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Wayne Rogers (I) (Actor, M*A*S*H (1972))
Jayne County (Actress, Jubilee (1978))
Wayne L. Rogers (Producer, Wind River (2017))
aka "Wayne Rogers"
Wayne Rogers (IV) (Actor, Wildside (1997))
Wayne Rogers (VIII)
Wayne Rogers (VI)
Wayne Rogers (V) (Self, Between the Sheets with Wayne Rogers (in development))
Wayne Rogers (II) (Miscellaneous, The Mosquito Coast (1986))
Joanne Rogers (I) (Self, Speedy Delivery (2008))
Wayne Rogers (IX) (Self, Green Energy Futures (2012))
Dwayne Rogers (Actor, Killing Addiction (2015))
Wayne Rogers (VII) (Self, Power Profiles (1990))
Roger Wayne (Actor, Quantico (2015))
Jayne Rogers (Costume Department, Zombieland (2009))
Suzanne Rogers (I) (Actress, Days of Our Lives (1965))
Barry Wayne Rogers
Michael Wayne Rogers (Actor, Jal al-ji-do mot-ha-myeon-seo (2009))
Brent Wayne Rogers (Actor, Heart, Baby (2017))
DeWayne Rogers (II)
DeWayne Rogers (I) (Actor, Mission Park (2010))
Anne Rogers (I) (Actress, SOLO! (2017))
Jeanne Rogers (Actress, Lost (2004))
Wayne Rodgers (Self, The John Davidson Show (1980))
Elaine Rogers (I) (Producer, Bent (2018))
Da'Vonne Rogers (Actress, The Bold and the Beautiful (1987))
Madeleine Rogers (II) (Actress, Leverage (2008))
Katharine Rogers (Actress, London's Burning (1988))
Diane Rogers (Casting Department, Dead Bang (1989))
Jane Rogers (II) (Casting Department, Frequency (2000))
Joanne Rogers (II)
Gene Rogers (I) (Actor, A Friend, But a Star Boarder (1916))
Lorraine Rogers (Actress, The Doctor and the Playgirl (1963))
Josephine Rogers (I) (Actress, Simana (2016))
Patricia Jayne Rogers (Costume Department, Cyborg (1989))
Layne Rodgers
Shane Rogers (V) (Actor, Friends Meets Seinfeld (2017))
Shane Rogers (X) (Actor, Mismanaged (2018))
Jane Rogers (IV) (Production Designer, Mr. Wroe's Virgins (1993))
Trine Rogers (I) (Cinematographer, Pain (2014))
Rene Rogerson (Actress, The Aftermath (1982))
Irene Rogers (Actor, Swipe Right (2017))
Elaine Rogers (II) (Costume Department, Ripley's Believe It or Not! (1982))
Jane Rogers (VIII) (Art Department, Never Leave Nevada (1990))
Dane Rogers (Actor, Leah Not Leia (2011))
Shane Rogers (II) (Actor, TK421: Why Aren't You at Your Post? (2010))
Shane Rogers (I) (Art Department, Venus & Vegas (2010))
Nadene Rogers (Actress, Tom Stone (2002))
Jane Rogers (III)
Jane Rogers (I) (Writer, Mr. Wroe's Virgins (1993))
Leanne Rogers (II) (Self, News2Gamers TV (2016))
Jane Rogerson (Producer, Cruel and Unusual (2017))
Sarone Rogers (Actress, Hopelessly in June (2011))
Tyrone Rogers (III) (Self, The NFL on CBS (1956))
Rene Rogers (Actress, The Sterling Chase (1999))
Jane Rogers (VII) (Casting Department, The Swap (2016))
Simone Rogers (Self, Cock o' the North (1935))
Shane Rogers (XII) (Self, Wheel of Fortune (1983))
Shane Rogers (IV) (Self, Railroad Alaska (2013))
Zane Rogers (Sound Department, Mocktail (2018))
Anne Rogers (V) (Actress, Someday I Suppose (2005))
Azarene Rogers (Actress, Gone with the Wind (1939))
Anne Rogers (II) (Sound Department, Hollywood Uncensored (1987))
Tyrone Rogers (II) (Miscellaneous, King of the Road (2016))
