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Christine Schorn (Actress, Good Bye Lenin! (2003))
Christine Horne (I) (Actress, The Stone Angel (2007))
Christine Sclafani (Actress, Scandal (2012))
Christine Schuberth (Actress, Auch Fummeln will gelernt sein (1972))
Christine Horn (I) (Actress, Triple 9 (2016))
Christine Schiefer (Miscellaneous, Gamer's Guide to Pretty Much Everything (2015))
Christine Schorr (II)
Christine Schorr (I) (Editor, Schau mich nicht so an (2015))
Christine Scott Bennett (Actress, Castle (2009))
Christine Schuler (I) (Actress, Picnic at Hanging Rock (1975))
Christine Scholle (Actress, The Moment After II: The Awakening (2006))
Christine Scherer (II) (Actress, First House on the Hill (2017))
Christine Schomer (Producer, Knuckleball! (2012))
Christine Schofield (III) (Actress, Self Same Sky (2012))
Christine Schultz (I) (Miscellaneous, War of the Worlds (2005))
Christine Schoefer (Producer, Jede Menge Kohle (1981))
Christine Scholz-Ott (Actress, Next (2010))
Christine Schoen (Miscellaneous, Log Cabin Living (2014))
Christine Schofield (II) (Writer, A Country Practice (1981))
Christine Schotte (Animation Department, Gulliver's Travels (1977))
Christine Schofield (I) (Actress, Down the Wind (1975))
Christine Scholl (Self, Hart aber fair (2001))
Christine Schott (Miscellaneous, Pittsburgh (2006))
Christine Schozer (Producer, Headliners (2017))
Christine Schober (Actor, Auf der Suche nach Jacqueline Bush (2013))
Christine Scholtz (Production Manager, 'n Man Soos My Pa (2015))
Christine Schamehorn (Actress, The Jim (2010))
Christine Sciortino (Make Up Department, Captive State (2019))
Christine Schild (Actress, Mein Freund Harvey (1985))
Christine Scowley (Casting Director, I Am Frankie (2017))
Christine Schmidt (I) (Actress, Crisis Baby (2012))
Christine Scharf (Actress, Ham for the Holidays (2014))
Christine Schubert (III) (Actress, Erziehung vor Verdun. Der große Krieg der weißen Männer (1973))
Christine Schuster (II) (Costume Department, Wodka Orange (1999))
Christine Schneider (III) (Assistant Director, SOKO München (1978))
Christine Schroeder (II) (Camera Department, So weit das Meer )
Christine Schenley (Writer, Zombie Broadway (in development))
Christine Schaffer (Producer, Mykonos Blue )
Christine Schinelli (Actress, Inside Edge (1992))
Christine Schulman (Production Designer, The Hi-Line (1999))
Christine Schumann (Costume Department, A River Runs Through It (1992))
Christine Scheibner (Miscellaneous, The NeverEnding Story II: The Next Chapter (1990))
Christine Schröder (Editorial Department, Der Sommer des Falken (1988))
Christine Schubert (II) (Editorial Department, Das Mädel aus dem Böhmerwald (1965))
Christine Schlüfer (Actress, Bon appétit (2010))
Christine Scherer (IV)
Christine Schreck (Self, Jeopardy! (1984))
Christine Schmutz (Actress, Twinni (2003))
Christine Schønberg (Actress, Drømmeslottet (1986))
Christine Schulker (Self, Beneath the Crown (2016))
Christine Schmatz (Make Up Department, Born Ready (2011))
Christine Schenker (Self, Unser Bayern hat viele Gesichter (2010))
Christine Schnarr (Actress, The Berenstain Bears Get in a Fight (1995))
Christine Schäfer (I) (Actress, Mozart 22 (2006))
Christine Schneider (IV) (Self, Unser Land (1973))
Christine Schwarz (II) (Self, Nachtcafé (1987))
Christine Scheller (Actress, Butter (2011))
Christine Schultz (II) (Art Department, Atlantis: The Lost Empire (2001))
Christine Schrödl (Casting Department, Die Millionenshow (2000))
Christine Schafrik (Self, The Beat of a Different Drummer: The Story of America's Last All-Female Military Band (2012))
Christine Schöniger (Sound Department, Strand (2016))
Christine Schalt (Actress, Rotthausen 1945 (2017))
Christine Schiller (II) (Producer, Eröffnung Wiener Festwochen 1992: Rainhard Fendrich und Freunde - I Am from Austria (1992))
Christine S. Chang (Costume Department, A Leading Man (2013))
Christine Schneider (II) (Production Manager, Rosamunde Pilcher (1993))
Christine Schraepen (Miscellaneous, The Loft (2014))
