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James Stewart (I) (Actor, Vertigo (1958))
Stewart Moss (Actor, The Bat People (1974))
Ross Stewart (III) (Art Department, ParaNorman (2012))
Dennis Stewart (I) (Actor, Grease (1978))
Ross Stewart (II) (Actor, Cyberotica: Computer Escapes (1996))
Ross Stewart (VI) (Actor, Chocolate Man (2013))
Ross Stewart (VII) (Cinematographer, Personal Data )
Ross Stewart (I) (Producer, The Adventures of Skippy (1992))
Ross Stewart (VIII) (Camera Department, Grantchester (2014))
Ross Stewart (XI) (Editor, Our Americas: Roads That Bind (2016))
Ross Stewart (IX) (Editor, The Drop (2015))
Ross Stewart (V) (Miscellaneous, Perfect Sense (2011))
Ross Stewart (IV)
S.S. Stewart (Actor, Thunderbolt (1929))
James Stewart (VII) (Actor, Packed to the Rafters (2008))
Jules Stewart (II) (Miscellaneous, Mortal Kombat (1995))
Riley Thomas Stewart (Actor, The Lucky One (2012))
José Stewart (Actress, The Best of Benny Hill (1974))
Niles Stewart (Actor, Atlanta (2016))
Jess Stewart (I) (Production Manager, Blind Date (2016))
Jess Stewart (II) (Stunts, Doctor Strange (2016))
Russ Stewart (Actor, Shuggie Otis: Live in Williamsburg (2015))
Bass Stewart (Actor, Skeleton Lake (2012))
James Stewart (XII) (Stunts, Wonder Woman (2017))
J. Douglas Stewart (Actor, Wonder (2017))
Douglas Ross Stewart (Art Department, The Effects of Magic (1998))
Stewart B. Moss (Special Effects, Big Timber (1917))
Alexis Stewart (I) (Producer, Lords of War (2012))
James Stewart (LVII) (Actor, Contingency (2010))
Lucas Stewart (I) (Director, The Last Rung on the Ladder (2012))
Robert Banks Stewart (Writer, Shoestring (1979))
James Stewart (IV) (Visual Effects, District 9 (2009))
Nils Stewart (Actor, Code of Honor (2016))
Chris Stewart (XIV) (Actress, Grave Mistakes (2008))
Babs Stewart (Actress, Passionata (1992))
James S. Stewart (Sound Department, Meet Joe Black (1998))
Curtiss Stewart (Actor, Letters of Revolution (2011))
Jess Stewart Lee (Actress, Art House (2017))
Tess Stewart-Todd
Princess Stewart (Actress, Freak Accident (2007))
Douglass Stewart (Actor, Plus + (2002))
Charles Stewart (III) (Actor, Armageddon (1998))
James Stewart (LXXII)
James Stewart (LXXI) (Producer, Primal Rage (1994))
Lois Stewart (I) (Actress, Seeking Dolly Parton (2015))
Andres Stewart (Actor, Californication (2007))
Chris Stewart (III) (Sound Department, Spartacus: War of the Damned (2010))
William 'Big Sleeps' Stewart (Actor, The A-Team (2010))
James Stewart (LXXXI) (Writer, Horror Haiku (2013))
Des Stewart (II) (Actor, The Tenement Ghost (2010))
Chris Stewart (XXVII) (Miscellaneous, Nova (1974))
Chris Stewart (XXXIII) (Writer, Cold Comfort (2014))
Chris Stewart (XIX) (Art Department, Half Hearted (2010))
Elvis Stewart (Self, Nitro Circus (2009))
Chris Stewart (XLVIII) (Miscellaneous, Zone 39 (1996))
Chris Stewart (XXV) (Music Department, Sirk! (2011))
Chris Stewart (XXXIV) (Camera Department, Bound (2015))
Cas Stewart (Art Department, Taggart (1985))
James Stewart (XXV) (Camera Department, The Shape of Water (2017))
Angus Stewart (IV) (Assistant Director, Johhny (2017))
James Stewart (LXXXII)
Jules Stewart (I) (Actress, Death Falls (1991))
James Stewart (VIII) (Sound Department, Cubeº: Cube Zero (2004))
Chris Stewart (XXVI) (Director, Off Campus (2009))
John S. Stewart (I) (Visual Effects, Commandments (1997))
Chris Stewart (XLI) (Actor, Beyond Under (2011))
Hayes Stewart (I) (Actor, Petrocelli (1974))
James Stewart (VI) (Writer, Still Life (2007))
James Stewart (XLIII) (Editor, Urgent Assistance Required (2016))
Chris Stewart (XII) (Writer, Driving Over Lemons (in development))
