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Anthony Waller (I) (Producer, Mute Witness (1995))
Tyler Anthony (II) (Actress, Five Days (2007))
Anthony Galleran (Actor, Picture This (2012))
Tyler Anthony (III) (Actor, Out of This World (2017))
Anthony Waller (II) (Production Designer, Edward the King (1975))
Anthony Waller (IV) (Actor, BLANCH'D (2016))
Anthony Waller (III) (Actor, Der Zwilling (1982))
Taylor Anthony Miller (Actor, Magic City (2012))
Anthony Falleroni (Director, Blurry (2015))
Walter Anthony (III) (Actor, The Stranger from Arizona (1938))
Walter Anthony (V) (Actor, Torihada (2010))
Walker Anthony (Actor, Hero (2014))
Walter Anthony (II) (Actor, Paroled from the Big House (1938))
Walter Anthony (I) (Writer, The Man Who Laughs (1928))
Walter Anthony (IV) (Miscellaneous, The Ice Flood (1926))
Katey Walter Anthony
Anthony W. Allen (Actor, Uncanny X-Men (2012))
Tyler Anthony Davis (Actor, Hidden America with Jonah Ray (2016))
Anthony Cavallero (Art Department, The Fantastic Four (1994))
Anthony Haller (Art Department, The Basement (2009))
Anthony Wallersteiner (Self, Saturday Sportsday (2013))

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