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Michelle Yeoh (Actress, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (2000))
Sarah Michelle Gellar (Actress, Buffy the Vampire Slayer (1996))
Michelle Oh (I) (Actress, My Korean Jagiya (2017))
Leah Michelle (Actress, Tracks (2013))
Michelle Oh (II) (Actress, Boobs and Revolution (2010))
Sarah Michelle (II) (Actress, Gilgamesh (2014))
Michelle Yeo (Producer, Killer Comebacks (2009))
Leah Michelle Long (Actress, Summer of Seven (2018))
Miah Michelle (Actress, One Man's War (1991))
Leah Michelle Castle (Actor, Collier & Co. (2006))
Sarah Michelle Brown (Director, Just Like Love (2012))
Michelle Ohana (Animation Department, Brave (2012))
Michelle O'Hara (I) (Actress, Pins and Needles (2001))
Michelle Ohumukini (Sound Department, Your Cocoon and You (2014))
Michelle O'Hara (II) (Production Manager, Quest for Camelot (1998))
Michelle Dohme (Self, Kiss of Death (2017))
Sarah Michelle Attard (Miscellaneous, Assassin's Creed (2016))
Tarah Michelle (Actress, E-Preeti (2018))
Michelle Schmidt (II) (Actress, Left Turn Yield (2007))
Michelle Schmidt (I) (Camera Department, Justice for All (2005))
Kamilah Michelle (Self, Why We Wax (2008))
Sarah Michelle (IV)
Leah Michelle Taylor (Production Manager, The Wish (2012))
Ruth Michelle Meyer (Actress, The Heartbreak Kid (2007))
Sarah Michelle Witt (Visual Effects, Avatar 2 (2020))
Sarah Michelle Mitchell (Actor, Manic City: The Blue Streak Legacy (2010))
Judith Michelle Hill (Actress, Ninja (2009))
Lylah Michelle Dixon (Actress, The Pretty One (2013))
Leah Michelle Anderson (Actress, Shenika's Redemption (2016))
Sarah Michelle (III)
Michelle Schmidt (III) (Director, Flowers (2005))
Michelle Schmitt (II)
Michelle Schmidt (IV) (Director, Rps (2006))
Sarah Michelle (VI) (Actress, Speedway (2017))
Sarah Michelle Lahti (Camera Department, The Testimony (2015))
Maliah Michelle (Actress, Chocolate City (2015))
Michelle Schmitt (I) (Actress, Suburban Times (2002))
Elizabeth Michelle Scott (Actress, Annual Getaway (2009))
Sarah Michelle Berger (Actress, Morden im Norden (2012))
Sarah Michelle Nielsen (Music Department, Frame of Reference (2013))
Deborah Michelle Emeran (Actress, The CLOSET (2005))
Sarah Michelle Alexander
Kamilah Michelle Hatcher (Actress, Heaven Is Now (2016))
Zamiarah Michelle Luc (Actor, A Child's Dream (2009))
Leah Michelle Densmore (Actress, Cirque du Soleil: Solstrom (2003))
Michelle ZurSchmiede (Actress, Dry Time (2017))
Sarah Michelle Abbott (Director, Susannah (2006))
Michelle Chmielewski (Actress, Golden Moustache (2012))
Fozounmayeh Michelle (Producer, Dad Dudes (2015))
Ruth Michelle Trippitt
Michelle Tate-Schmidt
Sarah Michelle Morris (Assistant Director, The Wedding Song (2017))
Sarah Michelle Smallman (Camera Department, Sleep Away (2018))
Michelle Faithe Schmidt