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Andrew Lees (I) (Actor, The Pacific (2010))
Andrew Lees (V) (Writer, Two Gun (in development))
Andrew Lees (II) (Producer, GCSE Bitesize English Literature (2009))
Andrew Lees (III) (Self, Learn (2011))
Andrew Leeson (Actor, Daddy Issues (2018))
Andrew Lees (IV) (Self, Move (2011))
Andrew Leeds (I) (Actor, Office Christmas Party (2016))
Andrew Lee Potts (Actor, The Innocents (2018))
Andrew Lee (XXV) (Actor, Ditto (2018))
Andrew Levitas (Director, Lullaby (2014))
Andrew Lee (XIX) (Director, Melon Grab (2016))
Andrew Levy (I) (Director, Psycho Too (1999))
Andrew Lesnie (Cinematographer, The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King (2003))
Andrew Lee (II) (Director, The Young and the Restless (1973))
Andrew Lee (VII) (Visual Effects, Star Trek: Beyond (2016))
Drew Lees (Writer, Dreamland (in development))
Andrew Lee (XXIV) (Actor, Ironsides (2009))
J. Andrew Lee (Writer, The Judas Cradle (2011))
Andrew Le (I) (Actor, Last Holiday (2006))
Andrew Levy (III) (Producer, S.E. Cupp Unfiltered (2017))
Andrew Lee (LXXVI) (Self, Jeopardy! (1984))
Andrew Lee (XLVIII) (Editor, Bienvenida (2013))
Andrew Lee (IV) (Director, Wrestling with the North (2004))
Andrew Lee (XCI) (Sound Department, My Dad Works the Night Shift (2018))
Andrew Lee (LXXXVIII) (Camera Department, Strokes of Genius (2018))
Andrew Lee (LXXX) (Actor, Welcome to Essex (2018))
Andrew Lee (LXXXIX) (Camera Department, Nour )
Andrew Lee (III) (Special Effects, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (2001))
Andrew Lee (LXXXVII) (Miscellaneous, CHIPS (2017))
Andrew Lee (I) (Art Department, Far and Away (1992))
Andrew Lee (XIV) (Self, Bering Sea Gold (2012))
Andrew Lee (LXXI) (Actor, Groomzilla (2017))
Andrew Lee (LVI) (Actor, The Checkout (2014))
Andrew Lee (LXX) (Producer, A Lackadaisical Day (2018))
Andrew Lee (XVI) (Producer, Henson's Place (1984))
Andrew Lee (XXXII) (Camera Department, (313) Choices (2015))
Andrew Lee (LVIII) (Editor, Consideracion (2014))
Andrew Lee (LXIX) (Miscellaneous, Mosaic (2016))
Andrew Lee (XI) (Actor, General Hospital (1963))
Andrew Lee (LXXV)
Andrew Lee (VI)
Andrew Lee (LXXXII) (Editorial Department, Deep Water: The Real Story (2016))
Andrew Lee (XXVIII) (Cinematographer, Liagaba (2009))
Andrew Lee (XXXVI)
Andrew Lee (XLVII) (Production Designer, One in 5 (2013))
Andrew Lee (VIII) (Self, CBC News Now (2009))
Andrew Lee (LIII) (Writer, Out of the Rut (2014))
Andrew Lee (XVII) (Cinematographer, Art Is an Attitude: The Art of Drawing the Figure (2007))
Andrew Lee (LIX) (Actor, My Dog the Champion (2013))
Andrew Lee (XLVI) (Art Department, Adam and Dog (2012))
Andrew Lee (XLIV) (Actor, The Lover Who Doesn't Forget (2013))
Andrew Lee (LI) (Director, The Exile of Francis Kinnear (2010))
Andrew Lee (LXXXI) (Art Department, Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy (2017))
Andrew Lee (X) (Producer, Postage (2009))
Andrew Lee (XCII) (Actor, You've Done Your Job (2018))
Andrew Lee (XLV) (Camera Department, News Lounge (2012))
Andrew Lee (XC) (Miscellaneous, Carnival Eats (2014))
Andrew Lee (XXXIX) (Actor, Cellules sanguines: Une menace organique (2011))
Andrew Lee (LXII) (Composer, Soak (2014))
Andrew Leen (II) (Producer, Bette Davis Is Alive and Well and Living in Liverpool (in development))
Andrew Lee (XL)
Andrew Leen (I) (Miscellaneous, Shank (2009))
Andrew Lee (XXXVII) (Actor, The Diner (2014))
Andrew Lee (LII) (Actor, Kingdom Come (2013))
Andrew Lee (XXXIV) (Miscellaneous, Ms. Exoti-Lady World Pageant 2011 (2011))