Chris Stewart (XXXI)
James Stewart (XLI) (Director, The Way We See (2018))
James Stewart (LXII) (Actor, Semper Ride (2009))
Chris Stewart (VI) (Actor, 17000 Block (2005))
Chris Stewart (XXXVI) (Miscellaneous, Blue Like Jazz (2012))
James Stewart (XVII) (Visual Effects, The Legend of Jebus Crisp )
James Stewart (V) (Transportation Department, Transporter 2 (2005))
James Stewart (LXIV) (Camera Department, Pageant (2008))
Chris Stewart (I) (Actor, American Flatulators (1995))
James Stewart (LXXXIII) (Composer, Jimmy in Pienk (2013))
James Stewart (XLIV) (Actor, BottleNeck (2018))
Lucas Stewart (II) (Camera Department, The Guide (2013))
Carys Stewart (Self, Good Morning Britain (2014))
James Stewart (XLII) (Actor, En Garde (2014))
Kris Stewart (II) (Actor, Bad Boy Bubby (1993))
Chris Stewart (XXXV) (Self, MSNBC Live (1996))
James Stewart (LII) (Art Department, Guiding Light (1952))
Davis Stewart (Actor, Black Force (1975))
James Stewart (XXXIII) (Camera Department, Lazy Eye (2016))
Chris Stewart (XLVI)
James Stewart (LXXXIV) (Self, The War Room with Michael Shure (2012))
Chris Stewart (IV) (Actor, Sakigake!! Kuromati Kôkô (2003))
Louis Stewart (Self, Jazz Scene at the Ronnie Scott Club (1969))
Chris Stewart (XLIV) (Actor, Shelby (2017))
Chris Stewart (XI) (Miscellaneous, The Anna Nicole Show (2002))
Chris Stewart (XXXII) (Producer, Born in Chicago (2013))
Kris Stewart (I) (Producer, Red Hook (2009))
Chris Stewart (XLV) (Actor, The Diamond Scepter (2017))
James Stewart (LXIII) (Actor, Monster Energy Supercross Chasing the Dream (2016))
Doris Stewart (Producer, REZilience (2016))
Chris Stewart (XXXVII) (Self, CNN Newsroom (1989))
James Stewart (XXXIX) (Self, The Uncondemned (2015))
James Stewart (XXXII) (Camera Department, Live from the Hundred Years Café (2013))
James Stewart (LXXIII) (Miscellaneous, Guardian Heroes (1996))
Chris Stewart (X) (Producer, Animals of the Ocean Desert (2001))
Nels Stewart
James Stewart (XX) (Actor, Spotlight (2015))
James Stewart (III) (Art Director, Boys Life 2 (1997))
Hayes Stewart (II) (Assistant Director, The Sun Was Setting (1951))
James Stewart (XXIV) (Self, Cabaret (1936))
Chris Stewart (XXIV) (Self, Sunday Night Baseball (1990))
James Stewart (LXXV) (Camera Department, Final Breath (in development))
Chris Stewart (XXVIII) (Actor, Dependence (2011))
James Stewart (XXVIII) (Camera Department, Small Things (2015))
James Stewart (XXVI) (Camera Department, The Valley (2017))
Chris Stewart (XIII) (Actor, Shortland Street (1992))
Chris Stewart (XXI) (Actor, Legion of Evil (2010))
Chris Stewart (XX) (Actor, 72 Hours: A Brooklyn Love Story? (2016))
James Stewart (LXXIX) (Self, Richard Whiteley: Television Man (2003))
James Stewart (XV) (Producer, Survival )
James Stewart (XXXIV) (Self, When News Goes Horribly Wrong (2018))
James Stewart (XXVII) (Camera Department, Absence Felt (2016))
James Stewart (XVIII) (Actor, The Expansion Pack (2015))
Chris Stewart (XXII) (Camera Department, Once I Was a Champion (2011))
Chris Stewart (XXXIX) (Actor, Auguste (2014))
Chris Stewart (XVII) (Camera Department, A Load of Buckshot (2009))
James Stewart (LXVII) (Self, The Raw Truth (2011))
James Stewart (XXII) (Self, Cold Justice (2013))
Mavis Stewart (Self, Tales from the Front Room (2007))
Les Stewart (Self, Wicked Attraction (2008))
James Stewart (XXX) (Sound Department, The Search Party (2016))
James Stewart (XXXVI) (Actor, Divine Shadow (2016))
James Stewart (XL) (Camera Department, The Redeemed and the Dominant: Fittest on Earth (2018))
James Stewart (XXXVII) (Actor, The Possession 2 )
James Stewart (LXXX) (Miscellaneous, Live from Lincoln Center (1976))
