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Angela Vint (Actress, Lars and the Real Girl (2007))
Kodi Saint Angelo (Actress, The Far Side of Normal (2016))
Vincent Angell (Producer, The Blacklist (2013))
Vincent Angelo (I) (Actor, Parks and Recreation (2009))
Angela Fontana (Actress, Indivisibili (2016))
Melanie Sintangelo (Actress, Pink Angels (1972))
Angela Quintana (I) (Actress, Who's Afraid of Vagina Wolf? (2013))
Kevin Tangelder (Art Department, De Sleutelbewaarder (2014))
Angela Quintana (II) (Producer, La Chispa de Chef Carmen Gonzalez (2012))
Vincent Angelini (Actor, Kill the Irishman (2011))
Vincent Angelo (II) (Camera Department, Vikalpa (2010))
Vinny Santangelo (Self, Cinderella Man: The James J. Braddock Story (2005))
Vincenzo Santangelo (Production Manager, Conquest (1983))
Angelo Vintaloro (Self, A Sicilian Odyssey (2009))
Miguel Angel Quintana (Self, Hechos y protagonistas (2008))
Angel Quintana (I) (Actor, Fall Back (2017))
Angel Quintana (II) (Self, eSports Generation (2017))
Angelic Quintana (Miscellaneous, Twisted Metal: Black (2001))
Felipe Saint'Angelo (Composer, Morada (2003))
Angelica Polintan (Actress, Madrasta (1996))
Angela Fontanez (Miscellaneous, Amazing Grace (1974))
Tangela Fontanez
Angela Maraventano (Actress, Respiro (2002))
Angela Montano (Actress, Bagong Buwan (2001))
Angela Quintavalle (Miscellaneous, No Man's Land (2001))
Angela Tintaya
Angela Quintaro (Actress, Popsicle (2010))
Ángela Rodríguez Quintana (Assistant Director, Historia de un director idiota (2010))
Angelina Quintanilla (Actress, Red Ink (2000))
Michelangelo Santana (Location Management, The Serpent and the Rainbow (1988))
Miguel Angel Muntaner (Producer, Letters to Paul Morrissey (2018))

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