Christine Schul (Make Up Department, The Adventures of Barry Baz (2011))
Christine Schuller (Make Up Department, The Dancing Dogs of Dombrova (2018))
Christine Schwartz (Actress, October Moon 2: November Son (2008))
Christine Schögler (Costume Designer, 100 Jahre EAV Live (2006))
Christine Schasser
Christine Schwarz (III) (Actress, Summertime Blues (2009))
Christine Schultz (III)
Christine Schiller (I) (Actress, Midground (2009))
Christine Schäfer (II) (Sound Department, Simulant (2010))
Christine Schulz (Writer, Die Reise ins Glück (2004))
Christine Schnell (Actress, Justitias kleine Fische (1988))
Christine Schenk (Self, Mythos Geschichte (2014))
Christine Schöck (Actress, Zirkuskinder (1985))
Christine Schneider (V) (Miscellaneous, Iron Man: Armored Adventures (2008))
Christine Schemm (Costume Department, Tatort (1970))
Christine Schwarze (Actress, Kabale und Liebe (1960))
Christine Schöne (Editor, Der Besucher (1992))
Christine Schiavone (Actress, The Evil Society (2005))
Christine Schöninger (Costume Department, Abgefuckt! (2015))
Christine Schlosser (Producer, Genre This (2012))
Christine Schneider (I) (Actress, Eaten Alive (1976))
Christine Schallert (Actress, Signé Renart (1986))
Christine Schaubs (Self, Die Spur der Schätze (2012))
Christine Schmitt (II) (Self, E-penser (2013))
Christine Schmocker (Actress, Girl and Boy on the Rocks! (2012))
Christine Schuster (III) (Actress, Bettkantengeschichten (1983))
Christine Scherer (III)
Christine Schmidt (II) (Writer, Drag (2017))
Christine Schwarz (V) (Actress, Hinter die Spiagl (2018))
Christine Scherer (I) (Actress, Geschichten aus der Zukunft (1978))
Christine Schnöll (Actress, Sprachlos (2012))
Christine Schindel (Producer, When Susurrus Stirs (2016))
Christine Schlum (Miscellaneous, The Black Hole (2006))
Christine Schreuder (Actress, De kleine zielen (1969))
Christine Schwader (Writer, Fear Itself (2010))
Christine Schmid (Actress, Sophie und das Hohelied (2011))
Christine Schroeder (I) (Actress, Concerned Lady for America (2006))
Christine Schuster (I) (Actress, Rosenstrasse (2003))
Christine Schubert (IV) (Actress, Lieder der vier Jahreszeiten (1987))
Christine Scheel (Self, Münchner Runde (1996))
Christine Schuman (II) (Production Designer, A Meadowlark Calling (in development))
Christine Schmitt (I) (Make Up Department, Verloren (2015))
Christine Schatz (Make Up Department, Mars (1997))
Christine Schuler (II) (Visual Effects, La case de l'oncle Doc (1997))
Christine Schwab (Self, Live with Kelly and Ryan (1988))
Christine Schlegel (Actress, Spuren des Performativen (2017))
Christine Schuman (I) (Transportation Department, The Patriot (1998))
Christine Schlamp (Art Department, 2004 MTV Video Music Awards Latinoamerica (2004))
Christine Schubert (I) (Miscellaneous, Rückwärts laufen kann ich auch (1990))
Christine Schei (Actress, A Crime to Remember (2013))
Christine Schwahlen (Camera Department, Jump (1994))
Christine Schueler (Actress, Art of Crime (2011))
Christine Schreiber (Actress, Musensöhne (2012))
Christine Schieberl (Producer, The Breeder (2012))
Christine Scheffer (Costume Department, Siembamba (2017))
Christine Scheier (Actress, Radio Days (1987))
Christie Schelhorn (Actress, All That You Can't Leave Behind )
Christine Schollaert (Miscellaneous, The Energy Within (2017))
Christine Schoettler (Production Manager, Adam Resurrected (2008))
Christine Schoenwald (Actress, The Heat Chamber (2005))
Christine E. Schreyer (Producer, Conlanging: The Art of Crafting Tongues (2017))
Christine Sciulli (Actress, The Violinist (2009))
Christiane Scholz
Christiane Schober (Self, Partisan: Volksbühne am Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz 1992-2017 (2018))
Christina Schorre (Art Department, Perfume: The Story of a Murderer (2006))
Christine Scott (II) (Actress, Solitude (2001))
Christine Horn (II) (Art Department, Alphabet (2013))
Christine Hornak (Actress, The Last Dufo (2015))
Christine Horner (Actress, Melvyn's Clock (2008))
