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Bill Shorten (I) (Producer, Blood Is Thicker Than Oil (2004))
nickname "Blackout"
Blackout (Actor, What Goes Around (2017))
Michael Biggins (I) (Sound Department, Brand New Day (2010))
nickname "Blackout"
Blackout Beach (I) (Composer, Lowlands (2013))
Blackout Beach (II) (Composer, Fight the Robots (2013))
Blackout2000 (Actor, Army of Brothers (2010))
The Blackout
The Blackouts (Soundtrack, Waiting... (2005))
Tim Blackout (Actor, Boo Bunny Plague (2014))
Bailey Blackout (Actor, You're in Trouble (2007))
Moucle Blackout (Director, Birth of Venus (1970))
Binta Blackout (Self, Värmlänningen Intervjuar (2018))
Action City Blackout (Composer, Screaming Hell (2017))
Black Onyx (Self, The Laughter Show (1984))
Black Oaks
Black on Black (Composer, La vida siempre es corta (1994))
Zack Outlaw (Actor, Daisy Punchinello: Some Clowns Are Going Down (2017))
Edward Blackoff (Actor, A Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy's Revenge (1985))
Sasa Blackoff (Producer, Incest: A Family Tragedy (2007))
Micko Black
Black Mouth (Music Department, How to Pick Up Girls (2011))
Jacob Blackoff
Black Oak Arkansas (Soundtrack, Dazed and Confused (1993))
Natalie Blackorby (Actress, Severed (2002))
Black-of-Broadway (Actor, Wie wär's heut mit Revue? (1983))
The Black Off 2006
Blackowned Cbone (Actor, Killing 4 Time (2016))
Brad Blackorby (Actor, Joint Body (2011))
Cherry Blackood
Bryan 'Wacko' Black (Actor, A Way Back In (2010))
King Micko Black
Black Dog Outfitters
Stanley Black Orchestra (Soundtrack, Shall We Dance (2004))
The Frank Black Orchestra (Actor, The James Melton Show (1951))
Benjamin Black Odinma (Actor, The Broken Record (2016))

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