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Twiggy (I) (Actress, The Boy Friend (1971))
Jeordie White (Soundtrack, The Matrix (1999))
aka "Twiggy Ramirez"
Alyssa Rayomie Tibbs (Actress, Trafficked (2017))
nickname "Twiggy"
Sharon Hinnendael (Actress, Rites of Passage (2012))
aka "Twiggy Rose"
Twiggy Tallant (Actress, Vegas Rat Rods (2014))
Twiggy Hunter (Actor, The Beverly Chills: Big Dog Feat. Ron Jeremy + Stix Zadinia (2017))
Connor Law Twigg (Miscellaneous, Hellboy (2019))
nickname "Twiggy"
Twiggy Bossuyt (Actress, Het varken van Madonna (2011))
Twiggy (VII) (Soundtrack, Pasapalabra (2016))
Twiggy (VI) (Actor, Edge of Seventeen (1998))
Twiggy (V) (Self, Slovensko má talent (2008))
Twiggy (III) (Soundtrack, Prova de Amor (2005))
Twiggy (IV) (Miscellaneous, Somewhere, Anywhere, Everywhere (2004))
Twiggy (II) (Actress, Sag-haye velgard (2004))
Brad Twigg (Producer, Frames of Fear (2016))
Mckayla Twiggs (Actress, Winter's Tale (2014))
Matt Wiggins (II) (Actor, The Dying of the Light (2016))
Twiggy Sanders (Self, The White Shadow (1978))
Wiggy (Self, Never Mind the Buzzcocks (1996))
Twiggy Marie (Producer, The Shifty Planet of Dr. Strange (2012))
Twiggy Turner (Art Department, The Devil's Dosh (2011))
Twiggy Hirota (Writer, Madrid 11M: Todos íbamos en ese tren (2004))
Twiggy Daytz (Writer, Mini-Skirt Love (1967))
Twiggy Camara (Actress, Toru (2013))
Jenny Twigge (Actress, Spy Trap (1972))
Adrian Twigg (Actor, Kurzeme Fortress (2017))
Shelley Duvall (Actress, The Shining (1980))
nickname "The Texas Twiggy"
Twiggee (Self, Australia's Got Talent (2007))
Nan Twigg (Actress, Live PD: Women on Patrol (2018))
Brent Wiggins (Editorial Department, The Last of the Mohicans (1992))
Gabe Twigg (Cinematographer, Spunk's Not Dead (2018))
Twiggy Matiwana (Director, The Bicycle Man (2016))
Alex Twigg (Actor, Volume (2012))
Twiggy Mauduit (Actress, Jog! (2009))
Twiggy Pucci Garçon (Self, The Out List (2013))
Twiggy Sorenson (Actress, Catching Summer )
Twiggy Leonard
Latoyá 'Twiggy' Ewings (Costume Department, Dead Ends (2016))
Twiggy Pucci Garcon (Writer, Kiki (2016))
Twiggy Fanneli
Karl Twigg (Composer, The Honest in Dishonesty (2011))
Michael Twigg (Producer, Happy Feet (2006))
Sean Twigg (Editorial Department, Nothing Left Unsaid: Gloria Vanderbilt & Anderson Cooper (2016))
Sam Twigge (Animation Department, Mr. Men and Little Miss (1995))
Greg Twigg (Visual Effects, Valley Uprising (2014))
Tara Twigg (Producer, Zixx: Level Three (2007))
Dave Twigg (Actor, Who Killed Nancy? (2009))
Twiggie Au (Producer, Chuk sing mooi ji yee a suen a (1996))
Liam Twigg (Actor, U.F.O. (2012))
Todd Twigg (Self, Insane Coaster Wars (2012))
Anne Twigg (Actress, The Tudor Touch (1937))
Alan Twigg (Producer, Spilsbury's Coast (1992))
Mark Twigg (Production Designer, TV Offal (1997))
Ann Twiggs
John Twigg (I) (Miscellaneous, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (2005))
John Twigg (II) (Sound Department, Need for Speed: Most Wanted (2005))
Ryan Twigg (Camera Department, Seventeen Again (2000))
Tony Twigg (Director, A Passion Play (1992))
Randy Twigg (Actress, Desire Will Set You Free (2015))
