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Robert Downey Jr. (Actor, Iron Man (2008))
Robert Towne (I) (Writer, Chinatown (1974))
Robert Downey Sr. (Actor, To Live and Die in L.A. (1985))
Robert Townsend (I) (Producer, Hollywood Shuffle (1987))
Robert Towner (Actor, Faust (1964))
Lynne Roberts (I) (Actress, The Bride Wore Crutches (1940))
Robert Downey (III)
Wayne Roberts (XVII) (Director, Katie Says Goodbye (2016))
Robert Towne (III) (Writer, T.O.R.R. Dawn of the Red (2011))
Robert Towne (II)
Allene Roberts (Actress, Bomba on Panther Island (1949))
Robert Alan Browne (Actor, Psycho III (1986))
Robert Downer (I) (Animation Department, Granpa (1989))
Robert Downer (II) (Actor, Gems (1985))
Eugene Robert Glazer (Actor, La Femme Nikita (1997))
June Roberts (II) (Actress, My Brother's Wife (1966))
Kane Roberts (Soundtrack, Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives (1986))
Hélène Robert (I) (Actress, The Barber of Seville (1936))
Rayne Roberts (Miscellaneous, Rogue One (2016))
Joanne Roberts Wiles (Actress, Welcome to Hollywood (1998))
Roberta d'Nero (Actress, La caspa del diablo (2001))
Christine Robert (II) (Actress, American Crime Story (2016))
Luanne Roberts (Actress, The Affairs of Aphrodite (1970))
Shane Roberts (X) (Stunts, Rogue One (2016))
Robert Downey (I) (Actor, Birthday (2015))
Robert Towne II (Assistant Director, Showdown (1993))
Robert Browne (Director, I Wouldn't Like to Be the Bait (1989))
Robert Downes (Actor, One Night (2014))
Katherine Roberts (VII) (Actress, The Assassin's Apprentice (2018))
Jane Robertson (I) (Producer, Bridget Jones's Baby (2016))
Pauline Roberts (II) (Actress, The Pledge (2001))
Louis Robert Browne (Actor, All That You Love Will Be Carried Away (2018))
June Roberts (I) (Writer, Mermaids (1990))
Wayne Roberts (XII) (Composer, The Supervet (2014))
Robert Towns (II) (Camera Department, Senescence Lost (2017))
Robert Ownby (Music Department, Silver Dollar Fish (2018))
Robert Towns (I) (Producer, Rituals of Guilt (2018))
Wayne Roberts (II) (Actor, Runaway Jury (2003))
Robert Townson (Music Department, Army of Darkness (1992))
Denise Lynne Roberts (Stunts, Strange Days (1995))
Tyne Roberts (Actress, Solicitude (2018))
Caroline Roberts (II) (Producer, Lily + Mara (2017))
Stone Roberts (Producer, Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations (2005))
Jane Roberts (I) (Actress, The Lathe of Heaven (1980))
Hélène Robert (IV) (Assistant Director, Mauvaise fille (2012))
Diane Robert (Actress, Brigade des mineurs (2002))
Diane Roberts (III) (Producer, The Reflecting Skin (1990))
Simone Robertson (Actress, The Lost World (1999))
Josephine Roberto (Actress, Papa's Girl (1990))
Christine Roberts (IV) (Actress, Emmerdale Farm (1972))
Jeanne Robertson (III) (Actress, Flat Out Funny at the Paramount (2007))
Marianne Robertson (Actress, Babylon 5 (1994))
Angela Rene Roberts (Actress, Samo* (2016))
Jacqueline Roberts (II) (Actress, Whitechapel (2009))
Irene Roberts (Actress, The Metropolitan Opera HD Live (2006))
Shawnee Robertson (Actress, Z.E.R.O. (2012))
Delphine Robertson (Music Department, The Book of Eli (2010))
Altman E. Robert (Producer, War Child (2001))
Wayne Roberts (I) (Transportation Department, Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014))
Robert Townsend (VI) (Director, Big Eyes (2015))
Shane Roberts (II) (Actor, Hollywood Unscripted: A Chaos Theory (2005))
Blaze Robert Stow (Actor, 11th Like (2016))
Robert Sherman Townes (Writer, Studio One in Hollywood (1948))
Wayne Roberts (XI) (Self, PolyCultures: Food Where We Live (2009))