Daphne Rogers (I) (Actress, Tomcat Angels (1991))
Suanne Rogers (Animation Department, The Raccoons (1985))
Sabine Rogers (Producer, Blank City (2010))
Tyrone Rogers (I) (Self, Jeopardy! (1984))
Gene Rogers (II) (Camera Department, The Helix... Loaded (2005))
Anne Rogers (IV) (Make Up Department, The Waiter (2010))
Arline Rogers (Writer, Steam (1945))
Joanne Rogers (III) (Self, Granada Reports (1992))
Anne Rogers (III) (Producer, The Ancient Astronomers of Timbuktu (2009))
Dan E. Rogers (Actor, Der Kapitän (1997))
Jane Rogers (V) (Miscellaneous, Fireflies (2004))
Jane Rogers (VI) (Casting Department, Man Vs. (2015))
Leanne Rogers (I) (Actress, Liberty (2014))
Tipene Rogers (Camera Department, Hunt for the Wilderpeople (2016))
Elaine Rogers (III) (Self, Fox News Sunday (1996))
June Rogers (Actress, Adoration (2008))
Eugene Rogers
Shane Rogers (VIII) (Actor, The Last Hope (2017))
Erline Rogers (Miscellaneous, Thin Ice (1937))
Lynne Rogers (Actress, The Doctors (1963))
Quinne Rogers (Miscellaneous, Secrets of an Undercover Wife (2007))
Shane Rogers (IX) (Producer, Fruits of Decay (2016))
Daphne Rogers (II) (Actress, Crown Court (1972))
Leanne Rogers (III) (Director, Violet Vixen (2018))
Anne Rogers (VI) (Actor, The Regulators 250th Anniversary Edition (2017))
Shane Rogers (III) (Self, Railroad Alaska (2013))
Trine Rogers (II) (Actress, United, We Save (2015))
Dwayne Rodgers (Cinematographer, Let's Stay Together (2011))
Roxanne Rogers (I) (Actress, Coyotes Kill for Fun (2017))
Dinah Anne Rogers (Actress, Star! (1968))
Gaynell Rogers (Producer, Nell Robinson and the Rose of No-Man's Land (2015))
Anne Rogers Clark (Self, Wiener Takes All: A Dogumentary (2007))
Lynette Rogers (Actress, The Dead Pit (1989))
Roger Sala Reyner (Actor, Breaking the Circle (2011))
Tremayne Rodgers (Actor, Mal Alibi (2014))
Catherine Rogers (II) (Actress, Girl (2018))
Catherine Rogers (I) (Actress, She Hate Me (2004))
Roxanne Rogers (III) (Casting Director, Zelda's Adventure (1995))
Suzanne Rogers (III) (Producer, House of Z (2017))
Damiane Rogers (Visual Effects, The Forgotten Toys (1997))
Christine Rogers (VI) (Miscellaneous, Rescue (2011))
Charlene Rogers (Miscellaneous, The Little Mermaid (1989))
Kristine Rogers (I)
Christine Rogers (I) (Miscellaneous, Raider of the South Seas (1990))
Christine Rogers (IX) (Producer, Restless (2011))
Adriane Rogers (Actress, Simon & Simon (1981))
Stephine Rogers (Make Up Department, Sterling Silver (2015))
Roxanne Rogers (V) (Self, Latex Fashion TV (2015))
Adrienne Rogers (II) (Editorial Department, Autumn Fires (1977))
Ngozi Rejane Rogers (Camera Department, In the Company of Men (1997))
Mary Caroline Rogers (Actress, All We Have (2019))
Breanne Rogers (Art Director, Stuck (2012))
Adrienne Rogers (I) (Actress, The House (2006))
Chistine Rogers (Miscellaneous, House of Cards (1993))
Valentine Rogers (Actor, Content (2018))
Christine Rogers (III) (Make Up Department, Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman (1993))
Loraine Rogers (Writer, All Saints (1998))
Jasmine Rogers (II)
