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Claire Trevor (Actress, Key Largo (1948))
Trevor Clark (IV) (Actor, The Duel (2011))
Trevor Clark (II) (Editor, Dark Future (1994))
Trevor Clarke (I) (Actor, Champions (1984))
Trevor Clarke (II) (Sound Department, Peak Practice (1993))
Trevor Clarke (V)
Trevor Clark (VII)
Trevor Clarke (III) (Sound Department, Roy: A Hero Drawn to Conquer (2011))
Trevor Clark (III) (Actor, Skinheads (1989))
Trevor Clark (V) (Self, Melbourne Cup Day (1988))
Trevor Clarke (IV) (Producer, C.O.O.L.I.O Time Travel Gangster (2014))
Trevor Clarke (VI)
Trevor Clarck (Composer, Believe (2016))
Trevor Clark (I)
Trevor Clark (VI) (Cinematographer, Full Circle Project (2017))
Trevor Clayton (Actor, The Chicken Tree (1998))
Claire Vorger (Miscellaneous, Darbareye Elly (2009))
Trevor Clarence (Actor, Straight Outta Benoni (2005))
Claire Trevor-Roper (Producer, Urban Ghost Story (1998))
Trevor Claringbold (Producer, Attrell's Antiques Apprentices (2013))
Trevor Clark Thalin (Editor, Baby (2016))
Trevor Barclay (Camera Department, War Games (2012))
Trevor Sinclair (Self, Match of the Day (1964))
Anne-Claire Vorain (Actress, Là où tu trouvais refuge (2016))

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