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Freema Agyeman (Actress, Doctor Who (2005))
Morgan Freeman (I) (Actor, Se7en (1995))
Joan Freeman (I) (Actress, Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter (1984))
Jonathan Freeman (I) (Actor, Aladdin (1992))
Alan Freeman (I) (Actor, The Young Ones (1982))
Nolan Freeman (Actor, Territory (2016))
Joan Freeman (II) (Director, Toilette (1976))
Jean Freeman (Actress, Corner Gas: The Movie (2014))
Jonathan Freeman (II) (Cinematographer, Game of Thrones (2011))
Evan Freeman (I) (Sound Department, Embers of the Sky (2010))
Stan Freeman (I) (Music Department, The Carol Burnett Show (1967))
Ryan Freeman (I) (Actor, Loveless in Los Angeles (2007))
Logan Freeman (I) (Actor, Mukbang: The Story of Richard Tum Tum (2018))
Morgan Freeman (II) (Actor, 54 (1998))
Ian Freeman (II) (Actor, Sucker Punch (2008))
Dan Freeman (VI) (Director, Doctor Who: Death Comes to Time (2001))
Brian Freeman (III) (Production Manager, The Life Before This (1999))
Dan Freeman (III) (Self, The Greatest Fight (2015))
Boban Freeman (Actor, Sione's 2: Unfinished Business (2012))
Bryan Freeman (IV) (Camera Department, Dirty (2016))
Brian Freeman (IV) (Writer, Beyond Belief (1970))
Ian Freeman (VIII) (Actor, The Visitation (2013))
Ethan Freeman (VII)
Dan Freeman (V) (Director, The Minister of Chance (2014))
Sean Freeman (I) (Stunts, Kingsman: The Secret Service (2014))
Ethan Freeman (I) (Actor, The Love Guide (2011))
Dan Freeman (IV) (Producer, We Make Movies (2016))
Ryan Freeman (V)
Ryan Freeman (IV) (Sound Department, Silence (2014))
Devan Freeman (Cinematographer, Class (2016))
Ethan Freeman (VI) (Self, Tosh.0 (2009))
Brian Freeman (XIII) (Camera Department, Tommy Can't Sleep (2017))
Dan Freeman (II) (Music Department, The Teeth Beneath (2005))
Ian Freeman (I) (Miscellaneous, Mad Max: Fury Road (2015))
Jan Freeman
Alan Freeman (III)
Ian Freeman (IX) (Actor, Angry Video Game Nerd: The Movie (2014))
Susan Freeman (II) (Actress, The Script (2002))
Ethan Freeman (IV) (Director, Normies (2016))
Alan Freeman (V) (Actor, Here There and Everywhere (2006))
Dylan Freeman (I) (Actress, Aurora (2010))
Evan Freeman (II) (Art Department, DuckTales (2017))
Dean Freeman (Actor, Jindabyne (2006))
Dan Freeman (I) (Self, Modern Marvels (1993))
Stan Freeman (II) (Writer, The God Question (2014))
Zan Freeman (Location Management, Junior High Spy (2011))
Alan Freeman (IV) (Actor, Never Bet the Devil Your Head (2007))
Ryan Freeman (VI) (Miscellaneous, The Last Straight Man (2014))
Stan Freeman (III)
Logan Freeman (III) (Actor, So It Goes (2016))
Bryan Freeman (VII) (Actor, Lemonaid (2017))
Bryan Freeman (III) (Actor, Jefferson Banks: All Time Adventurer (2010))
Brian Freeman (XV) (Animation Department, Sherlock Holmes in the 22nd Century (1999))
Brian Freeman (IX)
Ian Freeman (VII) (Actor, Be with Me (2013))
Alan Freeman (VII) (Music Department, Mickey, Donald, Goofy: The Three Musketeers (2004))
Brian Freeman (XIV) (Actor, Let's Do This: Facing Hodgkin Lymphoma (2015))
Dylan Freeman (II) (Actor, Roxanne in Wonderland (2016))
Susan Freeman (III) (Miscellaneous, Blue Black Permanent (1992))
Brian Freeman (X)
Brian Freeman (V) (Producer, Barely (2009))
Alan Freeman (VI) (Actor, Medieval Theater: The Play of Abraham and Isaac (1974))
Bryan Freeman (VI) (Miscellaneous, Little Girl Lost (2016))
Brian Freeman (VIII) (Actor, Matt Gaffney Must Die (2018))
Ian Freeman (VI) (Producer, 101 Reasons: Liberty Lives in New Hampshire (2014))
Ian Freeman (III) (Actor, The Suspects: True Australian Thrillers (2010))
Ian Freeman (X) (Actor, The Homecoming: A Musical )
Bryan Freeman (V) (Actor, Browncoats: Independence War (2015))
Brian Freeman (VII) (Self, The Blood of the Rose (2009))
Conan Freeman (Actor, Be Kind, Please Rewind (1996))
Susan Freeman (I) (Actress, Something to Live For (1952))
Ryan Freeman (II) (Location Management, The Meg (2018))
Ian Freeman (V) (Miscellaneous, Man on Fire (2004))
Ryan Freeman (VII) (Camera Department, Blood Moon (2018))
Ethan Freeman (III) (Actor, You Are Not Alone (2014))
