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Muhammad Ali (I) (Actor, The Greatest (1977))
nickname "The Greatest"
Ric Flair (Actor, WCW Worldwide Wrestling (1975))
nickname "The Greatest Wrestler Of All Time"
Wayne Farris (II) (Actor, Midnight Massacre (2018))
aka "The Greatest Intercontinental Champion of All Time"
Mario Lemieux (I) (Self, Pittsburgh Penguins Greatest Games DVD Set - Volume 2 (2011))
nickname "The Greatest One"
Fritz the Horse (Actor, The Bargain (1914))
nickname "The Greatest All-Round Horse That Ever Lived"
Jamar Shipman (Actor, Ring of Honor Reloaded Tour: Lockport, NY (2015))
nickname "The Greatest First Generation Wrestler"
The Greats
The Great Escape
Mater the Greater (I) (Art Department, Mater's Tall Tales (2008))
The Great Scots (Self, Shindig! (1964))
Mater the Greater (II) (Art Department, Mater's Tall Tales (2008))
Greatest Kidz
David Niven (I) (Actor, Murder by Death (1976))
The Great Salt Lake Dog (Actor, Love That Dog (2008))
The Greater Good (Music Department, The Dark Days (2016))
The Great Society (Self, The Life and Times of the Red Dog Saloon (1996))
KTF the Great Emperor (Actor, Blood Catapult: Kill Cop (2013))
The Great Saskia (Actor, Empire Wrestling Federation (2001))
The Great Sisaki (Self, Queens Of Combat QOC 4 (2015))
The Great Eighties 8 (Music Department, The Pride of Jesse Hallam (1981))
The Great Sadness (Music Department, The Last Roadkill (2017))
The Greatest Footie Ads Ever (Production Manager, The Greatest Footie Ads Ever (2012))
Greatest Show on Legs (Self, Die Harald Schmidt Show (1995))
God's Greatest Hits (Editorial Department, God's Greatest Hits (2011))
The Great Western Orchestra (Music Department, Wind in the Wire (1993))
The Great Shadow Puppet Act (Actor, The Ed Sullivan Show (1948))
The Great Spy Experiment (Music Department, Polo Boys (2009))
The Greater Salt Lake Orchestra (Music Department, Arctic Blue (1993))
Howard Hughes (I) (Producer, The Outlaw (1943))
The Great Northwestern Hoboes (Music Department, Beauty and the Butcher (2008))
Bonzer the Great Defenestrator (Miscellaneous, Overload (2018))
The Greater Carbondale Chambers
Ian & Sylvia & The Great Speckled Bird (Soundtrack, Festival Express (2003))
The Greater Salt Lake Symphony (Music Department, Breaking Free (1995))
Baby Blues World's Greatest
The World's Greatest Jazz Band (Self, The Mike Douglas Show (1961))
Carl Ballantine (I) (Actor, Love, American Style (1969))
The Rolling Stones (Soundtrack, Pirate Radio (2009))
Zamba (Actor, The Lion (1962))
The Greater Bethany Community Church Mass Choir (Self, Gabriel's Fire (1990))
Johann Drinda the World's Greatest Whistler (Actor, The Sapphire Room (1997))
Valentino Rossi (I) (Actor, MotoGP (1949))
Harry Ruby (Music Department, Duck Soup (1933))
Leon McAuliffe (Soundtrack, Melvin and Howard (1980))
Teddy Brown (I) (Actor, On the Air (1934))
Christopher Logue (Actor, The Devils (1971))
Dr. Giovanni (Self, Della (1969))
Mike Sharpe (I) (Actor, WWF Championship Wrestling (1972))
Juan Netts (Actor, Zero (2018))
nickname "The Greatest Flowman"
Bill Shirk (Producer, The Independents (2000))
Yank Lawson (Self, Adventures in Jazz (1949))
Dean Gunnarson (Camera Department, Nosferatu L.A. '02 (2002))
Tommy Walton (IV) (Self, The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson (1962))
Bob Haggart (Soundtrack, Raging Bull (1980))
Jean-Marie Rivière (Soundtrack, The Barbarian Invasions (2003))
nickname "The greatest world's showman"
Gene Kiniski (Actor, Terminal City Ricochet (1990))
Marques Haynes (I) (Actor, The Harlem Globetrotters (1951))
Lucille Mulhall (Actress, The Cherokee Strip (1925))

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