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Roberto Roberti (I) (Director, Passa l'amore (1916))
aka "Vincenzo Leone"
Vincenzo Leone (Camera Department, L'ultimo (2013))
Drew Vincenzo Leon (Actor, The Clown Clause (2017))
Vincenzo Leonardi (Director, Lightning Fingers (2012))
Vincenzo Leto (Actor, Alice and the Land That Wonders )
Vincenzo Leombruno (Visual Effects, Ender's Game (2013))
Vincenzo Galeone (Director, Amarsi a Redù (2010))
Vincenzo Monteleone (Editor, Reel to Real (1992))
Vincenzo Levante (Actor, Quanto basta (2018))
Vincenzo Lesci (Actor, Unico Grande Amore (2015))

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