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Lou Wagner (Actor, Planet of the Apes (1968))
Wagner Lousa (Costume Department, Hoje é Dia de Maria (2005))
Wagner Love (Self, Show Me Rio (2014))
Anna Wagner-Lopez (Visual Effects, 9 (2009))
Louis Wagner (Actor, Au bonheur des ogres (2013))
Carlos Wagner (II) (Art Department, Fack ju Göhte 2 (2015))
Carlos Wagner (I) (Actor, Alta comedia (1965))
J.B. Wagner Law (Producer, Among Wolves (2016))
Sherle Wagner
Amber L. Wagner (Self, The Metropolitan Opera HD Live (2006))
Wagner Lobianco (Camera Department, Essas Mulheres (2005))
James Louis Wagner (Actor, Good Girls Revolt (2015))
Vagner Love (Self, Altas Horas (2000))
Bonny Lou Wagner (I) (Director, Storm Warning (1999))
Bonny Lou Wagner (II) (Miscellaneous, True Pulp Murder (2007))
Carlos Wagner La Bella (Producer, Alma mater (2004))
Charlotte Wagner (Costume Department, Wann endlich küsst Du mich? (2016))
Carlos Wagner Rolim (Camera Department, Blindness (2008))
Carlon Van Wagner (Actor, Last Wishes (2006))
Annie Wagner Lampl (Self, Kristallnacht Remembered (2008))
Karen Ann Wagner-Lewis (Actor, The Secret of Sarah Pennington (2013))
Wagner Lancetta (Actor, Capitu (1968))
Wagner Leopaldo (Self, WVC 12: World Vale Tudo Championship (2001))
Kimberly Wagner (III) (Self, The Bikini Open 8 (1992))
Peter Wagner Lassen (II) (Editor, Silent Nights (2016))
Wagner Lins Pulici (Actor, Chega de Saudade (2007))
Leah Wagner Leonard (Producer, The 8th Year of the Emergency (2018))
Kimberly Van Wagner (Actress, Being Jon Stewart (2009))
Kimberly Wagner (II) (Actress, Snow Shark: Ancient Snow Beast (2011))
Peter Wagner Lassen (I) (Editorial Department, How Are You (2011))
Katie Wagner-Lyons (Producer, Most Haunted (2002))
Kimberly Wagner (I) (Transportation Department, Passing Through (2007))
Vagner Loblanco (Camera Department, Uma Rosa com Amor (2010))
Carlos Wagner Goulart (Music Department, The Clone (2001))
Marcus Wagner-Lapierre (Self, Sunshine Airlines (2004))
Carlos Wagner Messerlian la Bella (II) (Producer, Ut Picturas Poesis (2013))
Carlos Wagner Messerlian la Bella (I) (Producer, A Árvore (2013))