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Josh Merritt (II) (Writer, Echoes (2016))
Josh Merritt (I) (Self, TruthQuest: California (2002))
Josh Merrill (Writer, 2 Hours (2012))
Keith Merritt (I) (Miscellaneous, Road to Red (2016))
Keith Merritt (II) (Actor, Ace the Zombie: The Motion Picture (2012))
James H. Merrit (Actor, The Noble Advance (2012))
Rich Merritt (Cinematographer, Extended Rest (2014))
Josh Megarrity (Actor, Xavier's Harvest (2018))
Leah Merritt (Actress, Marks (2015))
Noah Merritt (Miscellaneous, Dr. Truscot: The Balboa Health Clinic (2017))

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