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Dana Wheeler-Nicholson (Actress, Fletch (1985))
Nicola Wheeler (I) (Actress, Emmerdale Farm (1972))
Nicola Wheeler (II)
Nicola Wheeler (III) (Make Up Department, Verraaiers (2012))
Diane Wheeler-Nicholson (Actress, Equinox (1992))
Bernice Wheeler (Actress, Small Timers (1929))
Patti Nicole Wheeler (Actress, Love 101: Freshman Class (2014))
Nicole Wheeler (Assistant Director, Leaving Limbo (2013))
PattiNicole Wheeler (Actor, Flowers for Fannie (2013))
Nicky Wheeler-Nicholson (Self, Live @ the Con (2015))
William Otis Wheeler-Nicholson (Actor, Winter in the Blood (2013))

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