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Shahadi Wright Joseph (Actress, The Lion King (2019))
Joey Wright (VII) (Actor, Somebody's Darling (2016))
Joey Wright (I) (Actor, The Last of the Finest (1990))
Joey Wright (VI) (Actor, Cooked (2015))
Joey Wright (III) (Actor, Escarpment Blues (2006))
Joey Wright (IX) (Editor, We Are Here (2017))
Joey Wright (VIII) (Casting Department, Elsewhere (2016))
Joey Wright (II) (Sound Department, The Shakespeare Comedy Show (2006))
Joey Wright (V) (Camera Department, Horrible Turn (2009))
Joey Wright (IV) (Actor, Complication (2008))
Alvin Wright-Jones (Actor, Blackout (2012))
Karen Wright Jones (Actress, Breakout Kings (2011))
Wright Johnson
Joey James Wright (Miscellaneous, Bo Burnham: what. (2013))
Lesley Wright Johnson (Producer, The Cottage (2012))
Katherine Wright Johnson (Producer, Search Party (1999))
Joe Wright (IV) (Director, Pride & Prejudice (2005))

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