Bob Twiggs (Self, Nasa Edge (2007))
Leo Twiggs (Self, Leo Twiggs: Requiem for Mother Emanuel (2016))
Joe Twigg (Self, Body Cam (2018))
Andy Twigg (Actor, U.F.O. (2012))
Tom Twigge (Writer, The Children of the New Forest (1955))
Gary Twigg (Actor, Paper Mask (1990))
Angela Twigg (Actress, Dead End (1999))
Honey Twigg (Make Up Department, Bloodhounds of Broadway (1989))
Wiggy Andrews (Producer, The Search for Atlantis (2000))
Daniel Wiggy (Camera Department, Septième ciel Belgique (2005))
Regina Twigg (Self, Switched at Birth: Kimberly's Story (1993))
Isis A. Twigg (Actor, Baby Crazy (2016))
Venetia Twigg (Actress, Love Freely But Pay for Sex (2013))
Tanika Twigg (Actress, That Little Yellow Pill (2011))
Cathy Twigg (Miscellaneous, Kung Fu Panda (2008))
Aaron Twiggs (Actor, First Person Waiter Videogame (2014))
Victor Twiggs (Self, A Band Called Death (2012))
Alex P. Twigg (Visual Effects, Avengers: Infinity War (2018))
Mindy Twigg (II)
Lisa Twigger (Actress, Peak Practice (1993))
Stephen Twigg (Self, The Sunday Programme (1994))
Denny Twigg (Producer, Bobbington (2013))
Linda Twigg (Actress, Little Sweetheart (1989))
Simon Twigg (Actor, Summer Playhouse (1954))
Irisa Twigg (Self, Switched at Birth: Kimberly's Story (1993))
Denny P. Twigg
Susan Twigg (Camera Department, Spytrap: The True Story of Petrov and Philby (1985))
Cassie Twiggs (Actress, Test Heist (2014))
Matt Wiggers (Composer, At the Edge of the Labyrinth (2012))
Caleb Twigg (Miscellaneous, Zombinatrix (2020))
Gabe Twiggs (Camera Department, Unbanned: The Legend of AJ1 (2018))
Scott Wiggin
Steven Twigg (Self, In the Spotlight (2015))
Kat Wiggins
John Twiggs (Cinematographer, Sun River Homestead (2002))
Monique Twigg (Art Department, Sonata (1997))
Peter Twigge (Miscellaneous, Casino Jack (2010))
Darryl Twiggs (Self, The Regtech Show (2018))
Carri Twigg (Self, Race in America: An MTV Discussion (2017))
Hannah Twigg (Make Up Department, Precognition (2018))
Matt Wiggins (IV) (Camera Department, Our Time (2009))
Terry Twigg (Editor, Loving the Dead (1991))
Robert Wiggin (Miscellaneous, The Wrong Car (2016))
Twig Wiggins (Self, Granny's Got Game (2013))
Barbara Twigg (Producer, 5 Minutes (1995))
Jeremy Twigg
Matt Wiggins (I)
Stella Twiggs (Producer, Weird Love (2014))
Byron Twiggs (Writer, Mod Squad (1968))
Garry Twigg (Visual Effects, Tomorrow Never Dies (1997))
Edward Twigge
David Twigge (II) (Self, Czech Beer War (2014))
James Twigg (Actor, The Improbable Son (2009))
Albert Wiggan (Producer, Undermined - Tales from the Kimberley (2018))
Linda Twigger (Miscellaneous, Bronco Billy (1980))
Chris Twigg (Set Decorator, Mouse-X (2014))
Jarred Twigg (Actor, Marksman Lloyd Feat. Whisky Winter, Astrid Ripepi: Silver Magic Ships (2014))
Trent Wiggins (Actor, Lost Treasure of Jesse James (2019))
George Twigg
Terence Twigg (Editor, To Build a Fire (1969))
Matt Wiggill (Actor, The Plan (2016))
Kevin Twigg (Self, Partypoker.net World Open III (2007))
Mindy Twigg (I) (Producer, Ghoulish Tales (2014))
James Twigge
Robert Wiggs (Actor, Bending Lines: The Sculpture of Robert Wiggs )
