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Andy Umberger (Actor, Deja Vu (2006))
G. Umberger (Art Department, The Burglar (1928))
Valérie Schlumberger (Actress, À nos amours (1983))
Kati Umberger
R.J. Umberger (Self, In the Crease (2006))
Matt Umberger (Actor, Extremely Used Cars: There Is No Hope (2015))
Jake Umberger (Self, Music City Shakedown (2012))
Rene Umberger (Self, The Dark Hobby (2019))
Lea Umberger (Costume Department, The Great New Wonderful (2005))
Les Umberger (Visual Effects, King Kong (2005))
Randall Baumberger
Francis Damberger (Actor, Passchendaele (2008))
Erika Blumberger (Actress, Alpenglühn im Dirndlrock (1974))
Andy Bamberger (Producer, Nickelodeon Arcade (1992))
Tamera Baumberger (Actress, A Bunny's Tale (1985))
Randy Bergeron (Actor, Silent Scream (2005))
Randy Berger
Steve Umberger (Actor, Matlock (1986))
François Baumberger (Production Manager, Milky Way (2014))
Brant Rumberger (Sound Department, Pinch Me (2010))
Amber Gerard (Actress, Verschwinden (2006))
Pierre Schlumberger (Director, Thoughts of a Runner (2015))
Randy Sollenberger (Producer, Expedition Impossible (2011))
Emmanuel Schlumberger (Producer, Police (1985))
Gabrielle Raumberger (Art Department, Sam Kinison: Breaking the Rules (1987))
Bob Strumberger (Sound Department, Housereef Mediteranean (2003))
Miroslav Stumberger (Actor, Dva kapetana (1963))
Manfred Thumberger (Art Department, Secrets of the Dead (2000))
David Umberger (Camera Department, American Experience (1988))
Judith Pumberger (Camera Department, Take Me Home (2005))
Katie Baumberger (Miscellaneous, Jose Canseco: The Truth Hurts (2016))
Liliana Braumberger (I) (Camera Department, Marital Problems (2017))
Eric Schlumberger (Producer, Z (1969))
Andreas Baumberger (Cinematographer, Sherpas - Die wahren Helden am Everest (2009))
Eva Zaumberger (Actress, Walulis sieht fern (2011))
Joshua Humberger (Sound Department, Playhouse (2003))
Andrew Rumberger (Cinematographer, The Ranch (2008))
Heidi Baumberger (Make Up Department, Lila dit ça (2004))
Herbert Schaumberger (Camera Department, Die goldene Pest (1954))
Michael Baumberger (Self, Kill Gil Volume 1 (2005))
Philipp Raumberger (Sound Department, Jenseits (2006))
Ophélie Schlumberger (Writer, Le Jury (2017))
Vanja Baumberger (Producer, Safe Delivery: Traditional Birth Attendants in Liberia (2009))
Liliana Braumberger (II) (Director, Clean Restart (2014))
Amy Margerum Berg (Miscellaneous, Jackie Robinson (2016))
Jean Schlumberger (Costume Designer, Siren of Atlantis (1949))
Colin Baumberger (Actor, Tales of a 5th Grade Zombie Slayer: DAY 57 (2015))
Simone Schaumberger (Miscellaneous, Wechselspiel (2013))
Anne Rumberger
Andrew Ryan Rumberger (Self, The Tony Danza Show (2004))
Igor Schlumberger (Actor, Je vous aime (1980))
Heinrich Baumberger (Self, Nachtcafé (1987))
Michael E. Humberger (Art Department, The Untouchables (1987))
Suzanne Umberger (Producer, Brawny: Georgia Pacific's International Women's Day Campaign (2016))
Thomas Numberger (Camera Department, fresh4u am Morgen (2004))
Josef Pumberger (Actor, Kommissar Taler (2014))
Bele Kumberger (Self, Anatevka - Ein Dorf am See (2014))
Michael Bumberger (Make Up Department, Sweet Heart Nico (2014))
Jennifer Rumberger (I) (Actress, Lost and Found (2013))
Julian Umberger (Music Department, URN: Cast in Amber (2013))
Royce Umberger (Actor, Yard Sale (2006))
Anna Braumberger (Location Management, Hector and the Search for Happiness (2014))
Hans Bumberger (Actor, Jump! (2008))
Sierra Umberger (Actress, Shift (2018))
Janine Schlumberger (Costume Department, Romance (1999))
