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Britt Robertson (Actress, Tomorrowland (2015))
Finn Wittrock (Actor, American Horror Story (2011))
Roz Witt (Actress, Tank Girl (1995))
Britt Rose (I) (Actress, Game Shakers (2015))
Dylan Wittrock (Actor, Id (2010))
Mitt Romney (I) (Writer, The Man from Bloomfield Hills (2012))
Peter Wittrock (Actor, Homeboyz II: Crack City (1989))
Mathew Bittroff (Actor, Hell on Wheels (2011))
Elan Wittrock (Actor, A Midsummer Night's Dream (2010))
Dewitt Troupe (Actor, Break the Stage (2018))
Olaf Wittrock
Vera Wittrock (Writer, Sturm der Liebe (2005))
Matt Rozek (Camera Department, The Dilemma (2011))
Steen Wittrock (Self, Venner for livet (2001))
Sara Wittry (Actress, Los Angeles Overnight (2018))
Witt Reese (Miscellaneous, True Life (1998))
Joe Pittro (Producer, AgAu (2014))
Britt Ross (I)
Britt Ross (III)
Kitt Ross (II)
Kitt Ross (I) (Sound Department, Cassini (2017))
Britt Rose (II) (Actor, Ticket to the Haunted Mansion (2013))
Britt Ross (II) (Art Department, Dinner with Fred (2011))
Britt Rowe (Actress, An Evening with My Comatose Mother (2011))
Kit Troyer
Aaron Wittrock (Composer, Ted Bundy: King of Hearts (2016))
Matt Rozzell (I) (Editor, The Note (2012))
Matt Rozzell (II) (Editor, Always Been a Fighter (2014))
Scott Rozelle
Matt Roznovak (II) (Miscellaneous, After Birth )
Scott Rozman (Miscellaneous, Milk Punch (2000))
Matt Rozier (I) (Cinematographer, Saving Grace (2014))
Matt Rozier (II) (Director, Hampton Court Gardens: a year in the life (2016))
Matt Rozier (III) (Cinematographer, The Intervention (2014))
Matt Roznovak (I) (Producer, Black Sugar (2013))
Johari Dewitt-Rogers (Producer, Jazz in the Rain Forest (2013))
Jan Wittrowski (Camera Department, Das Hotelzimmer (2014))
Steven Wittrock (Self, Deadliest Catch (2005))
Scott Wittrock (Camera Department, Bellicose (2010))
Carola Wittrock (Director, Bilderbuch Deutschland (1996))
Anthony Wittrock (Miscellaneous, Hector and the Search for Happiness (2014))
Rainer Wittrock (Editor, Waiting for Player (2012))
Julie Wittrock (Writer, Parallax (2016))
Morten Wittrock (Writer, All That I'll Ever Need (2017))
Steven Wittrock Jr. (Cinematographer, La Monarca/The Monarch Installation (2017))
Nikki Wittrock (Art Department, Kid:Nap:Kin: Exposition (2007))
Chloe Wittry (Actress, Turning Silver (2011))
Leo Wittrien (Actor, Verlorene Landschaft (1992))
Klaus Wittrup (Self, Hvem vil være millionær? (1999))
Lene Wittrup (Writer, DM i stand-up 2006 (2007))
Anders Wittrup (Actor, Iron Sky: The Coming Race (2018))
Björn Wittrin (Miscellaneous, Knospen wollen explodieren (2005))
Tomas Wittrup (Miscellaneous, Hector and the Search for Happiness (2014))
Dawit Trench (Actor, The Tree that Refused to Fall (2016))
Katja Wittrin (Costume Department, Die Wolke (2006))
Antonia Mittrowsky (Actress, 1. April 2000 (1952))
Matt Rosowitz (Sound Department, The Voice That Was Louder Than Before (2016))
Scott Rowitz (Art Department, The Forgotten One (1989))
Matthew Fittro (Actor, Four on the Floor (2009))
