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Chris Walas (Special Effects, The Fly (1986))
Chris Walasek (Composer, The Buzz (2017))
Chris Wallasch (Self, Schlagerstudio (1970))
Nicolas Christenson (Actor, Deep Dark Canyon (2013))
Christen La Scala (Self, Dog Whisperer with Cesar Millan (2004))
Nicolas Christl (Actor, TKKG und die rätselhafte Mind-Machine (2006))
Douglas Christian (II) (Stunts, Sicario (2015))
Christine Stallasch (Producer, Nevada Testsite (2004))
Nicholas Christo (Director, Picking Up (2017))
Nicolas Christin (II) (Art Department, La tête haute (2015))
Nicolas Christe (Director, Leitrun (2013))
Douglas Chrismas (Self, Spirit Art Show (2013))
Nicholas Christie (II) (Actor, The Kids, Cruel (2015))
Niclas Christensen (Actor, Kenny Starfighter (1997))
Atlas Christie (Actor, Harry (2013))
Niclas Christenson (II)
Nicolas Christin (I) (Actor, Ma saison super 8 (2005))
Niclas Christenson (I) (Music Department, Dracula: The Musical (2010))
Nicolas Christin (III) (Self, Deep Web (2015))
Niclas Christenson (IV) (Camera Department, Elsas Värld (2011))
Nicolas Christ (Self, MTV Sem Vergonha (2012))
Douglas Christian (I) (Director, Citizen 54 (2011))
Douglas Christopher (I) (Actor, Elements of Society (2001))
Nicolas Christmann (Editorial Department, Des manchots et des hommes (2005))
Nicholas Christie (I) (Make Up Department, House of the Black Death (1965))
Douglas Christenson (Producer, C: 299,792 Kilometers Per Second (2013))
Nicolas Christol (Casting Department, L'enfant d'en haut (2012))
Nicholas Christy
Nicholas Christakis (Self, Pursuing Happiness (2015))
Douglas Christie Jr. (Actor, Stanley (2010))
Nicholas Christmas (Actor, DJ Stan Da Man (2015))
Niclas Christenson (III) (Writer, Partaj (2011))
Christoph Blaschke (Assistant Director, The Woodsmen (2018))
Douglas Christopher (II) (Stunts, Private Duty Nurses (1971))
Nicolas Christian (Director, Silent Reading (2018))
Nicholas Christopher (Actor, Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll (2015))
Walter Andreas Christen (Composer, Das zweite Schraube-Fragment (1986))
Silas Christmas-Møller (Actor, Mit 50/50 liv (2016))
Nicholas Christopulos (Sound Department, Body Not Included (2018))
Silas Christofferson (Self, Pathé's Weekly, No. 27 (1912))
Onwe Douglas Christian (Producer, Man on Ground (2011))
Nicholas Christenfeld (I) (Editorial Department, The Indestructibles (2011))
Nicholas Christianson (Actor, Music Box (1989))
Philipp Niklas Christ (Director, The Black Heart (2018))
Nicholas Christensen (Actor, Black Box (2017))
Nicholas Christenfeld (II) (Self, Taboo (2002))
Nicholas Chriswell Smith (Actor, Rogue River (2017))
Niclas Christoffer Olsson (I) (Actor, Solsidan (2010))
Niclas Christoffer Olsson (II) (Actor, Solsidan (2010))
Niklas Christian Majland Bruhn (Art Department, Lang historie kort (2015))
Nicholas Christopher Hazatone (Actor, Blonde Squad (2014))
Shiree Nicholas Christopher (Actress, 451 (in development))

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