James Stewart (II) (Sound Department, American Justice (1992))
Chris Stewart (XL) (Miscellaneous, Just One Time (1999))
Denis Stewart
Angus Stewart (III) (Camera Department, Wannabe (2014))
James Stewart (XI) (Animation Department, Total Drama (2007))
Chris Stewart (XVI) (Miscellaneous, The Greatest Movie Ever Made (2001))
Angus Stewart (I) (Self, Gardening Australia (1990))
Des Stewart (I) (Miscellaneous, Survivors (1975))
James Stewart (LXXVIII) (Cinematographer, Southern Living Tailgate Playbook (2012))
Chris Stewart (XV) (Actor, One More Game with You (2008))
James Stewart (XXXI) (Actor, U.F.O. (2012))
Mrs. Stewart (Actress, The Symbol of Sacrifice (1918))
James Stewart (LXIX) (Cinematographer, The Buddha of the Piano: Leopold Godowsky (2010))
Chris Stewart (XXX) (Miscellaneous, I Killed My BFF (2012))
Chris Stewart (XLVII) (Actor, Stand Strong (2018))
James Stewart (XXXVIII)
James Stewart (XIII)
James Stewart (XXI) (Costume Department, Better Than Love (2018))
James Stewart (LXI) (Sound Department, Hunter n Hornet (2014))
Chris Stewart (XXIX) (Visual Effects, Stress Fracture (2013))
James Stewart (XVI)
James Stewart (LXXVII) (Actor, Supercapitalist (2012))
James Stewart (XIX) (Camera Department, Tidy Endings (1988))
Wes Stewart (Cinematographer, Almost Home (2013))
James Stewart (LXVI) (Self, NFL Monday Night Football (1970))
Angus Stewart (II) (Director, Tobermory and the Otter (2010))
Chris Stewart (VIII) (Actor, Rock 'n' Roll Space Patrol Action Is Go! (2005))
Iris Stewart
James Stewart (LIX)
Chris Stewart (XLIII) (Miscellaneous, The Filthy Rich Guide (2014))
James Stewart (XXXV) (Producer, Survival (2015))
James Stewart (LXXVI) (Miscellaneous, Renegade Ops (2011))
James Stewart (XXIX) (Camera Department, LA County (2015))
Chris Stewart (XLII) (Actor, Bi (2014))
James Stewart (LVIII) (Miscellaneous, Clash of the Titans (2010))
Chris Stewart (VII) (Cinematographer, Vertical Bridge (2005))
John S. Stewart (II) (Producer, Veteran's Expedition: Stop 18 (2012))
Chris Stewart (IX) (Self, The Next Great Chef (2005))
James Stewart (IX) (Miscellaneous, Shallow Grave (1994))
Lois Stewart (II)
Chris Stewart (XXXVIII) (Production Manager, The Magic Boomerang (1965))
James Stewart (LX) (Composer, Consumption (2010))
Chris Stewart (XXIII) (Self, Strikeforce Challengers (2009))
Chris Stewart (V) (Producer, Ghostbusters of British Columbia (2014))
Chris Stewart (II) (Art Department, I, Robot (2004))
James Stewart (XXIII) (Location Management, Building Cars Live (2015))
James Stewart (XIV) (Editor, Gone (2014))
Douglas Stewart (IV) (Stunts, Cultivating Charlie (1994))
Domo Stewart (Assistant Director, Bash (2014))
Charles Stewart (IV) (Art Department, Armageddon (1998))
Ossie Stewart (Self, Balderdash & Piffle (2006))
Stewart Coss (Actor, Cagney & Lacey (1981))
Stewart Ross (Casting Department, Freight (2010))
Carlos Stewart (Miscellaneous, There is a Reaper (2016))
Travis Brooks Stewart (Actress, Future War (1997))
Thomas Stewart (II) (Actor, Superman Returns (2006))
Nicholas Stewart (III) (Stunts, Straight Outta Compton (2015))
Charles Stewart (VII) (Writer, Make Room for Daddy (1953))
Douglas Stewart (I) (Editor, The Right Stuff (1983))
Thomas Stewart (IV) (Actor, James Vincent McMorrow: Red Dust (2013))
Haridas Stewart (Camera Department, Dark Signal (2016))
Charles Stewart (II) (Cinematographer, Dieppe 1942 (1979))
Glynis Stewart (I) (Actress, Blodau (2009))
Carlos Steward (Director, Death and Taxes (2010))
Marcus Stewart (I) (Actor, Up Up Down Down: The Series (2010))

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