Bryan Freeman (I)
Dan Freeman (VII) (Producer, The Elephant's Empire (2000))
Brian Freeman (I) (Actor, The Watermelon Woman (1996))
Dylan Freeman (III) (Producer, Francis (2018))
Allan Freeman (Sound Department, The Swan (2004))
Ian Freeman (IV) (Actor, Hood (2009))
Bryan Freeman (II) (Actor, Lisa (2009))
Aidan Freeman (Actor, Midnight Show (2016))
Logan Freeman (II)
Ethan Freeman (V)
Sean Freeman (IV) (Sound Department, Guac & Sliders (2018))
Megan Freeman (Actress, Missing from Me (2016))
Ryan Freeman (III) (Composer, I Am Not a Weird Person (2014))
Ethan Freeman (II) (Actor, The House on Arch Lane (2011))
Rowan Freeman (Actor, The Casuals (2014))
Brian Freeman (XVI) (Actor, Rolling Along: An Inline Movement (2016))
Sean Freeman (II) (Production Manager, Bella's Teddy Bear (2017))
Brian Freeman (VI) (Camera Department, Bird Box (2018))
Ryan Freeman (VIII) (Sound Department, The Most Dangerous Man in the Media (2018))
Darean Freeman
Alan Freeman (II) (Writer, Out of the Storm (2001))
Brian Freeman (II) (Transportation Department, Lamb (1985))
Sean Freeman (III) (Actor, Unconditional (2018))
Morgan Freeman (VII)
Jordan Freeman (IV)
Jordan Freeman (I) (Cinematographer, Blood on the Mountain (2016))
Nathan Freeman (I) (Actor, The Turkey Alibi (2007))
Morgan Freeman (V)
Brendan Freeman (IV) (Actor, Token Support Group (2016))
Brian Freemantle (II) (Writer, A Deadly Game (1979))
Morgan Freeman (VI) (Actor, Badge of Faith (2015))
Steve Adrian Freeman (Self, Newsnight (1980))
Morgan Freeman (III)
Brian Freemantle (III) (Sound Department, Elephant Juice (1999))
Jonathan Freeman (III) (Actor, Sofia for Now (2006))
Jordan Freeman Klaja (Director, Headless Swans (2018))
Nathan Freeman (II) (Sound Department, Disdain (2011))
Julian Freeman (III) (Actor, Drugs, Pigs & Big Blue Barrels (2018))
Meghan Freeman (I) (Assistant Director, Spoiled Fruit (2016))
Alan Freemantle (Miscellaneous, Die Hard: Nakatomi Plaza (2002))
Jonathan Freeman (VI) (Actor, Springfield 61 (2014))
Meghan Freeman (III) (Assistant Director, Studio (2018))
Sebastian Freeman (Actor, One Eyed Girl (2013))
Michael Sean Freeman (Actor, Trauma (2009))
Jonathan Freeman (V) (Actor, The Rebound (2009))
Meghan Freeman (II) (Camera Department, The Pale Man (2017))
Jaron Freeman-Fox (Actor, Delhi 2 Dublin Live (2014))
Julian Freeman (II) (Miscellaneous, Skeleton Key 2: 667 Neighbor of the Beast (2008))
Gillian Freeman (Writer, The Leather Boys (1964))
David Dean Freeman (Music Department, Ichiban utsukushî natsu (2001))
Jordan Freeman (III)
Brendan Freeman (III)
Jonathan Freeman (IX) (Sound Department, The Shattering (2015))
Nathan Freeman (III) (Actor, Single Hills (2012))
Jonathan Freeman (XI) (Actor, The Art of Television: les réalisateurs de séries (2017))
Adrian Freeman (I) (Sound Department, Raging Planet (1997))
Brendan Freeman (II) (Actor, He Will Take You (2013))
Jordan Freeman (II) (Self, After Lately (2011))
Kieran Freemantle (Director, The Hit (2018))
Brendan Freeman (I) (Actor, The Dick Van Dyke Show (1961))
Johnathan Freeman
Valerie Jean Freeman (Actress, The Serendipitous Project (in development))
Nathan Freeman (IV) (Camera Department, Venom (2018))
Adrian Freeman (II) (Actor, Dark Horse (1997))
Nathan Freeman (V) (Miscellaneous, Ripple Effect (2014))
Rashaan Freeman
Antravian Freeman
Freeman Freeman-Thomas (Self, Pathé's Weekly, No. 28 (1913))
Julian Freeman (I) (Actor, Bergerac (1981))
Jonathan Freeman (VIII) (Editorial Department, Kidney Thieves (2006))
Jonathan Freeman (VII)
Brennan Freemantle (Writer, Appetites (2015))
Nathan Freeman (VI) (Self, Doki Doki Literature Club Playthrough (2017))
Nathan Freeman (VII) (Producer, Hellmington (2018))
Jonathan Freeman (XII) (Actor, The L and A (2016))
Milkman Freeman Chaz (Actor, Stuck on Broke (2010))
Tristan Freeman (Self, Castle on High (2009))
Brian Freemantle (I) (Editor, Dick Turpin (1979))
Jillian Freeman (Actress, Dear Kathryn (2009))
Suzanne Morgan-Freeman (Make Up Department, Valerie )
Jonathan Freeman-Anderson (Actor, Dr. Daddi (2013))

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