (Writer, Qu'est-il arrivé à Mary Pickford? (2012))
Claudia Kratochvil (Writer, Bad Cop: Kriminell gut (2017))
Claudia Kleinheinz (Animation Department, Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015))
Claudia Krause (Actress, Cultures 2 - Die Tore Asgards (2002))
Klaudia Koscista (Actress, Aquarium (2017))
Klaudia Konieczny (Costume Designer, Il Flaminio, Commedia per musica in three acts (2010))
Klaudia Kovacs (II) (Art Department, I Am Bread (2015))
Klaudia Kotova (Actress, Farewell Pavel (1999))
Klaudia Kosidlo (Actress, Nowe spotkanie (2014))
Claudia Kaufmann (Writer, Rufmord (2018))
Claudia Bollat (Actress, Hospital el paisa (2004))
Claudia Kalindjian (Miscellaneous, Attack the Block (2011))
Claudia Kristiansen (Producer, Devotion (2011))
Claudia Katayanagi (Sound Department, Bartleby (2001))
Claudia Kender (Actress, Office Outbreak (2006))
Claudia Knight (Actress, Seed of Desire (in development))
Claudia Karapanou (Art Department, Pigs (2011))
Claudia Knupfer (Actress, Tatort (1970))
Claudia Kaufman
Claudia Karstedt (Director, Die Tierklinik (2004))
Claudia Keimel (Actress, What's so Dirty About? (1990))
Claudia Kutzera (Actress, Das unsichtbare Visier (1973))
Claudia Kandefer (Actress, 4Shorts (2013))
Claudia Karner (Miscellaneous, Die Wunderübung (2018))
Claudia Krausz (Producer, Weltrevolution (2008))
Claudia Knauss
Claudia Krasmann (Assistant Director, Pisca Pisca (1989))
Claudia Krochko (Actor, The Dancer (2016))
Claudia Khalil (Self, 3D Bikini Beach Babes Issue #5 (2012))
Claudia Kemper (Miscellaneous, Die Mediocren (1995))
Claudia Kuebler (Actress, Tell: Das Musical (2012))
Claudia Kuttner (Camera Department, Bis zum letzten Moment (2008))
Claudia Knittel (Make Up Department, Retro (2002))
Claudia Kirchhoff (Actress, Free Rainer (2007))
Claudia Knoruschild (Art Department, Langer Samstag (1998))
Claudia Kaloff (Self, Foreigners out! Schlingensiefs Container (2002))
Claudia Keeler (Miscellaneous, The Big Wedding (2013))
Claudia Kellner (Miscellaneous, Die Wunderübung (2018))
Claudia Kennaugh (Music Department, House of 9 (2005))
Claudia Kitchens (Producer, Raw Deal: A Question of Consent (2001))
Claudia Kraxner (Actress, Elisabeth (2005))
Claudia Kavenagh (Miscellaneous, Key Exchange (1985))
Claudia Kaminski (Self, Nachtstudio (1997))
Claudia Knyspel (Actress, Passione sinistra (2013))
Claudia Krahmer (Actress, Hilde, das Dienstmädchen (1986))
Claudia Kreamer (Actress, Our Voice (2016))
Claudia Kasamas (Miscellaneous, Danzer persönlich (2004))
Claudia Krogmeier (II) (Director, Dear Frankie (2019))
Claudia Kauertz (Self, Die Geschichte Norddeutschlands (2005))
Claudia Kutbay (Sound Department, A Night with Sabrina Love (2000))
Claudia Kussano (Producer, Weed (1996))
Claudia Karsunke (Editor, Mordslust (1995))
Claudia Keeris (Visual Effects, Superjuffie (2018))
Claudia Karohs (Self, Wer ist Helene Schwarz? (2005))
Claudia Kubisch (Editor, Sat.1 am Mittag (2006))
Claudia Godniak (Transportation Department, Komm näher (2006))
Claudia Krogmeier (I) (Writer, Team Inspire (2014))
Claudia Kellermeier (Self, Menschen, Tiere & Doktoren (2006))
Claudia Kleefeld
Claudia Keston (Actor, Hello Au Revoir (2018))
Claudia Karpfinger (Set Decorator, Aus der Tiefe des Raumes (2004))
Claudia Kaltenbach (Director, Verzaubert (1993))
Claudia Kharbat (Actress, Blackrock (1997))
Claudia Kantner (Camera Department, Step Across the Border (1990))

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