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Sela Ward (Actress, Independence Day: Resurgence (2016))
Linds Edwards (Actor, Lethal Weapon (2016))
Edward Selzer (Self, The 30th Annual Academy Awards (1958))
Edward Sewer (Actor, The Warriors (1979))
Howard Segal (II) (Actor, The Last Game (1984))
Bernard Sell (Actor, Crazy Knights (1944))
Ward Sexton (Actor, Resident Evil 4 (2005))
Richard Selvi (Director, Oiled Up (2016))
Howard's End (Transportation Department, Howards End (2017))
Edward Sellek (Writer, Hollyoaks (1995))
Ward Sellars (Sound Department, Eric Clapton and His Rolling Hotel (1980))
Edward Selz (Actor, Silvesterpunsch (1960))
Edward Selph (Actor, Camp Hero-Time (2013))
Elaine Edwards (I) (Actress, The Bat (1959))
Edward Sedgwick (Director, The Flaming Frontier (1926))
Howard S. Ex (Camera Department, Barquero (1970))
Edward See (I) (Actor, Sunshine Alley (1917))
Edward See (II) (Actor, C.S.A.: The Confederate States of America (2004))
Edward Sey (Actor, Becoming Royston (2007))
Ward Serrill (Producer, The Heart of the Game (2005))
Richard Selway (Art Department, Captain America: The First Avenger (2011))
Richard Sellers (Stunts, The Flock (2007))
Pamela Edwards McClafferty (Producer, The Climb (1997))
Elaine Edwards (III) (Actress, Fiddler on the Roof (1971))
Thomas Edward Seymour (Actor, Everything Moves Alone (2001))
Edward Seamon (Actor, The Devil's Advocate (1997))
Leonard Selva (II) (Self, Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations (2005))
Richard Selzer (I) (Actor, Truck Turner (1974))
Howard Seligman (Self, Living on Borrowed Time (2001))
Edward Sellner (II) (Actor, Finding Her (2017))
Edward Sellner (I) (Actor, Monopoly Weekend (2016))
Hereward Selby (Editorial Department, The Life and Death of Peter Sellers (2004))
Edward Seltzer (Camera Department, Girls Are for Loving (1973))
C. Edward Sellner (Writer, Tom Clancy's the Division: Dark Winter (2014))
Arthur Edwards-El
Richard Selano (Actor, The Delta Force (1986))
Gerard Selby (Producer, Evil, I (2012))
Richard Self (II) (Camera Department, Hello, Are You There? (2018))
Richard Selby (Producer, The Locksmith (2010))
Richard Sell (Self, Moving Art (1991))
Richard Selig (Actor, Blunden Harbor (1952))
Leonard Selic (Actor, Choices (1981))
Gérard Selles (Actor, Un château au soleil (1988))
Eduard Selder (Actor, Der tote Hochzeitsgast (1922))
Richard Self (I) (Soundtrack, L'invité (2007))
Bernard Selber
Leonard Selva (I) (Composer, Fatiha (2010))
Edward Sears (III) (Actor, Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare (2016))
Ward Seyssens (Composer, Flatlife (2004))
Edward Sebic (Actor, Enemies: A Love Story (1989))
Edward Seward Jr. (Writer, Jalopy (1953))
Edward Setina (Director, Concentrations (2014))
Howard Segal (V) (Actor, Entirely Accidental (2016))
Howard Seay (Writer, Have Gun - Will Travel (1957))
Edward Settle (Camera Department, L.A. Love Story Part 1 (2011))
Edward Senger (Art Department, Grand Tour: Disaster in Time (1992))
Edward Secard (Producer, Black Sabbath: The Best of MusikLaden Live (1999))
Rob Edwardsen (Actor, Lead Pipe Vigilante (2004))
Edward Sessom (Producer, The Tribute (2015))
Howard Seago (Actor, Wonderstruck (2017))
Edward Sears (I) (Production Manager, One Strange Rock (2018))
Edward Senior (Writer, Tyrant's Tower (1954))
Edward Seaton (I) (Director, Sacrifices (2000))
Howard Segal (I) (Actor, The Killing of Bobby Greene (1994))