Whitt Robert (Camera Department, Iris (2009))
Britt Roberds (Miscellaneous, Professor Dantes and the Severin Conundrum (2008))
Mitt Romney (II) (Actor, The Stories and Adventures of Ormesan, Part II: A great film (2015))
Margit Trost (Miscellaneous, Die Hochzeitskuh (1999))
Eric Mittro
Mia Pittroff (Self, Altinger mittendrin (2008))
Lembit Trolla (Actor, Pangarööv (2009))
Jorrit Tromp (Assistant Director, Diepgeworteld (2015))
Britt Roudier (Actress, Confession d'un dragueur (2001))
Merritt Robertson (Self, Jep & Jessica: Growing the Dynasty (2016))
Tobias Saied Wittrock
David Wittrock Rathje (Camera Department, TV-Avisen (1965))
Matt Rozdoba-Hallows (Writer, Our Steel Story (2011))
Iris Salcedo Mettroz (Actress, El Cumpleaños de Joaquin (2010))
Troy Wittuson (Actor, Belong (2000))
Troy Hewitt (Director, The Sitcom Trials (2013))
Dave Murgittroyd (Actor, Dr & Dr (2012))
Michelle Wittrup (Actor, Huntin' Dinna (2013))
Wittrup Christensen (Self, På hospitalet (1974))
Sawittree Rongthong (Sound Department, Deep Gold 3D (2011))
Rasmus Wittrup (Editorial Department, Hundeliv (2016))
Marie Wittrup Jensen (Producer, Herreløs (2017))
Dominic Wittrin (Actor, Abseits (2018))
Louise Stub Wittrup (Self, Den 6. sans (2002))
Marcel Wittrisch (Actor, Liebeskommando (1931))
Brocken Witt Rebels (Actor, ME1 TV Talks To... Broken Witt Rebels (2015))
Karen Witt-Reynolds (Actress, Trapped in Schizophrenia )
Merritt Roe Smith (Thanks, They Made America (2004))
Britt Rodriguez (Producer, Come Fly with Me Nude (2005))
Sarah Pittroff (I) (Producer, Rette Sich Wer Kann (2011))
Matthew Troy Littrell (Miscellaneous, Alpha Dog (2006))
Britt Rodemich (Actress, Different Kinds (2007))
Britt Robisheaux (Music Department, Carried Away (2009))
Alex Britt Robinson
Kitt Rosenlund (Art Director, Naked Campus (1982))
Christian Fittro
Oscar Acalittro (Miscellaneous, Tombstone (1993))
Sarah Pittroff (II) (Producer, Horst (2009))
Vittorio Quattrong (Miscellaneous, Genesis: When in Rome (2008))
Kenneth Fittro
Britt Roger Sas (Sound Department, Brave Roberta (2015))
Merritt Robinson (Self, The Store Film (2015))
Caroline Mittrow (Actress, A Woman's Passion (2004))
Britt Rosenberg (Production Manager, 3rd Annual Healthcare Symposium (2011))
Macy Zittrouer (Actress, Progidy (2017))
John Bittrolff (Self, PIX 11 Morning News (2000))
Karol Hitt Rowan
Britt Robicheaux (Camera Department, St. Nick (2009))
Bernhard Pittroff (Miscellaneous, Mystery Project (2005))
Wijittra Jittrong (Casting Department, 30° i februari (2012))
Gerritt Roessler (Miscellaneous, National Geographic Explorer (1985))
Britt Rothhammer (Actress, The Soccer Nanny (2011))
Linda Murgittroyd (Actor, Pluto (2011))
Pawittra Buranankorn (Actress, 13: Game of Death (2006))
Jørgen Wittrup Plamboeck
Erik Wittrup Willumsen (Camera Department, The Girl in a Swing (1988))
Heinz Schmitt-Rodermund (Self, 4 + 4 = Wir (1977))
May-Britt Trontveit Jensen (Self, UPS! Det er live (2010))
Hildegard Schmitt-Rodermund (Self, 4 + 4 = Wir (1977))

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