Christine Rogers (X) (Actor, Laws of Attraction (2012))
Christine Rogers (V) (Self, Paid to Play (2005))
Brooke Anne Rogers (Miscellaneous, What Dreams May Come (1998))
Adrianne Rogers (Actress, Alone in the Dark (2008))
Chavonne Rogers (Production Manager, Reds Hearten (in development))
Christine Rogers (XI) (Self, The Bikini Open 8 (1992))
Christine Rogers (II) (Actress, The Next Big Thing (2001))
Caroline Rogers (IV) (Actress, Fatherly Dating Advice (2015))
Caroline Rogers (I) (Actress, Doomwatch (1970))
Vivienne Rogerson (Self, NUSU Celebrating Success Awards (2017))
Julianne Rogers (Actress, Brother Nature (2016))
Jacqueline Rogers (II) (Writer, Shake It Off (in development))
Christine Rogers (VII) (Assistant Director, Agency Time (2010))
Ivy Catherine Rogers (Actress, Enchanted Forrest (2012))
Elliott June Rogers (Actress, Get on Up (2014))
Caroline Rogers (V) (Art Department, Lady Day at Emerson's Bar & Grill (2016))
Nicole Irene Rogers
Kristine Rogers (II)
Christine Rogers (IV) (Writer, I Am Evangeline (2015))
Suzanne Rogers (II) (Self, Project Runway Spotlight: Marchesa (2012))
Amanda Jane Rogers (Actress, Somewhere Between Arnold & Festus (2015))
Madeline Rogers (Actress, A Glove Story (2012))
Jasmine Rogers-Scott (Costume Department, Spartacus (2010))
Thaylene Rogers
Caroline Rogers (III) (Miscellaneous, Shadrach (1998))
Mary Anne Rogers (Actress, Flashback (2011))
Jasmine Rogers (III)
Mark Eugene Rogers (Cinematographer, Playfish (2011))
Karlene Rogerson (Actress, The F.J. Holden (1977))
Susanne Rogers (Actress, Foursome (1971))
Christine Rogers (XII) (Self, 26th Annual Miss Asia USA and 10th Annual Mrs. Asia USA Cultural Pageants (2014))
Roxanne Rogers (II) (Producer, Joe Versus the Volcano (1990))
Caroline Rogers (II)
Madeleine Rogers (I) (Art Department, The 10th Kingdom (2000))
Christine Rogers (VIII)
Kat-Anne Rogers (Actress, Olive Green (2014))
Cathrine Rogers (Actress, Pressure (2014))
Kelsey Joanne Rogers
Adreanne Rogers (Actress, Avalon (2013))
Katherine Rogerson (Actor, Rocks (2016))
Jermaine Rogers (II) (Self, The First 48 (2004))
Jermaine Rogers (I) (Actor, Intemac (2018))
Josephine Rogers (II) (Actress, I Can't Walk (2017))
Roxanne Rogers (IV) (Animation Department, Through the Virtual Cell (2009))
Katherine Rogers (Actress, #Misunderstood (2017))
Jacqueline Rogers (I) (Actress, Rapina al quartiere Ovest (1960))
Catherine Rogers (III) (Composer, Honey Dear (2018))
Jasmine Rogers (I) (Miscellaneous, Maximo: Ghost to Glory (2001))
Darlene Rogers (Actress, Murder Before Dark (2006))
Antuane Rogers (Actor, Catastrophe (2014))
Brandon E. Rogers (Actor, Karate Cop (1991))
Jeanine Rogers (Actress, Paparazzi!: Tales of Tinseltown (1995))
Zerlene Rogers (Make Up Department, Carter High (2015))
Caroline Rogers Driscoll (Actress, Pothound (2011))
Charlene Rogers-Smith
Zarlene Rogers Baxter
Zerlene Rogers Baxter (Actress, Texas Voodoo Zombies (2016))
Catherine Carbone Rogers (Miscellaneous, The Day My Parents Became Cool (2009))
James Duff (I) (Writer, The Closer (2005))

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