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Jane Jenkins (I) (Casting Director, A Beautiful Mind (2001))
Dan Jenkins Jr. (Miscellaneous, Malibu Express (1985))
Ed Jenkins Jr. (Actor, Mercury in Tuna (2010))
Jenkins J. Jenkins (Editor, The Ad Game (2008))
Jane Jenkins (III) (Actress, Spirit Hunters-The Series (2012))
Jane Jenkins (II) (Producer, Greg Davies: You Magnificent Beast (2018))
Jane Jenkins (IV)
Janet Jenkins (Actress, After Hours (2004))
Jeanette Jenkins (Miscellaneous, Hairspray (2007))
Matthew Evans Jenkins (Sound Department, Falso amore (2008))
Jesse Evans-Jenkins (Sound Department, Spring Lake (2016))
Janie Jenkins
Sanford Jenkins Jr. (II) (Director, A Craftsman (2017))
Chanel Jenkins (Actress, Tallulah (2016))
Shane Jenkins (Actor, Guiding Light (1952))
Diane Jenkins (Miscellaneous, Murder by the Book (2006))
Laurie Jenkins Jones (Actress, The Price (2015))
Jenkins Julian (Actor, The Undercard (2012))
Jackie Jenkins Jr. (Director, I Have a Dream Too!!! (2018))
Sanford Jenkins Jr. (I) (Music Department, Street Sharks (1994))
Johnnie C. Jenkins Jr
Kenneth Jenkins Jr. (Actor, Perfidy (2013))
Oscar Jenkins Jones (Actor, Night Bus (2014))
Roger Jenkins Jr. (Actor, The Magic of Lassie (1978))
Wesley Jenkins Jr. (Assistant Director, Love Crime (2015))
Robert E. Jenkins Jr. (Assistant Director, Vishwaroopam (2013))
Corey Jenkins Jr. (Actor, Prosecutor (2018))
David E. Jenkins Jr. (Actor, The History of Love (2016))
Donald Jenkins Jr. (Actor, The Krew (2001))
Leon Jenkins Jr.
Lloyd Jenkins Jones (Self, Animated Weekly, No. 1 (1916))
Jeffrey F. Jenkins Jr. (Actor, Flesh of My Flesh (2015))
Janette Jenkins (Miscellaneous, Bishaash (2010))
Janoris Jenkins (Self, The Michael Kay Show (2014))
Ansherria Jenkins (Producer, Iyanla, Fix My Life (2012))
Janette Jenkin (Self, The Car's the Star (1994))
Janice Jenkins (II) (Producer, The Guest at Central Park West (2009))
Janice Jenkins (III)
Everett Earl Jenkins Jr. (Self, Cold Justice (2013))
Wesley William Jenkins Jr. (Actor, A Dangerous Game (2012))
Shaneisha Jenkins (Actress, sTelth (2016))
Jennifer Lane-Jenkins
Ricjuane Jenkins (Composer, Lyfe's Poetic Revenge (2017))
J'Laney Jenkins
Vanessa Jenkins (Costume Department, The Friends We Haven't Met Yet (2009))
Anetta Jenkins (Actress, Surface (2005))
Janine Jenkins Bright (Producer, Why Come There Ain't No Black People in Mayberry (2008))
Janice Edwards Jenkins (Actress, Midnight Caller (1988))
Shanel Jenkins-Carmon
Vanessa Csordas-Jenkins (Director, Premenstrual Margot (2019))
Janette Jenkinson Duffield (Location Management, The Aviation Cocktail (2012))

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