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Los Xey (Music Department, Nuestras vidas (1950))
Alexey Losev
Alexey Loshakov (Writer, Drugoy mayor Sokolov (2015))
Alexey Longin (I) (Producer, Vse k luchshemu (2016))
Alexey Longin (II) (Producer, Taboo (2017))
Andrey Losev (Actor, Gadkie lebedi (2006))
Sergey Losev (I) (Actor, MosGaz (2012))
Sergey Losev (IV) (Camera Department, Brut (2016))
Stanley Los (Self, THS Investigates: The Original Night Stalker (2009))
Audrey Losque (Art Department, Un soir au club (2009))
Abbey Lossing (Animation Department, Vice News Tonight (2016))
Jeffrey Loseff (Miscellaneous, Bumper Stumpers (1987))
Sergey Losev (III) (Producer, My Dear Fish (2015))
Sergey Losev (II) (Visual Effects, Space Dogs (2010))
Dewey LoSasso (Actor, Chopped (2007))
Ashley Losada (Visual Effects, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 (2011))
Riley Losey (Actor, Camel Life (2016))
Alexey Lomshin (Art Department, Assassins Run (2013))
Alexey Loginov (I) (Director, Conduction (2015))
Alexey Loparevich (Actor, The Bolshoi Ballet: Live from Moscow (2010))
Alexey Lobachev (Camera Department, Nazad - k schastyu, ili Kto naydyot Sinyuyu ptitsu (2011))
Alexey Loginov (II) (Director, Conduction (2014))
Pepe y los Habanos (Self, Maru a la tarde (2001))
Ashley L. Osborne (Actress, Girls Night (2014))
Carlos Wanderley Lopes (Composer, Mulheres Liberadas (1982))
Sidney Loseff Tamarin (Miscellaneous, The Snake Pit (1948))

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