Andrew Lee (XXX) (Actor, Memento Mori (2010))
Andrew Lee (LXVII) (Self, Under My Skin (2014))
Andrew Lee (XX) (Actor, Awilda and a Bee (2008))
Andrew Lee (XXI) (Miscellaneous, Guys Choice (2007))
Andrew Lee (XXIX) (Self, The Late Show with Stephen Colbert (2015))
Andrew Lee (XXVII) (Thanks, Jimbo (2013))
Andrew Lee (LXXIII)
Andrew Lee (LXXXVI) (Composer, Old Man Gone Wild (2013))
Andrew Lee (XLIX) (Actor, 100% Sketch Comedy Show (2017))
Andrew Lee (LXIV) (Actor, Far Out (2015))
Andrew Lee (XXXI) (Actor, Precognition (2018))
Andrew Lee (XVIII) (Miscellaneous, Wild About Safety: Timon and Pumbaa Safety Smart at Home! (2008))
Andrew Lee (LXXIV) (Soundtrack, Puerto Ricans in Paris (2015))
Andrew Lee (LXI) (Visual Effects, Royal Pains (2009))
Andrew Lee (LXIII) (Director, Suncoast Partnership with GIFF (2015))
Andrew Lee (XLII) (Actor, Proverbs (2012))
Andrew Lee (IX) (Location Management, Primary (2014))
Andrew Lee (XLI) (Producer, Four Dragons (2008))
Andrew Lee (LXXXV) (Writer, Fallout: The Frontier )
Andrew Lee (XII) (Cinematographer, Our Town: Bedford (2006))
Andrew Lee (L) (Producer, Mr Pye (1986))
Andrew Lee (XXII) (Self, Late Show with David Letterman (1993))
Andrew Lee (LXXXIII) (Actor, Front Row Boston (2014))
Andrew Lee (LXXIX) (Assistant Director, Dancer and the Dame (2015))
Andrew Lee (XXIII) (Visual Effects, Home Again (2011))
Andrew Lee (XXXVIII) (Miscellaneous, Rita Rocks (2008))
Andrew Lee (XLIII) (Actor, The Letter (2012))
Andrew Lee (XXXIII) (Editorial Department, Michael Jackson: The Life of an Icon (2011))
Andrew Lee (XCIII) (Cinematographer, Sungrazer (2018))
Andrew Lee (LXXXIV) (Self, ITV News Election 2017 Live: The Results (2017))
Andrew Lee (XIII) (Actor, Ninja Terminator (1985))
Andrew Lee (LIV) (Miscellaneous, The Selfish Giant (2013))
Andrew Lee (LXVI) (Actor, Bottled (2015))
Andrew Lee (XXVI) (Camera Department, After the Shearing (2008))
Andrew Lee (LX) (Actor, Apprentice (2016))
Andrew Lee (XXXV) (Miscellaneous, The Young Attendees (2011))
Andrew Lee (XV) (Miscellaneous, White Frog (2012))
Andrew Left (I) (Producer, Pimp: The Story of My Life (in development))
Andrew Leung (III) (Actor, Lilting (2014))
Andrew Lenz (Actor, Matrixx (2001))
Drew Lee (Actor, The In-Laws (2003))
Andrew Leviton (Editorial Department, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs (2009))
Andrew Le (III) (Editor, Shoes (2016))
Andrew Le (VII) (Camera Department, Songs from the Deep (2018))
Andrew Le (VI) (Self, Family Ingredients (2016))
Andrew le (Miscellaneous, The Heart of a Champion (2013))
Andrew Le (IV) (Sound Department, The Smiths (2017))
Andrew Le (II) (Producer, Super Mario Galaxy Repainted (2015))
Andrew Le (V) (Actor, Lieutenant Jangles (2018))
Andrew Le (VIII) (Self, Worth It (2016))
Andrew Leman (Art Department, The Call of Cthulhu (2005))
Andrew Ley (Actor, Eating Out 2: Sloppy Seconds (2006))
Andrew Levy (VIII) (Actor, Veronica Mars (2004))
Andrew Lear (V)
Andrew Legg (III) (Actor, Fargo (2014))
Andrew Leeke (I) (Assistant Director, Montréal Hearts (2010))
Andrew Leeks (Actor, The Harbinger (2013))
Andrew Lee Ross (II) (Production Manager, Black Panther (2018))
Andrew Lee Ross (I) (Producer, Models in the City (2012))
Andrew Leedom (II) (Art Department, Red Line (2013))
Mark Andrew Lee (Camera Department, Aces & Eights (2008))
Andrew Leedom (I) (Set Decorator, Red Line (2013))
Andrew Lee Dodd (Camera Department, This Killing Business (2013))
Andrew Leeds (II) (Miscellaneous, Medal of Honor: Vanguard (2007))
Sam Andrew Lee (Miscellaneous, Babangluksa (2011))