Wayne Roberts (VIII)
Athene Roberts (Music Department, Tulip Fever (2017))
Gene Roberts (V) (Self, Brother Minister: The Assassination of Malcolm X (1994))
June Roberts (III)
Raine Roberts (II) (Director, Drifting Down (2018))
Jane Roberts (VI)
Jane Roberts (IV) (Make Up Department, The Work Wife (2018))
Yvonne Robert (Actress, Yvonne Robert (2013))
Irene Roberto (Actress, Quando os Deuses Adormecem (1972))
Wayne Roberts (IX) (Camera Department, Night of the Jackals (2009))
Shane Roberts (V)
Wayne Roberts (XVI)
Duane Roberts (Producer, Twirling Long Poi & Maori Stick Game (2008))
Pine Robert (Actress, Finale, the Last Case (2006))
Solène Robert (Actress, L'entretien d'embauche (2015))
Gene Roberts (I) (Actor, The Abduction of Kari Swenson (1987))
Jayne Roberts (III) (Producer, Sow (2018))
Diane Roberts (I) (Costume Designer, Americano (2005))
Jane Roberts (II) (Art Department, Hedd Wyn (1992))
Anne Roberts (IV)
Marine Robert (Actress, Clémentine... plein de choses que vous savez pas! (2000))
Lynne Roberts (II) (Self, 3-2-1 (1978))
Jayne Roberts (II) (Producer, Rock and Roll's Greatest Failure: Otway the Movie (2013))
Eugène Robert (Self, Au rendez vous des souvenirs (1965))
Jayne Roberts (I) (Actress, Upstaged (2005))
Lynne Roberts (III) (Miscellaneous, Great Performances (1971))
Anne Roberts (VI) (Producer, JOB's Daughter (2016))
Lynne Roberts (IV) (Actress, It's Great to Be Young! (1956))
Jane Roberts (XIII) (Miscellaneous, Oasis: Supersonic (2016))
Lane Roberts (Producer, Diagnosis Trauma (2002))
Hélène Robert (III) (Miscellaneous, Galibot (2011))
Shane Roberts (VII) (Producer, Tex Creek-The Last Stand (2013))
Gene Roberts (VI) (Producer, Nippon (2012))
Dane Roberts (Actor, Little Fires (2017))
Shane Roberts (IV) (Writer, Shaken and Stirred (2011))
Jane Roberts (IX) (Miscellaneous, No Place Like Home (1995))
Rene' Roberts
Nine Robert (Actress, Adhémar Lampiot (1932))
Shane Roberts (VI) (Soundtrack, Around the Block (2013))
Elane Roberts
Raine Roberts (I) (Director, Racquetteers (2017))
Anne Robert (Actress, With Love... from the Age of Reason (2010))
Jane Roberts (VII) (Cinematographer, Wiggle Room (2010))
Jane Roberts (VIII) (Self, No 73 (1982))
Wayne Roberts (IV) (Actor, Home and Away (1988))
Shane Robert (Writer, Roanoke: The Lost Colony (2007))
Shane Roberts (I) (Visual Effects, Star Trek (2009))
Shane Roberts (III) (Actor, Vanessa's Answer (2010))
Shane Roberts (XI) (Sound Department, Bug Bite (2018))
Bane Roberts (Actor, Haunting Villisca (2006))
Aline Roberts (Actress, Detached (2009))
Rene Roberts
Jane Roberts (XI) (Actress, Falling (2015))
Gene Roberts (III) (Self, Philadelphia: The Great Experiment (2011))
Shane Roberts (VIII) (Actress, I Love You, But (1998))
Anne Roberts (II) (Actress, Natalija (2006))
Wayne Roberts (XIII) (Actor, Zeitgeist: Moving Forward (2011))
Wayne Roberts (III) (Actor, The Affairs of Aphrodite (1970))
Aline Robert (Miscellaneous, The Last Casino (2004))
Jane Roberts (III) (Miscellaneous, Quantum Leaps (1998))
Jane Roberts (X) (Self, The Queen's Palaces (2011))
Hélène Robert (V)
Diane Roberts (IV) (Self, Seminoles, Alligators, and Football Players: A Florida Rivalry (2003))
Wayne Roberts (VII) (Director, American Stew (2013))
Diane Roberts (II) (Actress, Skippy Lightfoot's Perfect Day (2003))
Jane Roberts (V) (Costume Designer, Adam Adamant Lives! (1966))
Shane Roberts (IX) (Production Manager, Elsie Hooper (2016))
Anne Roberts (VII) (Self, Vancouver Vagabond II (2012))
Hanne Roberts (Actor, Disambiguous (2014))
Wayne Roberts (XVIII)