Howard Secof (Miscellaneous, For Goodness Sake II (1996))
Edward Sessum (Self, TV-Avisen (1965))
Edward Seaton (II) (Self, FilmFellas: A Webisodic Series (2009))
Edward Serov (Soundtrack, The Woman Chaser (1999))
Edward Seid
Edward Sedig
Howard Segal (VI) (Actor, Room 222 (1969))
Edward Sexton (III) (Self, British Style Genius (2008))
Ward Serrell
Edward Seager (Actor, Order of the Night Eagles (2011))
Edward Sexton (II) (Actor, The Danger Tree (1997))
Howard S. Esbin (Producer, Blood Massacre (1991))
Edward Sears (II) (Actor, Missing from Me (2016))
Howard Seal
Ward Segier (Actor, Cabras (2009))
Edward Sexton (I) (Costume Department, Poor Little Rich Girl: The Barbara Hutton Story (1987))
Edward Seaga (Self, Caribbean Nights: The Bob Marley Story (1982))
Howard Segal (III) (Actor, Kessen (2000))
Howard Segal (IV)
Edward Sewell (Assistant Director, 3 Ways to Kill a Mook (2012))
Edward Seaton (III) (Camera Department, One of a Kind: Cars (2012))
Edward Senyk (Director, Stowaway (2013))
M. Gerard Sellers (Location Management, The Skeleton Key (2005))
Bernard Selling (Writer, Astro (2018))
Tiffany Edwardsen (I) (Actress, The Knife Man (2003))
Russell Edwards (II) (Sound Department, Quantum of Solace (2008))
Tommy Edwardsen (Actor, Kaos i opgangen (1997))
John Lindsey Edwards (Actor, The Baytown Outlaws (2012))
Michael Edwards Eldridge (Actor, Body Language (2008))
Elain Edwards (II) (Cinematographer, Lisa This Is Eric, Eric This Is Lisa (2014))
Elain Edwards (I) (Make Up Department, The Sighting (2015))
Richard Edwards-Earl (Visual Effects, Edge of Tomorrow (2014))
Lenard Selichikov (Actor, Folks (2010))
Greg Beardsell (Music Department, We're Going on a Bear Hunt (2016))
Bernard Sellier (Writer, La fêlure (2018))
Richard Selembo (Actor, Sydney in the City (2010))
Gerard Sellars (Miscellaneous, The Blob (1988))
Dave Beardsell (Producer, Totally Doctor Who (2006))
Leonard Selestewa
Richard Selinkoff (Actor, Shepherd (2017))
Richard Selman (Cinematographer, One Day (1916))
Eduard Selhaus (Cinematographer, Trst (1947))
Richard Selzer (II)
Gerard Sellers (I) (Actor, The Big Easy (1996))
Richard Seltzer (Self, America's First River: Bill Moyers on the Hudson (2002))
Simon Beardsell (Cinematographer, Australian Story (1996))
Gerhard Selchow (Miscellaneous, Der Hund von Blackwood Castle (1968))
Richard Seligman (Animation Department, Santabear's High Flying Adventure (1987))
Hildegard Selensky (Actress, Ehen vor Gericht (1970))
Gerard Sellers (II) (Location Management, Treasure Hunt (2002))
Richard Sellmer (Editorial Department, Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country (1991))
Richard Sellwood (Self, Anglepoise: Under the Spotlight (2014))
Bernard Sellam (Actor, Mes amis (1999))
Justin Beardsell (Art Department, Hibernation (2005))
Bernard Sellem
Bruce Howard Seeds (Actor, BearCity 3 (2016))
Edward Sebesta (Costume Department, 7 Men from Now (1956))
Howard Serpas III (Writer, Supernatural Seekers )
Marius Edwardsen (Actor, Neste Sommer (2014))
Edward Seckerson (Actor, A Bridge Too Far (1977))
Howard Seigelman (Actor, Knots (2004))
Edward Sebastian Jr. (Camera Department, The Finnisher (2014))
Howard Semones (Actor, If You Can't Eat 'Em... (2006))
Neal Edward Seideman
Edward Sepulveda
Ethan Edwardsen (Actor, Limbman (2017))
Richard S. Edwards (Special Effects, Jaws (1975))
Edward Serrano (Music Department, The X Factor (2011))