Ian Andrew Lee (Special Effects, Game of Thrones (2011))
Andrew Leece (Self, Wipeout Australia (2009))
Andrew Leeds (III) (Miscellaneous, Skullgirls (2012))
Andrew Leeatin (Actor, Welcome to Essex (2018))
Andrew Leeke (II) (Visual Effects, The Fort (2018))
Drew Leedy (Camera Department, Tarantino in Jail (2012))
Andrew Tinpo Lee (Actor, This Is Us (2016))
Andrew Lewis (I) (Actor, Holby City (1999))
Andrew Lear (I)
Andrew Lee Schmidt (Actor, Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel (2009))
Andrew Lee Smith (Producer, Wrecker (2015))
Andrew Lerios (Producer, Logic: 1-800-273-8255 Ft. Alessia Cara, Khalid (2017))
Peter Andrew Lee (I) (Director, Angelfish (2019))
Andrew Lear (VI)
Andrew Levy (V) (Actor, Inhuman Eating Machine (2010))
Andrew Leaf (III) (Actor, Iron Chef America: Supreme Cuisine (2008))
Andrew Legg (II) (Self, Sketch Troop (2002))
Andrew Lein (Soundtrack, The Descendants (2011))
Andrew Lear (II) (Miscellaneous, Hurt (2009))
Andrew Lea (I) (Camera Department, E! Live from the Red Carpet (1995))
Andrew Lear (III) (Producer, The Hornet's Nest (2014))
Andrew Levy (IV) (Soundtrack, The Man Who Knew Too Little (1997))
Andrew Left (II) (Self, Dirty Money (2018))
Andrew Levy (VII) (Actor, Team Allies! (2012))
Andrew Lear (IV)
Andrew Levi (Producer, BoXeD (2016))
Andrew Leat (Actor, Clowning Around (2005))
Andrew Leon (I) (Assistant Director, Subdivision (2006))
Andrew Legg (I) (Actor, ToCA Race Driver 2 (2004))
Andrew Levy (II) (Miscellaneous, The Brady Bunch Movie (1995))
Andrew Lent
Andrew Leo (Camera Department, Operator (2015))
Andrew Lea (II) (Producer, Fidelity (2014))
Andrew Lean (Production Manager, Blue Heelers (1994))
Andrew Leaf (I) (Sound Department, Shanked (2009))
Andrew Lei (Self, Reading Rainbow (1983))
Andrew Levy (IX) (Self, Out of My Head (2017))
Andrew Levy (VI) (Actor, Team Allies! (2012))
Andrew Leaf (II) (Music Department, The Jock & the Chav (2016))
Andrew Leon (II) (Self, Frontline (1983))
Andrew Leos (Director, The Shape (2011))
Andrew Lema (Visual Effects, Oblivion (2013))
Andrew Leigh (I) (Actor, The Curse of Frankenstein (1957))
Vitaly Andrew LeBeau (Actor, 20th Century Women (2016))
Andrew Leavold (I) (Producer, The Last Pinoy Action King (2015))
Andrew Leslie (I) (Self, The West Block (2011))
Andrew Lichti-Lee (Actor, 12 Monkeys (2015))
Andrew Leven (Editorial Department, The Bourne Legacy (2012))
Andrew LeMay (Editor, Christmas Party Gone Bad (2018))
Andrew Lewis (XIII) (Self, Gladiators (1992))
Andrew Lenchewski (Writer, Royal Pains (2009))
Andrew Leigh (II) (Producer, Panopticon (2016))
Andrew L. Lee (Actor, Terrible 2's (2013))
Andrew Le Pera (Producer, Distress (2003))
Andrew Lennon (II) (Actor, Keith )
Andrew Leggett (II) (Actor, Handsome Johnny (2007))
Andrew Lawler (I) (Actor, Love and Marriage (1984))
Andrew Lewitin (Visual Effects, The Dark Tapes (2016))
Andrew Lemon (I) (Cinematographer, Baggage (2016))
Andrew Ledger (Writer, I don't know how to say this... (2009))
Andrew Legge (II) (Director, The Chronoscope (2009))
Andrew Leranth
Andrew Lester (I) (Director, Date My Daughter (2005))
Andrew Lewis (III) (Director, Parallax (2004))
Andrew Le Guier (Sound Department, Awaken (2012))
Andrew LeBlanc (III) (Actor, New Furry Friends (2010))
Andrew Lewis (XLV) (Producer, He Loves Her, She Loves Cake (2013))
Andrew Leckie (Actor, Invisible Men (2015))
Andrew Lewis (XXXIX) (Actor, The Door (2012))
Andrew Lewis (LIV) (Producer, Indefinable (2016))

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