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Vince Barnett (I) (Actor, Scarface (1932))
Barrie Vince (Editorial Department, The Bounty (1984))
Vince Barrows (Actor, Tame Men and Wild Women (1925))
Vince Barry (Art Department, True Blood (2008))
Vince Barrese (Actor, Pathways (2011))
Maurice Barrier (Actor, Salut l'artiste (1973))
Vince Barenson (Camera Department, 11 Days, 11 Nights 2 (1990))
Vince Barone (I) (Actor, A Man Called Death (2015))
Vince Bartola (Actor, Contrast (2017))
Vince Barni (Actor, Run for Your Life (1965))
Vince Barnett (IV)
Vince Barnett (III) (Producer, Scienstars (2014))
Vince Barone (II) (Actor, In the Grip of Fear (2016))
Vince Barber (Camera Department, You're Only Young Twice (1977))
Vince Barnett (II) (Editor, Just Call Joel (2013))
Vince Barker (Miscellaneous, Spice Girls: Live in Istanbul (1997))
Lance Barrios (Actor, The Eternal: Guardian of Light (2018))
Bruce Barrie (Music Department, American Experience (1988))
Vince Barrucco (Actor, Making the Rules (2014))
Constance Barrie (Actress, Aquila (1997))
Marie-France Barrier (Director, Un procureur sur la ville (2017))
Vince Bartlett (Art Department, Quills (2000))
Vince Barcelona (Writer, Holy Ghost, New Mexico (2013))
Temperance Barrios (Actress, Test Group (2015))
Maurice Barrie (Camera Department, Dear Caroline (1951))
Béatrice Barrier (Director, vera (2015))
Beatrice Barrier (Actress, vera (2015))
Patrice Barrie (Actress, I Hate Kids )
Vincent Barrière (Composer, El Arca de Noé (2014))
Vincent Charrier (Composer, Yaourts mystiques (2000))
Harriet Vincent
Vincent Guarriello (Art Department, Taxi (2004))
Comedian Vince Barnett (Actor, Laundromat (2010))
Vincenza Carrieri-Russo (Actress, Sister Italy (2012))

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