Ashley Twigg (Actress, Murder-Set-Pieces (2004))
Matt Wiggins (III) (Actor, Eyewitness Accounts (2007))
Roger Twigg (Camera Department, Blind Sided (2010))
Georgie Twigg (Self, Commonwealth Games (1954))
Dilys Twiggs (Actress, Banshee (2010))
David Twigge (I)
Stephen Twigger (Actor, Providence (1999))
Gurleen 'Twiggy' Tiwana
Hseng-Tai 'Twiggy' Lintner (Art Director, Legacy of Frankenstein (2009))
Wiggy Threlfall (Self, Omnibus (1967))
Wes Wiggy Wiggins (Director, Dusy Farm (1963))
Andrew Wiggy Smith (Art Department, The Split (2018))
Robert Wiggins (II) (Actor, American Gangster (2007))
Ernest Wiggins (II) (Self, The PokerStars.Net Big Game (2010))
Kimberly Twiggs
Albert Wiggins (Self, The 7PM Project (2009))
Chelle Twigger (Actress, Hello Au Revoir (2018))
Robert Wiggins (VII) (Visual Effects, Pup Star: World Tour (2018))
Solomon J Twiggs
Rubixx Jo Twigg
Jennifer Twiggs (Art Department, Thunderheart (1992))
Mark 'Twig' Greenberg (Actor, Out of Our Dens: The Richard and the Young Lions Story (2004))
Solomon Twiggs (II) (Miscellaneous, Working Vacation (2015))
Lyman T. Wiggins (Sound Department, The Horror (1932))
Helen Twigge-Molecey (Producer, Biography (1987))
Michael Twigge
Thurston Twigg Smith (Self, American Experience (1988))
Robert Wiggens (Producer, I Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream (1995))
Robert Wiggins (III) (Self, ESPN Friday Night Fights (1998))
Bryant Wiggins (Self, Isaac Pope: The Spirit of an American Century (2019))
Clemmie Twiggs (Actress, Banshee (2010))
Robert Wiggins (I) (Miscellaneous, Interstate 60: Episodes of the Road (2002))
Earnest Wiggins (Actor, Premonition (2007))
Charles Twigger
Callie Ann Twigge (Actress, Mad World (2014))
Hartwig Gauder (Self, Berlin Mitte (1999))
Solomon Twiggs (I) (Actor, Legion of Ru (2017))
Amber Fraze-Twigg (Actor, Whatever Happened to Us (2011))
Ernest Wiggins (I) (Actor, What the F*ck Doug E. Doug? (2010))
Robert Wiggins (VI) (Art Department, Dinotopia (1995))
George Twigg-Porter (Self, The Bob Braun Show (1967))
Charles Twiggs (Soundtrack, Candid Cameramaniacs (1937))
Cookie Twigger (Actress, Extraordinary Women (2011))
Robert Wiggins (V) (Actor, Doctor Who: The 11th Regeneration (2007))
Garrett Wiggins (Actor, Pirate Theatre: Monthly Daily Show (2013))
Thurston Twigg-Smith (Actor, State of Aloha (2009))
Robert Wiggins (IV) (Sound Department, Darken (2006))
Stephen Albert Wiggens (Actor, How to Write a Screenplay (2018))
Stephen Albert Wiggins (Actor, The Holy Grail (2017))
Kimberly Nicole Monique Twiggs (Actress, The Takeover )
Andrew Thorpe (I) (Actor, Jericho (2005))
nickname "Twiggy"
Kaori Takee (Self, Access Hollywood (1996))
Mauno Paajanen (Actor, Betoniyö (2013))
aka "'Twiggy Oliver' Paajanen"
Keisuke Motozono (Art Department, Zeruda no densetsu: Fushigi no bôshi (2004))
aka "Keisuke 'Twiggy' Motozono"
Grant Baker (II) (Stunts, Chasing Mavericks (2012))
aka "Grant 'Twiggy' Baker"
Andrew Forrest (III) (Self, Lateline (1990))
nickname "Twiggy"
Chris Holbrook (III) (Producer, Painting Voices )
nickname "Twiggy"

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