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Bryan Barter (Actor, The Social Network (2010))
Ryan Bartley (II) (Actress, Queen Sized (2008))
Bryan Barber (I) (Director, Idlewild (2006))
Bryan Bartell (Actor, Caley's Friend (2003))
Ryan Bartlett (II) (Miscellaneous, The Hottie & the Nottie (2008))
Bryan Barr (I) (Actor, Full Measure (2015))
Bryan Barrios (II) (Production Designer, 11 AM (2016))
Bryan Barr (II) (Actor, Better Criminal (2016))
Bryan Bard (Editor, Aline Gagnaire ou La passagère de l'atelier 37 (1995))
Bryan Barton (II) (Self, Sports Jeopardy! (2014))
Bryan Barthon (Art Department, Versailles (2015))
Bryan Bartle (Editor, Doc-U-Mentally (2016))
Bryan Barton (I) (Miscellaneous, Minute Matrimony (2002))
Bryan Barrera (I) (Actor, Life in the Distance (2014))
Ryan Bartecki (Director, Rodney (2013))
Ryan Barton (III) (Actor, We're Going to Murder My Boyfriend (2018))
Bryan Barbarin (Actor, The Suite (2017))
Ryan Barto (Actor, Improv Everywhere Originals (2006))
Ryan Bart (Self, TEDxFulbright Santa Monica (2015))
Bryan Barnes (II) (Actor, Courageous (2011))
Bryan Barkas (Camera Department, Kubrick Remembered (2014))
Bryan Barrera (II) (Self, Worth It: Lifestyle (2016))
Bryan Barrios (I) (Producer, Masters of Illusion (2014))
Bryan Barbour
Bryan Barker (IV) (Actor, Blood Lake (1987))
Bryan Barney (I) (Writer, The Far Shore (1976))
Bryan Barrios (X)
Bryan Barker (III) (Self, NFL Monday Night Football (1970))
Bryan Barnes (III) (Actor, Judgment Girl: Chronicles Part Two (2015))
Bryan Barnes (I) (Producer, Picture. Perfect. (2012))
Bryan Barber (II) (Sound Department, The Girls Next Door (2005))
Bryan Barrett (I) (Self, Arena (1975))
Bryan Barrios (VIII) (Art Director, KORR-A: Heart of Glass (2015))
Bryan Barron (Actor, Texas Godfather (1985))
Bryan Barker (II) (Camera Department, Hex (2004))
Bryan Barbosa (I) (Actor, Black Lumberjack (2016))
Bryan Barbosa (III) (Miscellaneous, (Some) Mortal Tales (2018))
Bryan Barbee (Editor, Dog with Two Bones (2010))
Bryan Barrios (VII) (Production Designer, A Night at the Movies (2016))
Bryan Barriga (Actor, Em quedo amb el canvi (2010))
Bryan Baretta (Miscellaneous, Project Runway (2004))
Bryan Barber (III) (Composer, Replicator (2017))
Bryan Barnes (IV) (Actor, Retail (2015))
Bryan Barone (Actor, Super VS (in development))
Bryan Barbosa (IV) (Miscellaneous, Odd Man Out: The Series (2017))
Bryan Barge
Bryan Barger (Assistant Director, Strokes of Death (1998))
Bryan Barlow (Self, Alaska State Troopers (2009))
Bryan Barker (I) (Actor, The Jon Dore Television Show (2007))
Bryan Barrett (II) (Director, Enjoy the Pie (2015))
Bryan Barbosa (II)
Bryan Barney (II) (Sound Department, Fart Jokes Aren't Funny (2008))
Ryan Barry McCarthy (Actor, The Wrong Guys for the Job (2012))
Ian Barter (Composer, M.L.E. (2015))
Bryan Baxter
Ryan Barton-Grimley (Producer, Elijah's Ashes (2017))
Bryan Bangerter (Director, Repeat After Me (2010))
Bryan Bartleson (Sound Department, Connect (2013))
Bryan Bartlett (I) (Visual Effects, World War Z (2013))
Bryan Bartlett (II) (Producer, A.N.N. (2018))
Ryan Bartley (I) (Editor, Redland (2009))
Ryan Barton (VIII)
Ryan Bartlett (V) (Actor, The Ballerina (2014))
Ryan Bartlett (I) (Actor, Zombies Gone Wild (2007))
Ryan Barton (V) (Producer, Porcelain (2015))
Ryan Bartlett (IV) (Actor, Pumpkin (2013))
Ryan Bartlett (VII) (Sound Department, Diana: The Woman Inside (2017))
Ryan Barton (II) (Actor, Pov (2013))
Ryan Bartlett (III) (Actor, Private Affairs (2013))
Ryan Bartlett (VI) (Cinematographer, Mario Lanza: The Best of Everything (2017))
Ryan Barton (I) (Producer, The Lion's Den (2011))
Ryan Bartlowe (Actor, Chopped (2007))
Ryan Bartruff (Actor, Fight the Panda Syndicate (2008))
Ryan Bartsch (Camera Department, The Last of the Mohicans (1992))
Bryan Carter (V) (Actor, Neon Indian: Polish Girl (2011))
Bryan Carter (VII) (Music Department, Maya & Marty (2016))
Bryan Carter (IV) (Actor, A Broken Code (2012))
Bryan Carter (I) (Miscellaneous, In Country (1989))
Bryant Carter (Actor, Star Trek Continues (2013))
Bryan Carter (III) (Miscellaneous, Central Weekend (1986))
Bryan Carter (VI) (Actor, VH1 Now: Shouvik Roy - I Don't Understand Me Feat. Sunny Dutta (2015))
Carter Bryant (Writer, Bratz 4 Real (2007))
Bryan Carter (II) (Actor, Senrigan (2000))
Bryan Carter (VIII) (Actor, Diego's Umbrella: Old Vienna (2017))
Ryan Bartelmay (Miscellaneous, Independent Lens (1999))
Sean Barter (Self, My Classic Car (1997))
Maryan Bartilla (Actress, Symbiotic (2018))
Bryan Barrachina (Actor, Los Krazy Killers (2010))
Bryan Barksdale
Bryan Barberot (Self, A Place to Dance (2006))
Bryan Barnett-Woods (Actor, 90 (2005))
Bryan Barancik (Camera Department, Mariah Carey: Merry Christmas to You (2010))
Bryan Barcinas (Composer, End Trip (2018))
Bryan Barberena (Self, UFC on Fox (2011))
Ryan Bangerter (Animation Department, Rachel & the TreeSchoolers (2012))
Ryan Bartsmatsma (Actor, Left Behind: Eternal Forces (2006))
Mary Ann Barteau (Actress, Primary Motive (1992))
Ryan Barry Cotter (Cinematographer, Reflections in the Dust (2018))
Bryan Carter Ingram (Location Management, Trade-Off (1995))
Bryan Ranharter (Producer, Critical Decisions (2005))
Pieterjan Bartels (Visual Effects, War for the Planet of the Apes (2017))