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Zoë Wanamaker (Actress, My Family (2000))
Sam Wanamaker (Actor, Raw Deal (1986))
Amy Wanamaker (Actress, Fritz, Francis and Frederick (2009))
Jessica Wanamaker (Actress, The Shoebox (2010))
Rob Wanamaker
Jen Wanamaker (Producer, White (2010))
Ed Wanamaker (Miscellaneous, The Mouse (1996))
Marc Wanamaker (Miscellaneous, Chaplin (1992))
Miranda Wanamaker (Miscellaneous, Remember (2015))
Dwana Makeba (Make Up Department, Quincy & Althea (2007))
Millie Wannamaker (Actress, My Name Is Paul (2013))
David Wanamaker (I) (Actor, The Final Countdown (1980))
Jana Makerova (Actress, Le guerriere dal seno nudo (1973))
Emma Nanamaker (Actress, Mother and Child (2007))
Heatherly Wanamaker (Actress, Reed Between the Lines (2011))
Rick Wanamaker (Actor, Scoring (1979))
David Wanamaker (II) (Music Department, Bazookas: The Movie (2009))
Jesse Wanamaker (Writer, Fell (2010))
Adam Wanamaker (Miscellaneous, Red Stars of Brighton (2018))
Daren Wanamaker (Actress, I Speak, I Move On )
David Wanamaker (III)
Christa Wanamaker (Producer, Heart Dekko (in development))
Brian Wanamaker
Zack Wanamaker (Actor, Mystery Brony Theater 4000 (MBT4K) (2014))
John Wanamaker (Self, Pathé's Weekly, No. 36 (1913))
Poppy Wanamaker
Chaz Wanamaker
Ella Wanamaker (Miscellaneous, Dead Run (2017))
Rodman Wanamaker (Self, Gaumont Weekly, No. 52 (1913))
Jennifer Wanamaker (Production Designer, Chopped (2007))
Kelli Wanamaker (Actor, Pushing Buttons (2016))
Jack Wanamaker (I) (Producer, Human Error (1988))
John C. Wanamaker (Actor, Heartstopper (1989))
Robert Wanamaker (Miscellaneous, Hockey Weekend Across America (2014))
Ashley Wanamaker (Miscellaneous, Marauder (2016))
Julie Wanamaker (Miscellaneous, Seven Days of Grace (2006))
Jack Wanamaker (II) (Camera Department, Legacy (2015))
Paisley Wanamaker (Actor, Dead Run (2017))
Beckett Wanamaker (Actor, Animal Adoption PSA (2014))
Tony Wannamaker (Cinematographer, Amplifier (1999))
Josh Wannamaker (Actor, Far from Home: The Adventures of Yellow Dog (1995))
Jenn Wannamaker (Art Department, Sweet Genius (2011))
Joe Wannamaker (Camera Department, Rats (2016))
Jan Wannamaker (Make Up Department, Kicking Aspen: Extreme Comedy (1996))
Bob Wannamaker
Monigue Wannamaker (Make Up Department, Three 6 Mafia: Choices - The Movie (2001))
Jeff Wannamaker (Actor, Close Encounters (2014))
Seth Wannamaker (Actor, Red Sun (2017))
Matthew Wannamaker (Miscellaneous, Soul's Midnight (2006))
Adam Wannamaker (Actor, Tesla (2015))
Rhonda Wannamaker (Producer, Chief Doreen of the Shabot Obaadjiwan First Nation (2018))
Dan Wannamaker (Miscellaneous, Pelswick (2000))
Tom Wannamaker (Self, Raggedy: The Magical Legacy of Johnny Gruelle (2013))
Rob Wannamaker (Actor, Everything You Want (2005))
Braxton Wannamaker (Self, Forensic Files (1996))
Ally Wannamaker (Self, As We Are, So Below: The Making of 'As Below' & 'So Above' (2017))
Christopher Wanamaker (Actor, Playground Politics (2011))
Jana-Maria Shumaker (Art Department, Sleight (2016))