Christina Pumberger (Actress, Kommissar Taler (2014))
Helmut Schaumberger (Self, Hubert von Goisern macht Schule (2015))
Meagan Rumberger (Actress, The Half-Life Horror from Hell or: Irradiated Satan Rocks the World! (2014))
Alicia Braumberger (Art Department, Clean Restart (2014))
Megan Umberger (Actress, Blind Dating (2006))
Bill Humberger (Transportation Department, Good Guys Wear Black (1978))
Fabian Blumberger (Self, Euro Video Grand Prix (2006))
Georg Baumberger (Actor, Wodzek (1985))
Jean-Luc Baumberger (Art Department, Animal Heart (2009))
Dylan Dumberger (Actor, L'offrande sacrée (2016))
Keith Umberger (Actor, Vineyard (2004))
Carol Ann Baumberger
Amy Baumberger (II) (Production Manager, Decay (2015))
Alain Schlumberger (Actor, Sale comme un ange (1991))
Rudolf Lumberger (Actor, Konrad Hartls Lebensschicksal (1918))
Stefanie Umberger
Saxon Umberger (Actor, Flesh of my Flesh (2015))
Tom Brumberger (Make Up Department, In the Land of Women (2007))
Jennifer Rumberger (II) (Actor, Bohemian National Cemetery (2015))
Dan Strumberger (Actor, In an Instant (2015))
Martin Schlumberger (Actor, The Devil, Probably (1977))
Melissa Umberger (Actor, White Nite (2015))
Judith Schlumberger (Producer, Toubab Bi (1991))
Helene Schlumberger (Actor, Constellations (2007))
Amy Baumberger (I) (Miscellaneous, Decay (2015))
Amanda Fumberger (Art Department, CrashBurn (2003))
Chelsea Umberger (Actress, Armageddon Ed's Ticket to Hell (2012))
Brad Bumberger (Self, Surface (2008))
Manuela Gumberger (Animation Department, Hot Dogs: Wau - wir sind reich! (1999))
Sanine Schlumberger (Costume Designer, Anatomy of Hell (2004))
Tanja Stumberger (Actress, Europe's Debt: America's Crisis? (2012))
Mr. Schlumberger
Gail Strumberger
Erich Schaumberger (Actor, Monique, mein heißer Schoß (1978))
Jeffrey Charlton Umberger (Actor, Consenting Adults (1992))
Randy Ebersberger (Producer, Nannyhood (2017))
Randy Thauberger (Art Department, The Legend of the Silver Raven (1982))
Andy Frankenberger (Self, Poker Night in America (2014))
Katya Berger Andreadakis (Self, John Berger or The Art of Looking (2016))
Günther Amberger (Actor, Engels & Consorten (1986))
Amber Geraghty (Actress, Come on Eileen (2010))
Freddie Bamberger and Pam (Self, A Ray of Sunshine: An Irresponsible Medley of Song and Dance (1950))
Rainer Antesberger (Editor, Vanitas (2013))
Günther Antesberger (Producer, Klingendes Österreich (1986))
Frank Heimberger
Franzl Hamberger (Self, Drei mal neun (1970))
Guylaine Schlumberger (Actress, My Life to Live (1962))
Samantha Schlumberger
Vladimir Strumberger (Visual Effects, Technotise - Edit i ja (2009))
Florence Schlumberger (Casting Department, Silberwald (2011))
Nicolas Schlumberger (Producer, Old Love Desert (2012))
Gabriel Schlumberger (I) (Animation Department, The Incredibles (2004))
Christian Schlumberger (Actor, Lancelot of the Lake (1974))
Slobodan Strumberger (Composer, Technotise - Edit i ja (2009))
Gabriel Schlumberger (II)
Vincent Schlumberger (Art Department, Les Dames (2010))
Christine Baumberger (Make Up Department, Bin'o Bine (2004))
Blumberger Musikanten (Self, Alles hört auf Ottokar (1979))
Sabrina Schlumberger (Actress, Freeware (2000))
Charles Schlumberger (Editorial Department, Cyrano de Bergerac (1923))
France de Wustemberger (Editor, Stairs 1 Geneva (1994))
Franz Untersalmberger (Sound Department, Hochstaplerin der Liebe (1954))
Irena Kramberger Uran (Producer, Heavenly village (2012))
Christine Baumberger-Ostertag (Self, Der Kreis (2014))
Dagny Phillips-Stumberger (Art Department, Archer (2009))
Elisabeth Aubert Schlumberger (Director, Regarde-moi (1993))