Howard Seth Cohen (Actor, Larry Gaye: Renegade Male Flight Attendant (2015))
Lindsey Edwards (I) (Actress, Dinner Party Antics (2013))
Howard Seigrist (Self, Superthief: Inside America's Biggest Bank Score (2012))
Kristian Edwardsen (Camera Department, Rock 'n' Royal (2004))
Etoie Edwards-Edlind (Art Department, Night Catches Us (2010))
James Edward Seaton (II) (Producer, The Muse: A Girl's Delicious Daydream About a Dangerous Man (2005))
Lindsey Edwards (II) (Actress, Undefeated (in development))
James Edward Seaton (I) (Producer, The Muse (2006))
Justin Edward Seale (Actor, Two Lovers and a Bear (2016))
Thomas Edwardsen (Self, Oslo S (2016))
Simon Edwardsen (Actor, Oh, mein Papa (1958))
B. Edward Seeman (Actor, Killer Crack (2010))
Edward Seth Pine
Alan Edwards Edwards (Visual Effects, Venus in Flames (2013))
Lilli Howard-Sear (Art Department, Top Knot Detective (2017))
Mathew Edwardsen
Howard Sedlitz (Actor, The Slasher (1958))
Lloyd S. Edwards (Art Department, Objective, Burma! (1945))
Edward Seychell (Art Department, Agora (2009))
Howard Sesterman (Miscellaneous, Prostitution Pornography USA (1971))
Edward Senkowski (Sound Department, Real Gangsters (2013))
Tiffany Edwardsen (II)
Edward Serotta (Producer, A Bookstore in Six Chapters (2013))
Howard Seivright (Actor, Monday's Place (2009))
Edward Godsell (Director, The Unbearable (2002))
Russell Edwards (IV) (Director, Letting Rip... (1998))
Russell Edwards (I) (Producer, Flair (1990))
Russell Edwards (V) (Actor, The Battle for Georgia (2009))
Russell Keith Edwards (Producer, China Test Girls (2017))
Tinsel Edwards (Self, Outside the Box (2015))
Selena Howards (Actress, Young People Do It (1997))
Russell Edwards (VI) (Self, London Calling (2015))
Edward Staroselsky (Director, The Nick of Time (1993))
Howard Sponseller (Actor, The Metropolitan Opera Presents (1977))
Selena Edwards (Make Up Department, Andre Foster (2014))
Edward Stossel (Actor, Harry T. Moore (2018))
Russell Edwards (VII)
Selina Lee Edwards (Miscellaneous, Macbeth (2018))
Edwards Russel
Jane Sellen Edwards (Producer, Capitalism: A Love Story (2009))
Richard Stitselaar (Visual Effects, Killzone (2004))
Leeland Edwards
Mariela Edwards (Actress, Lights Out (2016))
Melanie Edwards (II)
Melanie Edwards (I) (Actress, Stingers (1998))
Angela Edwards (V) (Actress, Neighbours (1985))
Angela Edwards (IV) (Miscellaneous, Independent Lens (1999))
Angela Ace Edwards (Director, Someone Just Like You (2013))
Angela Edwards (VIII)
Angela Edwards (IX) (Miscellaneous, I am Jane Doe (2017))
Elaine Edwards (IV) (Actress, Toomelah (2011))
Angela Edwards (I) (Miscellaneous, Inside Moves (1980))
Angela Edwards (III) (Editorial Department, Head Cheerleader Dead Cheerleader (2000))
Angela Edwards (II) (Self, The Anti Gravity Room (1995))
Michaela Edwards (Art Department, Coffee Break (2018))
Gabriel A. Edwards (Camera Department, Necessary Measures (2006))
Pamela Edwards (Actress, Maid of Honor (1999))
Angela Edwards (X) (Actress, Enough (2017))
Madelaine Edwards (Actress, First Day (2017))
Angela Edwards (VI)
Sheela Edwards (Actress, Population: 1 (1986))
Angela Edwards (VII) (Actress, Heavener )
Melanie Edwards (VI) (Actress, A Few Less Men (2017))
Elaine Edwards (II) (Actress, The Jerk (2013))
Melanie Edwards (IV) (Actress, The Center (2009))
Micaela Edwards (Camera Department, A Florist (2018))
Melanie Edwards (III) (Actress, Escape (1980))
Makela Edwards (Miscellaneous, Oakland B Mine (2010))