Hélène Robert (VII) (Assistant Director, Inégalité des chances (2017))
Wane Robert (Camera Department, When the Lights Went Out (2012))
Robert Nero (II) (Actor, A Crime to Remember (2013))
Diane Roberts (VIII) (Miscellaneous, Desert Flowers (2018))
Anne Roberts (V)
Wayne Roberts (XIV) (Camera Department, Black Devil Doll (2007))
Robert Nero (I) (Actor, Sticks and Stones (1970))
Wayne Roberts (VI) (Self, SexTV (1998))
Wayne Roberts (X)
June Roberts (V)
Anne Roberts (III)
June Roberts (IV) (Actress, La symphonie pathétique (1928))
Diane Roberts (VI) (Self, Fern (2011))
Gene Roberts (VII) (Actor, A Crime to Remember (2013))
Hélène Robert (II) (Director, A praga/La plaie (2014))
Diane Roberts (V)
Anne Roberts (I) (Actress, Natalija (2006))
Jane Roberts (XII) (Miscellaneous, Catwoman Retribution (2018))
Gene Roberts (II) (Actor, Meet Me in a Happy Place (2019))
Diane Roberts (IX) (Actor, Acceptance (2018))
Gene Roberts (IV) (Composer, Lotto (2010))
Wayne Roberts (V) (Art Department, The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring (2001))
Diane Roberts (VII) (Transportation Department, Stranger Things (2016))
Hélène Robert (VI) (Assistant Director, Epilogue d'une romance nocturne (2016))
Roxanne Roberts (I) (Actress, The Fugitive (1993))
Kathrine Roberts (Actress, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (1999))
Suzanne Roberts-Smith (Actress, Mantis (2005))
Suzanne Roberts (II) (Actress, The Good Old Days (1953))
Roberta Browne (Actress, Club Paradise (1986))
Robert Browney (Camera Department, Project X (1987))
Roberta Downey (Music Department, The Summer Home (2012))
Roberta Downey Jr. (Actress, Holy Hell (2015))
Robert W. Browne
Robert Sonne Browne (Actor, The Young Riders (1989))
Robert Growney (Actor, Country (1984))
Elayne Roberts (Soundtrack, Terror Firmer (1999))
Arne Robert Frazin
Roberto Accornero (Actor, Gorchlach: The Legend of Cordelia (2016))
"Stone" Robert A Stone III (Miscellaneous, Here Comes the Boom (2012))
Robert Townsend (IX)
Lianne Robertson (I) (Actress, Miriam (2017))
Roberto Townsend (Director, I'm Back (2016))
Robert Townsley (Actor, The Boy Who Saw Christ (2003))
Robert Townsend (X) (Producer, Deadly Intent (2016))
Robert Earl Townsend (Special Effects, Titanic (1997))
Robert Townsend (XIV) (Self, The David Frost Show (1969))
Robert Townsend (III) (Miscellaneous, 'Doctor Zhivago': The Making of a Russian Epic (1995))
Robert Townsend (XII) (Costume Department, Another Love Story in NYC (Any Sidewalk) )
Robert J. Townsend (Actor, One Minute Soap Opera (2003))
Robert Townsend (XIII) (Actor, The Six O'Clock (2014))
Robert Townsend (VII) (Actor, Scarlet's Witch (2008))
Robert Townsend (VIII) (Actor, Giggity (2011))
Robert S. Townsend (Camera Department, The Hunger Games: Catching Fire (2013))
Robert Townsend (V) (Art Department, Iron Man (2008))
Robert Lee Townsend (Actor, Dead Ringer (2017))
Robert Townsend (XVI) (Self, The Mike Douglas Show (1961))
Robert Townsend (IV) (Soundtrack, Movin' on Up (2011))
Robert Townsend (II) (Transportation Department, Midnight Edition (1993))
Robert Townsend (XI) (Self, My Indiana Muse (2018))
Robert Townsend (XV)
Stéphane Robert (I) (Make Up Department, Lucy (2014))
Roberto Wagner (I) (Actor, Mandacaru (1997))
Roberto Wajner (Self, La Flor de la Vida (2017))
Roberto Wagner (III) (Transportation Department, Moon Over Parador (1988))
Roberto Warner (Director, Notes for December (2017))
Roberto Wagner (IV) (Sound Department, Professional Research/Mission Berlin (2015))

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