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David Willis (I) (Producer, Hostage (2005))
David E. Willis (Actor, Bring It On (2000))
Willis Davidson (II)
Willis Davidson (I) (Miscellaneous, The Last Producer (2000))
Willis Davidson (IV) (Editorial Department, The Challenge (1998))
Willis Davidson (III) (Producer, Styled by June (2012))
Willis Davies (Assistant Director, Travellin' Round (1975))
David Willis (VIII) (Actor, There Will Be Blood (2007))
David Jay Willis (Writer, Renaissance Girl )
Phillis Davis (Actress, The Dark Side to Love (1984))
William B. Davidson (Actor, I'm No Angel (1933))
Willis S. Davidson (Writer, Overlook, NM (2013))
David Willis (V) (Make Up Department, X-Men Origins: Wolverine (2009))
David Willis (XIX) (Camera Department, Still Waters (2011))
David Willis (XXX)
David Willis (IX) (Cinematographer, Nature (1982))
David Willis (XXXIX) (Camera Department, Pernicio (2018))
David Willis (XXXVI) (Camera Department, Champions (2016))
David Willis (XXI) (Camera Department, Mondays Experts (2010))
David Willis (XI) (Self, US Presidential Elections (1928))
David Willis (XXXIII) (Producer, Traffic 2 (2017))
David Willis (XVIII) (Actor, House of the Witchdoctor (2013))
David Willis (XXVIII)
David Willis (XVI) (Self, Breakfast (2000))
David Willis (IV) (Camera Department, Groundless (2016))
David Willis (XII) (Actor, Blossom (1990))
David Willis (XXXII) (Producer, PortsCenter (2012))
David Willis (II) (Director, ME, I am. (2016))
David Willis (X) (Composer, M Is for Monastery (2013))
David Willis (III) (Art Department, I Don't Buy Kisses Anymore (1992))
David Willis (XXVII) (Music Department, Demons vs. Zombies: The Rise of Azazel (2013))
David Willis (XXXV) (Producer, CICADA! (2018))
David Willis (XIV) (Actor, A Demon in My View (1991))
David Willis (XXV) (Camera Department, Cycle (2009))
David Willis (XV) (Editor, Great British Ghosts (2011))
David Willis (XVII) (Writer, Angel Business Time (2011))
David Willis (XXXVIII) (Director, Masked Robbery (2012))
David Willis (XIII) (Actor, Hollywood Erotic Film Festival (1987))
David Willis (VI) (Actor, G.I. Joe (1990))
David Willis (XXIX) (Director, Hidden Latitudes (2013))
David Willis (XXIV) (Writer, Lavender Girl (2012))
David Willis (XXII) (Actor, Underbelly (2008))
David Willis (XXXI) (Actor, The Mind of a Murderer (2015))
David Willis (XXVI) (Producer, A Measure of the Sin (2013))
David Willis (XX) (Camera Department, A Student Film (2015))
David Willis (XXXIV) (Actor, All for Amy (2015))
David Willis (XXXVII) (Special Effects, All Saints (2017))
David J. Willis (Actor, Cybill (1995))
David Willis (VII) (Miscellaneous, Blind Date (1987))
David Willis (XXIII) (Producer, Taxi Karaoke (2012))
David Willis Sr. (Actor, Die Hard 2 (1990))
Chuck David Willis (Actor, Ant-Man (2015))
Ellis David Perry (Actor, The Demon of Eagle Rock (2018))
Davidson Willis (Actor, Selfless (2016))
William Davidson (VI) (Art Department, The Salton Sea (2002))
David S. Williams Jr. (Visual Effects, Serenity (2005))
James David Williams (Sound Department, Behind Blue Eyes (2015))
David S. Williger (Writer, Cheers (1982))
Joyce Williams Davidson
William Davidson (IV) (Writer, Adventures in Rainbow Country (1969))
David Williscroft (Actor, Doctor Who (1963))
David Willison (I) (Music Department, The Lively Arts (1975))
Michael David Willis (Miscellaneous, Stay with Me (2011))
David Willison (II) (Camera Department, Unstable: Short film (2016))
David Willis Lorenz (Producer, Model Latina (2008))
Davide de Lillis (Director, Rhizophora (2015))
William D. Davidson (Actor, Tuff Luk Klub (1997))
William Davidson (X)
Willie Davidson (Miscellaneous, Play for Today (1970))
William Davidson (I) (Production Manager, The Darkness (2000))
David E. Williams (II)
William Davidsson (Actor, Fight on a Swedish Beach!! (2016))
William Davidson (XI) (Sound Department, Genuine (2006))
Willibrord Davids (Self, Moraalridders (2010))
William Davidson (II) (Actor, Dangerous Offender: The Marlene Moore Story (1996))
David S. Williams (Producer, Boston (2017))
William Davidson (VIII) (Visual Effects, Dracula (1931))
David E. Williams (III) (Producer, Femme Fatales (2011))
William Davidson (XIV)
David E. Williams (I) (Actor, Brubaker (1980))
William Davidson (III) (Production Manager, Rosemary's Baby (1968))
William Davidson (XIII) (Self, American Swing (2008))
William Davidson (XII) (Actor, General Orders No. 9 (2009))
David E. Williams (IV) (Actor, Blood Jungle ...or Eviva il Coltello! (2011))
William E. Davidson (Production Manager, Five Lines (2001))
Willie G. Davidson (Self, I Am Evel Knievel (2014))
William David Somero (Camera Department, Out of the Woods )
William Davidson (V) (Actor, Unforgiven (1992))
David Ellis Dickerson (Writer, House of Card )
David Alexander Willis (Cinematographer, Envisage (2016))
David William Michaelis (Producer, Yeshayahu Leibowitz BeMa'alot (1982))
David Willis Ackerman (Art Department, Day 5 (2016))
David Earl Williams III (Actor, Desert Spring Rose: Film Noir Vignette (2014))
Ross William Wild Davidson
Amy Davidson-Williams (Miscellaneous, Queen of the South (2016))
William David Southall (Actor, Lily Pearl's Hat (2014))
Paul William Davidson (Actor, The Wide World of Mystery (1973))
James David Lewis-Williams (Self, How Art Made the World (2005))

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