Christine Thornhill (Production Manager, Great Books (1993))
Christine Horn (III) (Miscellaneous, Revolutionary Witness: The Preacher (1989))
Christine Horne (III)
Christine Horne (II) (Miscellaneous, The 122nd Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show (1998))
Christine Thornton (Producer, The Ultimate Guide to Everything (2008))
Christine Hawthorne (Actress, Hopewell Furnace: A Place of Opportunity (2012))
Christine Bestehorn (Sound Department, The Evidence (2011))
Christine Scioli (Producer, The Beckoning (2006))
Christine Schuler-Deschryver (Self, City of Joy (2016))
Christine Rachor
Christine Wychorski (Camera Department, Minute Movie (1999))
Christina van Esch (Self, TROS Sterrenpalet (2008))
Gnes Christina (Actor, Banjir kemarau (2009))
Agnes Christina (Director, Gincu (2010))
Christine Scott-Deutsch (Actress, Mozart in the Jungle (2014))
Kristine Schoos (Miscellaneous, Max Payne (2008))
Kristine Schofmann (Miscellaneous, Junk Drawer Magic (2015))
Christine S. Osborne (Set Decorator, Flirting with Azrael: A Psychedelic Rock Musical (2018))
Christine Short (Actress, Midnight Stranger (1993))
Christine Scott (I) (Actress, Who Killed Brett Penance? (1994))
Christine Scaplen (Actress, The Gray Man (2002))
Christine Scott (IX) (Actress, Hildegunn Gjedrem: Warrior Song (2011))
Christine Sculfor (Editor, Auction (1994))
Christine Scott (VII) (Miscellaneous, Company Retreat (2009))
Christine Scardigli (Actress, Ballerina Belle (2017))
F. Christine Scott (Miscellaneous, Just One Night (2000))
Christine Scott (VI) (Actress, The Wayne & Shuster Comedy Special (1967))
Christine Scott (III) (Miscellaneous, The Departed (2006))
Christine Scott (V) (Costume Department, Hallows Point (2007))
Christine Scullion (Producer, Quids In! (1995))
Christine Scott (IV) (Costume Department, Sheffey (1977))
Christine Scull (Self, An Awfully Big Adventure (1998))
Christine Scott (VIII) (Production Manager, Sandra: Twelve Hours in the Life of... (2011))
Christine Resch (II) (Make Up Department, Xerox-UV (2003))
Christine Roesch (Miscellaneous, Schutzengel (2012))
Christine Loesch (Visual Effects, La possibilité d'une île (2008))
Christine Reschke (Actress, Die Schmuggler von Rajgrod (1980))
Christine Resch (I) (Miscellaneous, Field of Dreams (1989))
Christine Resch (V) (Miscellaneous, Mann gegen Mann (2014))
Christine Von Aesch (Self, A Quiet American: Ralph Rucci & Paris (2012))
Prinses Christina (Self, Barend en Van Dorp (1990))
Christine Resch (III) (Visual Effects, Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017))
Christine Maresch (Writer, Hostage (1983))
Christin Scholten (Producer, The Deserted (2016))
Christine Gascho (Camera Department, Wits and Pieces (2014))
Agnes Christine Johnston (Writer, The Patsy (1928))
Khristine Schali (Actress, George Biddle, CPA (2012))
Kristine Schroeder (Miscellaneous, We Were Soldiers (2002))
Kristine Schröppel (Editor, Die Verbrechen des Professor Capellari (1998))
Christine Verschorren (Sound Department, Rundskop (2011))
Christine Stallasch (Producer, Nevada Testsite (2004))
Christine Schweigert (Miscellaneous, Pas de repos pour les braves (2003))
Christine Schillinger (II) (Producer, Save Our History (1998))
Christine Schiött-Quist (Actress, Åke och hans värld (1984))
Christine Schweidler (Miscellaneous, Tangled (1997))
Christine Sanne-Schmidt (Costume Designer, Wonderkids (2001))
Christine Schlesinger (Actress, I Own the Racecourse (1986))
Christine Schweitzer (II)
Christine Scheel Kvint (Make Up Department, Devil (2016))
Christine Scheidemann (Editor, Curd Jürgens: Bonn, wie ich es sehe (1979))
Christine Schweitzer (I) (Actress, Jeune fille au livre (1996))
Ines Christine Geisser (Director, An Adventurous Afternoon (2013))
Christine Schwesinger (Actress, Wolfster, Part 1: The Curse of the Emo Vamp (2006))
Christine Scharbrough (Make Up Department, Body of Influence 2 (1996))
Christine Schwarzinger (Miscellaneous, Schlafes Bruder (1995))

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